Dogging for Dogs

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Miles Stendahl was very proud of his dog Caesar. He was a pedigree Boxer and had won quite a few ribbons at local shows. Their closest rival was Sheba, another dog of the same breed, owned by the beautiful and sophisticated Zarah Parkes.

The two owners greeted each other politely but had never had a long conversation until Caesar took a red ribbon for the first time. She then came over and sat by Miles and asked if he’d be interested in mating the two dogs.

“They’ve had wonderful pups together,” she said, “And you could have the pick of the litter.”

Miles was a lot more interested in mating with the slender Zarah than he was in the dogs. However, he’d never tried to chat her up because he thought she was just too posh for him, but here seemed an opportunity to at least get to know her. As for him putting his middle-class cock into her – he thought the chance of that was quite remote.

When he agreed to pair the dogs, she suggested coming over to his cottage, reasoning that males were more territorial and that might aid the mating process. He really didn’t particularly subscribe to her theory but he went along with it and a date was arranged.

When she turned up at his door with Sheba it was a hot summer day and she was wearing an off the shoulder dress that was so short it looked more like a sweater. She had great tits and beautiful long slender legs and so he was breathing a bit heavy as soon as she walked through the door.

Miles took her out onto the back patio, where they sat and drank a cold one before introducing the dogs to each other on the back lawn. The pair played together quite amiably but Caesar didn’t seem interested in poking his little friend and an hour and three beers later the situation had not improved.

“I think we might have to show them what to do,” said Zarah.

Miles laughed thinking she was cracking a little joke but she wasn’t she was deadly serious. She called Sheba and went back into the house through the French windows leaving him wondering what to do.

When he enter the living room with his dog at his heel he found that she had already stripped off her clothes, bra, and panties and stood there naked. He could hardly believe that this rich bitch, with her shaved pussy, pointy tits and dangly diamond earrings, was just waiting for him to make his move.

`We`ll have to do it doggie style of course,” she smiled, “I don’t think they’re interested in the missionary position.”

Miles had a big hard on that was pressing against his pants but her actions were so unexpected, he actually hesitated for a few moments. Zarah sighed impatiently,

“I suppose you want a little foreplay first,” and with this, she moved over to him, started to unbutton his shirt, and strip off the rest of his attire until he was as naked a she was. When his underwear fell to the floor and she saw his dick standing up like a barber’s pole she was immediately impressed.

Dropping down to her knees she kissed the end of it very gently. Then she looked up at him with her big blue eyes,

“Would you like me to take it all into my mouth,” she teased.

Miles swallowed so hard it hurt his throat but he did manage to say, “Yes I would,” although it was almost in a hoarse whisper.

“Shit!” he cried out as she plunged it into her mouth and began to slip her tongue around it. He grabbed onto her hair as she slid up and down it with her full moist lips, holding onto it with a finger and thumb on one hand and fluffing his balls with the other. As Miles hadn’t had sex for a while he felt himself cumming very quickly and told her so, but she seemed to have got into a rhythm and didn’t want to break it.

“I’m cumming – I’m cumming,” he yelled but this only increased her enthusiasm until he shot his load down her throat.

“Holy shit,” he cried, not able to believe what was happening to him.

“Did you like that,” she asked, licking her sensuous lips like someone at a gourmet food tasting event.

“O yes, it was great,” he said breathlessly.

“Well – it might take a few minutes for your dick to recover so I suppose you’d better eat me out in the meantime.”

With this, she sat on the back of the sofa letting her head slip down onto the seat so that her cunt was up in the air. However, Miles desperately wanted to suck on those delightfully pointed tits and so he went around the sofa and leaned over her face and took a nipple between his lips.

Zarah seemed to really enjoy having her tits in his mouth and started to moan and groan and began to reach up with her head to lick his hairy chest. Things got very intense and even more so when he stood up and grabbed her ankles and brought her pussy towards his mouth. When his tongue met those pink petals she started to vocalize, “O my god, holy fuck and O shit.” and it was all in a sort of upper-class accent.

As he moved his tongue up and down her slit she used her hands to massage his balls, this, in turn, drove him to increase his cunt sucking and she started to scream and then twist her body all over the place as she went into a massive orgasm.

Very quickly the two changed their positions as she was anxious to feel his dick inside of her. She leaned over the back of the sofa, sticking her lovely round ass towards him so that they could do it doggie style, even though both dogs seemed to have fallen asleep with their jowls laying flat on the carpet.

“Watch Caesar – Watch Sheba,” she called out as Miles rammed it into her. Then she seemed to lose interest in the dogs as he pounded her tight pussy with a vengeance.

His large hands held on to her tits as he thrust his dick in as far as it would go and every time he slapped against her ass she’d whimper. He was doing quite a lot of grunting and groaning himself as he could feel his cum moving up from his balls and then shooting into her.

“Holy fuck,” she called out again, “I love it – I love it – I love it.”

When he took his dick out she made a little noise as if she was disappointed but then got up and kissed him passionately.

“I don’t think the dogs learned anything,” he said, as they sat back on the sofa catching their breath.

“You have to be patient with animals,” she replied, “We’ll just have to keep giving them lessons until they catch on.”

Miles sighed, “That’s going to take a while,” he laughed, “I forgot to tell you I had Caesar fixed, didn’t you notice that he has no balls.”

“Of course I noticed – but I was anxious to see what yours were like,” she said, probing them with her long slender fingers and going down on him again. THE END

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