Doing it on Camera

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Perhaps one of his more unusual undertakings was to apply for a job as a valet at an English stately home called Pitterslow Manor. His employer, Lord Snenton, was an aging aristocrat with rather a strange sense of humor and virtually no sense when it came to dressing. It was not unusual for him to wear a tuxedo jacket with plus four trousers and sneakers. This is essentially why Luther was hired – to make sure he was well turned out and wearing clean underwear.

Lady Snenton was much younger than he, in fact, she was a schoolgirl by comparison.

“He met her when she was a model doing a fashion shoot in the Manor gardens,” said Mrs. Withens the housekeeper, “She’s quite good with the servants so I can’t complain – well except for her obsession with photography.”


“Yes – nude photography.”

“So she likes to take pictures of people in the nude?”

“No – it’s her in the nude – she runs around naked with her camera snapping this and that – she says it frees her creative spirit or something.”

Luther found the news fascinating after all Lady Snenton was something of a looker, she had a great set of tits and those long fashion-model legs made him curious about how they looked as they joined together at the top. He was soon to find out as the very next day he saw her prancing around the gardens without a stitch of clothing taking multiple shots of Angus the aging gardener – who didn’t seem too keen to co-operate.

Later when he was sorting out clothes in Lord Snenton’s room she burst through the door with camera flashing and a big smile on her face.

“Keep doing what you’re doing,” she cried, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Luther tried to concentrate on the job at hand but with her circling around him and even lying on the floor to get unusual angles it wasn’t easy. Her beautiful pointed tits and hairy muff could hardly be ignored.

Seemingly exhausted at one point she sat on the bed and started to babble on about photography.

“I only take pictures in black and white,” she said, “It’s the only true art form, we’ve become too dependant on color these days – don’t you think so?”

He tried to engage her in conversation but it wasn’t easy. She didn’t bother to cross her legs to cover up her most attractive cunt and so he was developing a hell of a boner.

“Have you ever taken photos in the nude,” she asked, as he continued to move clothes around in the armoire.

“No I’ve never tried that,” he replied.

“You should try it,” she laughed, “It’s exhilarating – it really is. Look why don’t you take your clothes off and try it – this camera is very easy to operate.”

“I don’t think it would be advisable considering the master might walk in at any moment.”

“O Porgie’s used to nudity – he wouldn’t mind a bit.”

“But he probably wouldn’t take kindly to the fact that we’d both be in the nude,” he said, trying to be as diplomatic as possible.

“O – you think he might think that you’ve been fucking me,” she laughed, “That wouldn’t worry him either – he can’t get it up anymore and so he’s suggested that I find someone I can have sex with. It’s just I’ve never had time – I just prefer photography.”

As their little tete a tete had been progressing he was kind of hoping that she might be open to a little rumpy pumpy – now that was beginning to look doubtful. He went back to putting the master’s suits in order while she sat there with a thoughtful look on her face.

“I wonder if they could be combined,” she burst out, standing up and looking frightfully artistic.

“I beg your pardon.”

“Well – I just thought of a very creative idea – I could set the camera on a timer and I could take dozens of pictures of us fucking – in black and white.”

Luther tried to look as artistic as she did, “It would certainly be worth a try,” he mused. She nodded her head vigorously in agreement and while she set up the equipment he cautiously took off his clothes.

“OK,” she said, looking him up and down with a faint smile on her face, “We have to be careful not to shield anything from the camera or it will ruin the whole effect. I think we should start with me sucking that big hard dick you have there.”

Lady Snenton, or Tasha, as she wanted to called, took his arm and moved him into position. She then looked through the view finder and zeroed in on his throbbing cock before kneeling down and taking it all in her mouth. As soon as she started to move up and down his shaft the camera started to click. It stopped after about ten photos but she carried on sucking and fondling his balls realizing from his grunts and groans that he needed to cum.

“O my god,” he yelled as he shot his load into her mouth. She continued to keep a grip on it until she felt he’d spent the lot and then she went quickly back to the camera, set it up again and took some close-ups of herself sticking her cum covered tongue out.

“This is going to be amazing,” she said, swallowing hard and going back to make one another adjustment, now I want you to suck my nipples and we have to get really close into the lens.”

As she sat at the bottom of the bed Luther knelt down and took those hardened nipples into his mouth, one at a time of course! She responded by moaning and groaning and running her fingers through his hair. Once more his cock rose to the occasion – ready to fuck her at a moment’s notice. However, he had to pause while she re-adjusted the camera. He found that a little frustrating.

This time she lay back on the bed opened her legs and invited him to lick her hairy pussy. He slipped his face between her thighs and started to poke his tongue amongst her delicate pink folds.

Up until now, she’d managed to control herself but as soon as he opened up her wet crack and began exploring it with his pussy fluffer and fingers she started to go berserk.

“Holy fucking shit,” she cried out as his tongue worked around her cavity in a circular motion, “Holy fucking shit.”

As he continued to suck, nibble and lick he stretched his arms upwards and played with her tits again. Tasha’s body started to gyrate, vibrate and perspire as she had an earth shattering orgasm. After that, she forgot about the camera and Luther moved up between her legs and plunged his dick deep inside of her.

She gasped and held on to his forearms as he took it completely out and plunged it in again, and again, and again. Tasha held onto him tight in an attempt to restrain him from doing it one more time. She wanted to be fucked right there and then and she moved her ass up and down to indicate her desire.

Luther began to slip in and out at a steady pace but as he felt his balls tingling and ready to discharge their load his movements became fast and furious. Tasha was yelling and throwing her arms all over the place as he drove it into her with his nuts crashing against her ass.

It was his turn to yell when he felt his cum oozing up his dick and filling up her cunt. She was deliriously happy and began to kiss him all over his head and shoulders and tell him how wonderful he was.

He was pretty pleased with his performance and sat there with a self-satisfied look on his face until the door opened and Lord Snenton walked in. Tasha gave him a smile and a cheery wave, “O hello dear- we’ve been having a marvelous photo session – why don’t you take off your clothes and I can get some pictures of you and Luther fondling each other’s balls or something – I think it would make a wonderfully controversial piece for my next exhibition.”

Luther gave notice that afternoon and flew back to Alaska to do some crab fishing – it appeared to be a safer option. THE END

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