Doing a Little Muff Diving

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Going swimming at two O’clock in the morning was not normal for Ryan Newbie but the conference he was attending in Manila, The Philippines went on and on, and even though the hall was air-conditioned you couldn’t get away from the heat all of the time.

The taxi he traveled from the venue to his hotel certainly wasn’t air-conditioned and he was soaking with sweat by the time the journey was completed. When he arrived in the lobby he was shocked to find it was much the same temperature as outside and the staff explained that the conditioning for the hotel had gone down. They were working on the problem but they weren’t sure how long it would take.

After he dumped his briefcase in his room he headed back out into the busy street and found a cool place to dine. He lingered as long as he could hoping that when he got back to the hotel the problem would have been solved. But it wasn’t.

He obviously didn’t need any bed covers and he lay sprawled across the bed naked glistening with perspiration. Two cold showers and a couple of liters of water later he decided to see if the pool was still open. He went down in the stifling elevator and got out in the basement that was a little cooler. The lights weren’t fully on so he presumed that it was closed but then looking through the glass panel he noticed someone splashing around.

He opened the door and shouted but the person, who looked to be a young woman was too busy splashing to hear him. He slipped into the pool and swam over to her. What a shock she got when she came up from under the water she was confronted by a young man.

She turned out to be not any girl but a beautiful Mademoiselle, direct from Paris with an accent that gave him goosebumps.

“I didn’t think anyone would come down here at this time in the morning,” she laughed, “You must be crazy too.”

“I have been accused of that,” he said, submerging himself to get thoroughly cooled off.

“Have you ever had sex in a pool?” she inquired with a cheeky look on her face.

“Not so far,” he relied, wiping the water from his eyes, “have you?”

“No – but I was reading about in one of those cheap novels – it sounds exciting.”

Ryan knew from experience that some women talk openly about sex but are not always doers and so he didn’t want to make a move on her and end up being arrested in a foreign country.

“Slip your shorts off and let me see what you’ve got under there,” she mused.

Having been submerged in water for a while he thought it might be disappointing and so he pretended that her request was just meant as a joke.

The next thing he kne, the woman whose name he didn’t even know, had gone under water and was in the process of pulling his shorts down. And she succeeded.

When she resurfaced she said it looked kind of wrinkly but she was willing to work on it. Then she went down under again and as Ryan held on the her shoulders she took his wizened little dick in her mouth and started to suck.

He was amazed how long she was under there without taking a breath but now it was his turn to try. Ryan took the plunge and untied the strings on her bikini bottom, revealing a neat little partially shaved pussy of which he only managed to take one lick before resurfacing.

Treading water face to face with her he noticed that the had now removed her bra and even through the water he could see that her tits were just the right size and delightfully shaped.

“I don’t think we can do it in here,” she said, “It’s too awkward and also your sperm will float on the water, I don’t think the management would like that.”

Both laughing they climbed out of the pool and once standing on the side their wet bodies came together in a passionate embrace. Not only did she insert her tongue deep into his mouth but she also felt down and grasped his dick in her long fingers.

“I think it’s recovering,” she announced, “It’s getting bigger – and bigger!”

Ryan was now feeling very horny and as they were standing next to the diving board he took her lithe body up in his arms and laid her on it with her feet facing the water. She was giggling quite a lot obviously wondering what he was planning. He lowered himself back into the pool and drew her legs forward so that they dangled each side of the board with her pussy right up to edge.

It was quite a new move for him but he was enjoying the challenge. Holding onto the board that was bouncing up and down a little he put his mouth to her moist groove and slid his tongue up and down.

“OMG,” she cried out, “That feels great – keep doing it.”

Ryan proceeded to poke his tongue in and out as the board continued to bounce and the Mademoiselle, whose name turned out to be Yvette, cried out with joy. By the time she was cumming the board was really moving and Ryan’s body was going in and out the water like a Dolphin.

When she came she yelled so loud it echoed all around the pool and even when he moved away from the board her naked body was still bouncing around on it. Ryan climbed onto the side and once again lifted her up and sat her on the next highest board. It was perfect as it meant his dick was in line with her love channel and he could hold on to her tits as he rammed it in.

Yvette just hung on to his shoulders as he plunge the whole thing deep inside of here and she loved it.

“Fuck me,” she cried, “Fuck me – I want to be fucked.”

With her cute accent, her jiggling tits and her tight pussy that gripped the end of his nob he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Ryan drove it into her soft lubricated pussy as fast as he could go and yet she kept yelling, “Faster – faster.”

When he was bout to cum it was his turn to cry out, “My balls are on fire,” he gasped, I can feel it cumming.”

Yvette responded with, “Oui – Oui – cum inside of me.”

When he did, it felt as though he was getting rid of half a liter – it just kept cumming and cumming.

Both of them were perspiring and so while they were naked they decided to jump back into the pool. Later when they were drying themselves off she asked him what he was doing in Manila.

“I’m attending a Conference on Global Warming,” he replied.

“Oh – how interesting – I might see you there tomorrow – my husband his one of the Keynote Speakers. THE END

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2014


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