Doctor Aimee wants Danny’s Dick

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Doctor Aimee Johnson had never seen such a big dick as the one pointing at her – it was magnificent. It was not normal for a man having a routine exam to get such an erection but she had fingered his balls quite a bit so she couldn’t really blame him.

“What do you do for a living Mr. Davis?” she asked, as she added a few notes to his file.

“I’m a photographer’s model.”

“So that why you’ve got such a well tuned body.”

“That’s what my clients are looking for,” he smiled, “they are mostly women you see.”

“That’s interesting; I’m a bit of a photographer myself – mostly nature shots at the moment.”

As he put his clothes on he dug into his pocket for a card.

“Give me a call if you decide to move up to nude men.”

She flashed him a sly smile, “I might do that.”

“When she got back to her house that evening she couldn’t stop thinking about that big dick. She been divorced for over a year and just hadn’t bothered about sex in all that time but Mr. Danny Davis interested her. After supper she got out her camera and tripod and dusted them off and then she sent an email saying she was interested in doing some nude shots. She was sure that many of the women hiring him to pose probably knew beans about photography and were just interested in that massive cock of his. That was certainly what interested her.

A few days after their exchange of emails an appointment was set up. She had a shower, hoping that he’d want to lick her clean body all over and she added just a hint of Channel Number Five. She was so exciting waiting for seven o’clock to arrive she knocked the tripod over twice and wasn’t sure that the camera would work anymore.

When Danny eventually walked through her front door her pants were already damp but she tried to control herself and very casually offered him a sherry before they got down to business.

“Do you mind if I strip off and drink my sherry in the nude,” he asked, “I like to psyche myself up for what lies ahead.”

She swallowed hard and the decanter was wobbling in her hand as she attempted to pour the two glasses.

“That sounds like a good idea,” she said, hoarsely it will get me used to seeing you naked.”

“But you already saw me naked at the clinic,” he reminded her.

“But this is an entirely different environment.”

“This is a very nice place you have here,” he said, as she handed him the sherry.

“Yes I’m very comfortable here,” she responded, struggling for something to say.

She sat in a chair across from him and crossed her long nylon-clad legs in a very lady like way.

“I bet you have a very feminine bedroom,” he said, taking a sip and eying her over the rim of the glass.

Poor Aimee almost choked at the mention of the bedroom, “Do you ever do shots in the bedroom,” she managed to stammer.

“Some women like to photograph me lying on the bed,” he replied, “sometimes they’ll shoot me lying down with my private area covered with a hat, or a silk scarf or even a pair of panties. Makes it more artistic.”

“I’d not given much thought of the composition of my photographs but my bedroom would seem an ideal location I have black satin sheets and oodles of fluffy cushions.”

“Why don’t we get down to it then,” and getting up from the sofa his huge knob swung from side to side like the pendulum on a grandfather clock.

Aimee grabbed her camera and lead the way, her vagina quivering at the prospect of being penetrated by Danny’s oversized salami. As soon as he entered the room he flung himself down on the bed and when he turned over on his back his dick had hardened up considerably.

“You’ll have to excuse the Colonel,” he said, grabbing onto it and waving it from side to side, as soon as I lie on a bed it just comes up automatically. Just ignore it I can put a cushion over it and you can start taking your photos.

She really couldn’t have cared less about taking pics but she started to click away giving him instructions as she did so. After she photographed him sitting, kneeling, and every other imaginable position, he came out with a surprising suggestion.

“Why don’t you strip off, we’ll put the camera on auto and do some shots together,”


“Yes – you can just sit by me – as though we’re in conversation, it will be something unusual for the family album.”

Even though the whole idea of hiring was based on the hope that he would fuck her brains out she was a bit hesitant. However,  after he’d given her an encouraging smile she began to strip off. She took her skirt off first revealing her brief white panties, then the top, then the bra.

“If you don’t mind me saying so you have very nice tits,” said, Danny, reclining back to get a full view of her. As he spoke he started playing with his cock that was now as hard as a rock.

Aimee very slowly wriggled out of her pants and then she sat on the corner of the bed trying to cover everything up as though she was shy.  Before she could think about setting up the camera he stroked her arm with his fingertips and she just dropped back on the bed and raised no objection when he began to make little circles all over her body with his fingers. She felt so tense as his dick, that was standing bolt upright almost looked as if it was waving at her.  Without warning, she just dove down on it and took it deep into her mouth. Danny seemed a bit surprised at her sudden impulse but he didn’t complain as she worked up and down it and caressing his balls with her free hand.

“That feels fucking good Doctor Aimee – can I cum in your mouth?”

She had her mouth full but she managed to indicate that it would be OK and when he shot is load it well and truly coated her tonsils. When she’d taken as much as she could swallow it was his turn and he opened up her thighs and nestled his head between them. She had a hairy pussy and Danny loved them hairy.

Her juices were really flowing as he parted the lips of her cunt and began to run his tongue up one side and then the other. Aimee’s nervous system was in overdrive, she was breathing heavy and trembling all over. Pressing his mouth tighter against her hot moist lips he stretched his arms forward and began to massage her tits. She didn’t want to cum so fast but suddenly her ass started bouncing up and down and she lets out a loud scream.

Danny didn’t give one second to calm down he just climbed on the top of her and forced that oversized dick up into her as far as it could go. She couldn’t wait for his to start to bang her and she dug her long fingernails into his forearms and urged him on.

“Fuck me Dan,” she cried out in desperation, “fuck me and fill me up with your cum.”

He was a little surprised that this rather refined-looking lady would yell out such commands. But when she began to jolt her ass up and down in order to get the feeling of that dick sliding up and down her love tunnel, he decided to give her the full treatment.  In spite of wanting it so badly it was a bit of a shock when his crotch slammed against her hairy mound and kept banging away until it hurt.

Her cunt was well lubricated but it still held tight around his cock and as his balls continued to crash between her legs he felt his cum working its way up. When it spurted up her crack it was his turn to yell and Doctor Aimee almost went berserk.

“That was so fucking good,” she cried, and she quickly turned over onto her hands and knees and begged him to stick it up her ass.

Still reasonably erect he spit of his shaft, lined it up and he shoved it up until her eyes almost popped out of her head.  He bounced off her lovely ass for quite a while before he shot a third helping into her and although he didn’t like to show fatigue he lay beside her hoping for a little rest but she simply bent over and started to suck his dick again.

Poor Dan was so exhausted he ended up falling asleep, only to wake up a few minutes later when he felt her fondling his balls. He looked up to see her sitting beside him fingering her crack as she kneaded his nut-sack. Her face was contorted as she groaned and moaned and as she went into orgasm she squeezed his balls so tight he lost his voice.

Speaking in a hoarse whisper he said he thought he should be going but she persuaded him to give her vajajay one more licking before he left.  When that was over he left quickly before she found some other orifice he could lick or fuck. He never billed her for the session and he immediately changed his phone number and family doctor. His voice returned to normal after a couple of days but he is having nightmares.

Copyright 2019  Cristiano Caffieri

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