Deflowered in Paris

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Chloe Tiomkin was born and bred on the Canadian prairie and for some reason at thirty-four she was still a virgin. In spite of this, she didn’t just want to give herself to anyone purely for the experience. And if she was honest there was really no one in town she fancied, the local farm lads were a decent lot but their idea of romance was a moonlight ride on a combine harvester.

She’d thought of buying herself some sort of sex toy on the internet but she was afraid that the local post office would somehow know what was in the parcel and it would be all round town the next day. She didn’t want to face any finger-pointing unless it was Matt Damon’s finger in her vagina.

Next to masturbating Chloe loved to read all the glossy women’s magazines. It was in one of these that she first saw Jean-Claude’s name, Jean-Claude Chevrier. It was in an article about an American woman who went to Paris and hired him as an escort.

The fee included dinner at an exclusive restaurant, a romantic boat ride on the Seine and some sexual gymnastics in the hotel suite where some of the great movie stars had shared a bed. It was expensive but at 34, and nowhere to go, she’d put away quite a bit of money. And so Chloe Tiomkin, of Brights Corners, Saskatchewan, with her pussy freshly waxed and a prescription for birth control pills, flew to Paris.

She’d not been able to speak to Jean-Claude personally but had contacted his agent on the phone. Madame Alice Bonnay was a pleasant middle-aged woman who ran the small, but quite opulent office on the Rue de Lyon that was lined with photos of the man himself and some of his happy smiling clients.

The following morning at 9 o’clock she met the incredibly handsome, impeccably dressed Jean-Claude for breakfast at a small sidewalk cafe. He was everything the American woman had said he would be. As they sipped their coffee he questioned her about her sexuality, he hang-ups, her concerns, and seemed to be making a mental note of them.

They did a little tour of Paris, had their photo taken together, had lunch in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, dinner at an exclusive restaurant, where the staff treated him like royalty, and then on to the hotel suite. Unfortunately, this is where things started to fall apart.

Jean-Claude began to stall for time. He wanted to share a glass of champagne before the festivities got underway, he suggested perhaps going to a club for a little dancing, but Chloe who’s pussy was wet and waiting for action, at last, was not impressed with all the dithering. In the end, he broke down and explained that he had become impotent and even popular medications didn’t seem to help.

Tears streamed down his cheek as he told her that the condition had only manifested itself a few days before and he was hoping that it would improve but it hadn’t. She felt sorry for him but she hadn’t come all the way to Paris for a limp cock that probably wouldn’t even put a dent in her Hyman.

Pulling himself together Jean-Claude suggested that there might be a solution, perhaps she could try doing a few things to arouse him.

“Like what?” she asked.

“Well take off all your clothes, I’ll put on some music and you could dance for me.”

It sounded weird but to the strains of Black Sabbath, Chole, a little embarrassed stripped off and started to dance. Her rather nice tits jiggled all over the place and her escort just sat there admiring her with a big smile on his face.

After ten minutes or so of dancing, he suggested a little role play.

“I can be a pirate and you my captive,” he said, producing two pairs of handcuffs that he had conveniently stashed in his pocket.

Chloe was a bit reluctant at first but she was several thousand Euro’s invested in this romantic interlude so she thought that she might as well get something out of it. Even a cheap thrill was better than nothing.

When she was secured spread-eagle on the bed he began to probe her pussy with his long fingers, it felt so good she thought it was probably going to burst into flames. After it was almost incinerated he moved up to those tits he’d enjoyed seeing jiggle around and started to suck her nipples. With his left hand still between her legs, he continued to gentle probe her soft warm folds.

It didn’t take long for Chloe to cum and when she did her body bounced up and down on the bed and she tugged at her restraints as if she wanted to break free. But Jean-Claude didn’t intend to allow this at the moment, instead he knelt at the end of the bed and began to move his tongue from the bottom to the top of her damp crack with big swipes. Her body was perspiring and twitching all over as he continued lapping at her pussy like a devoted pooch until once again she went into a massive orgasm that sent shock-waves through her whole body.

As she lay there trying to catch her breath he released the cuffs and commanded her to suck his dick.

“And suck it well,” he said, “Because I’m going to come in your mouth.”

Chloe wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep this charade going but after the things he’d done to her body she was feeling submissive and so she began to undress him as if she were his slave. When she pulled his pants down she noticed that, although his dick was not erect, it was still quite substantial.

When he stepped out of his pants she gently started to fondle his balls with her fingers and then she wrapped her other hand around his dick and plunged it into her mouth. He held onto the top of her head as she moved it in and out of her mouth time and time again, and when she felt it was becoming hard and erect she became excited and sucked it like she was treating a snake bite.

Rather than feeling repelled by someone cumming into her mouth for the first time she felt good about it – she was proud in fact, proud the fact that she Chloe Tiomkin had cured an impotent man – in Paris at that. Certainly, Jean-Claude looked pleased and he began to fondle her breasts and probe her mouth with his tongue and low and behold within a few minutes his dick was standing up like that of the duty stallion.

Still kissing her he carried her to the bed, lay her down and drove his dick into her. It was painful but it was that pleasurable kind of pain and it steadily improved as he slid it in and out.

Jean-Claude looked down and smiled as her tits bounced from side to side and she kept whispering something that sounded like “I love you.” When his goo oozed deep into her welcoming flower she just heaved a big sigh. She’d gone all the way and she’d done it in Paris.

The way she’d been treated by Jean-Claude had removed all her inhibitions, she knew now that her escort was full of shit and he was certainly not impotent. However, his curious methods had made her feel comfortable with her sexuality and she was even looking forward to her first romantic moonlight ride on a combine harvester. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri


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