Dogging for England!

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By Cristiano Caffieri

I had my DNA tested a few months ago and discovered that I had a whole bunch of second and third cousins in England. Several contact me when my name appeared on the website and one young woman called Penny Hunt contacted me and suggested that if I was ever in her part of the country I had to call on her.

She sent me a photo and she was a beautiful 23-year-old blonde who owned her own house in a small village in Warwickshire.

“There’s always a bed for you here,” she wrote, but at the time I didn’t realize I’d have to share with her.

Penny met me at the airport in Birmingham in a little yellow sports car and whisked me off deep into the countryside. With her hair flowing freely in the wind and her big tits bouncing when we went over a bump it all looked very promising. We arrived at a tiny stone cottage that I found out later only had one bedroom.

Once inside the house, she turned to me and asked if in America they would refer to us as kissing cousins.

“Well I think you have to do a lot of kissing for that,” I laughed.

“Better make start then,” she replied, and with that, she flung her arms around my neck and crushed her full ruby lips against mine and thrust her tongue halfway down my throat.

When she finally came up for air, she said that she didn’t tell me in her emails that she was a nymphomaniac because she thought it might turn me off.

“Of course you don’t have to fuck me if you don’t want to,” she said, ‘but I’m up for it any time you want it.”

I must admit I was a bit stunned about this revelation and although I like sex as much as the next man I was a bit apprehensive. It occurred to me that I could go back to the States a shadow of my former self.

However, when she served me tea and fruitcake and we began to discuss the Hunt family’s ancestry everything seemed quite normal. Well, at least she didn’t insist we took our clothes off for it.

“I never liked the name Hunt,” she said, “the boys at school always used to call me Hunt with the big cunt, and it’s not big,” she giggled, “you can let me know what you think when I show it to you later.”

I was still a little anxious when she suggested I take a shower while she prepared the evening meal. Even though the door had a lock on I felt sure she might have some way of opening it and we might end up fucking against the tiles. It’s not that I’m against having it off in the shower but I prefer to know the girl longer than five minutes.

She’d actually provided me with a robe and when I came out she was naked except for a rather small apron. As she bent over to pick up a knife, she’d “accidentally” dropped on the floor, I couldn’t help but admire her beautiful ass. I could also see the lips of her cunt, which, as she mentioned didn’t seem oversized.

When I grabbed my case and asked if I could go to my room and unpack is when I found out that there was only one room.

Don’t go upstairs now,” she said, “let’s eat first.”

We sat down at the table, which was awkward as my dick kept sticking out of my robe. The meal was great but the dessert was even better, she slipped under the table and her head re-appeared between my legs. She parted the robe and after looking up at me for a second with her big blue eyes she grabbed onto my cock and took it deep into her mouth.

What that woman could do was unbelievable. She fondled my balls with one hand, ran the other up and down my throbbing rod and sucked onto my bell-end as if it were a lollypop. Holy shit, I thought my brain was going to explode.

I didn’t know whether I should warn her that my cum was preparing to make a break for it but I did. She ignored me and as I shouted “Holy Fuck” at the top of my lungs, it spewed out and into her mouth. Penny took every last drop and kept licking the end clean for a couple of minutes.

After she’d wiped her mouth with the back of her hand she raised up far enough for me to be in line with her tits, she then she unfastened the top and let it slip down so those big beauties with nipples like ripe raspberries were within sucking distance. I grabbed hold of them and went from one to the other as she groaned and dug her fingernails into my shoulders. She pressed her tits so hard against my mouth at one point that the chair went backward and I sprawled across the carpet. The moment I hit the floor she was sitting on my face grinding her crack across my lips.

I reached up and groped her tits as I licked her slit like a deranged puppy dog. It didn’t take long for her to cum and she quickly rolled off onto the floor and screamed, “Fuck me – fuck me – stick it in my hole and cum inside of me.”

Both of us were soaked in sweat as I mounted her slender body, parted her thighs and rammed my dick into her as far as it would go. I paused a minute and that didn’t please her, she started to work her ass up and down ordering me to fuck her and fuck her good.

As she was so anxious I started to ram it into her a mile a minute. She held on to my upper arms as I kept thrusting it in and out, causing her to yell “fuck” every time I crashed against her hairy mound.

Soon I felt my hot cum moving up my pipe, I called out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” and I shot my load into her wet snatch.

I thought she’d be exhausted because I certainly was but after she’d licked my dick clean once again, she asked me if I’d ever been dogging, a sport that’s growing very popular in England. Still trying to get my breath back I said I didn’t know too much about it.

“Just get dressed and I’ll explain when we get there.”

Before I could say anything further she bounded up the stairs. I took my case and followed her but at a much slower pace.

Once we got changed it was out to the car and we drove a couple of miles to a treed area off the highway. There were several cars parked and as we pulled into the shelter of the trees I saw a couple fucking each other’s brains out on the hood of their car. A small crowd was watching them and most of them seem to know Penny.

She told me to get out of the vehicle and she took me by the hand and led me over to a pimped-up black Ford that was parked close by.

“This is Harry’s car,” she said, “it’s one of my favorites, very comfy.”

With this, she calmly slipped off her panties, hiked up her skirt, bent over with her ass stuck up in the air and said, “Fuck me Richard.”
I really didn’t want to do it in public but her fans started to chant,

“Fuck her Richard, Fuck her Richard.”

They closed in on me in an almost threatening way and so I took out my dick, drove it into her, and as the car’s suspension reacted to every stroke I shot yet another load into my second cousin.

The crowd, who had been frantically rubbing their genitals in time with my stroke, loved it and applauded. When I pulled it out it was not Penny who was licking my knob clean this time but a pleasantly plump brunette I’d never seen in my life before.

My cousin, who didn’t seem to be able to get enough of a good thing, turned over onto her back, spread her legs and invited Harry, the owner of the car, to stick it up her. It was beginning to look as if we were members of a wrestling tag team. This man, who had the biggest dong I’d ever seen, pounded her pussy so hard she had to grab onto the two sidelights that were mounted either side of the hood to prevent herself being pushed up onto the roof.

She insisted we stay to watch a few more couples perform like rabbits and then we went home. I had a suspicion that it was not going to be straight to bed and sleep and I was right. First, we hit the shower together where she soaped my balls and then jerked me off and I had to reciprocate by thoroughly washing her tits and then fingering her until she had a massive orgasm.

There was just one more hurdle before I would be allowed to sleep. I had to lie on the bed while she worked on getting me erect again. Once I was up she lowered her wet warm cunt onto it and rode me like a cowboy.

Exhausted, I fell asleep immediately but was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of her vibrator and her moaning. I waited for her to cum and then I quietly gathered my things together, tiptoed downstairs, dressed and slipped outside into the darkness. I’d walked about a half-mile when a truck stopped and offered me a lift.

“Where you’re heading mate?” the driver called out.

“Any fucking where,” I replied.

With typical British humor, he said, “You’re fucking lucky – that’s where I’m going.”

Once back in Pittsburgh I changed my cell number and my email address and I never reply to distant cousins who track me down through my DNA, particularly if they’re from England.

Copyright 2019 Cristiano Caffieri

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