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by Cristiano Caffieri

The thought of marrying Catherine Strutherlee, (pronounced Strutley), was unthinkable and yet my father and mother were insisting on it. Apparently because of some old covenant concocted in the 17th century, if we didn’t marry into that ghastly family our estate would fall back to the crown.

It was all due to the fact that our families supported different sides in the English Civil War. Our 2000 acre estate had been confiscated and later restored but the administrator at the time, who obviously liked a little joke, inserted this condition into the deed.

Unfortunately, after they’d opposed each other so virulently during that troubled period in history, our family, the Fitzbaris and those other people had been like the Hatfield and McCoys of West Virginia. Consequently, the idea that any of their children might engage in penile-vaginal sexual penetration was unthinkable – but desperate situations demand desperate measures.

I must explain that the covenant, dated back to 1649, was in the form of a 400-year lease, but time passes quickly. As far as my parents were concerned 2049 was on the horizon, ergo, the responsibility for me, Simon Charles Fitzbari, was to somehow woo and eventually marry the said Catherine. And that was going to be fucking difficult as I knew the Strutherlees were prepared to shoot me on sight if I put one foot on their precious land.

The whole thing might sound completely bizarre but there is worse to come. My intended bride was keen on country dancing and gave weekly instruction in the nearby village of Guntersby. I was coerced, or should I say pressured, by my loving family into joining her class.

To be quite honest I was mortified at the prospect of dancing around like a pregnant fairy with a bunch of mostly older people, who were probably aware of the feud between our clans, and would get a good laugh out of it. When I turned up for my first evening of medieval merriment, Catherine, who I suddenly realized was a pretty good looking young woman, smiled and welcomed me.

It made me nervous. I thought she might have devised some new dance where the ladies had to kick me in the balls as they cavorted around the room in single file, but it was not so. Although I had two left feet and no sense of rhythm she was remarkably patient with me and after the session was finished she asked if I’d like to go for a drink. I naturally thought she was suggesting a quick quaff at the local pub but she meant at Strutherlee House. When I mentioned the bad blood between us, she just laughed, “Oh I don’t take any notice of that nonsense, the civil war is over.”

“Not according to your father and mine,” I pointed out, “ I’m liable to get shot or eaten by Doberman if I set one foot on your land.”

“Well I’ll tell you what we’re going to do, we’ll go in my car, and I’ll smuggle you into the east wing, that’s my domain, I don’t let anyone else in there.”

I climbed into her Aston Martin wondering why I was risking my young life for a couple of shots of Glenlivet. I’m not quite sure whether she heard them but knees were knocking as we drove through the big iron gates, and even more so when we approached the big sprawling, almost castle-like abode.

Driving around the back she hustled me in through a door that led into the east wing. It housed a studio, where she painted some remarkable pictures, three bedrooms, and a sitting area.

I sat on the sofa while she poured the drinks and when she placed the glass before me on the coffee table, her dance costume revealed two beautiful tits, swinging from side to side. She knew what I was looking at and she gave me a little smile.

“I think you’re having some naughty thoughts Mr. Fitzbari,” she said, “What would your mummy and daddy say if they knew?”

“They’d be as happy as hell,” I replied, “They want me to marry you.”

“It’s not because of some terms spelled out in their deed is it?”

“Yes, it is,” I said.

“My father wants me to marry you for the same reason, apparently there’s something in our deed too.”

We both started to laugh and then she sat down quite close beside me,

“Would you fancy marrying me?”

“Well I’d like to see more of you first,” I said, meaning that we should perhaps go on a few dates, but she took it as if I wanted to see more of her body.

“No problem,” she cried, and standing up she slipped out of her costume. Underneath she was only wearing a pair of flimsy white panties, so flimsy in fact I could even see her pubic hair showing through.

“Now it’s your turn,” she smiled, “Let’s see what you’ve got to offer.”

WOW – I must admit it was a bit of a shock but I thought as she’d been such a good sport I could hardly refuse.

As I began to slowly take off my shirt and pants I kept my eyes focused on those gorgeous tits of hers. There was only one word for them – “perfect.”

Slightly embarrassed, I stood there in my boxers as she looked me up and down as if I was some dubious looking thoroughbred at the local horse fair.

Then with a roguish grin on her face, she said, “OK – when I count to three we’ll take off our underwear – One, two, THREE!”

Now we were both completed naked and it didn’t make sense to just stand there, so I moved towards her, put my arms around her slender waist and kissed her. Catherine slipped her arms around my neck and kissed me back, popping her tongue into my mouth as she did so.

I knew there were probably some very nice four poster beds through one of the doors and so I picked her up and carried her down the hallway. When I’d found a suitable chamber I carried her in and unceremoniously threw her on the bed.

She quickly got up on all fours, “Shouldn’t we do this after we’re married?” she asked.

“Who says we’re getting married?”

“My parents and your parents.”

“Oh shit I forgot about that – but I should see what I’m letting myself in for.”

“Well I’m not going to just lie here and open my legs for you, I do have my pride.”

I could see that she was going to put up a bit of a struggle and as I moved towards her as she retreated to the back of the huge bed. When I climbed on, hoping to corner her, she jumped off and ran across the room, went into a closet and closed the door.

Walking over to where she was hiding I tapped on the oak panel.

“I’m going to count to three and if you’re not out here I’m coming in.”

There was an eerie silence.

“OK I’m counting – one, two, three,” with this I grabbed the handle and opened the door, it was pitch black inside.

I couldn’t see her but I could hear her breathing and so I closed the door and moved to where I thought she was. When my hands touched her warm body she didn’t move. She did give a little gasp when my fingers brushed lightly over her tits, and when I bent down and began to suck her nipples that turned into a deep sigh.

It was quite warm in that small space and our bodies were beginning to perspire. I could feel two coat pegs above her head and I reached up and held onto them and then crushed my chest against her tits and began to move from side to side. It felt so good.

She could feel my cock sticking into her and so she slid out of my grasp, went down to her knees and took it into her mouth. I kept hold of the pegs as she slipped up and down my shaft, working with her tongue and fingering my balls at the same time. When I felt I was cumming it was so intense I almost pulled those fucking pegs off the wall.

Catherine took the whole load in her mouth then squeeze between my legs opened the door and ran back to the bed. When I’d gathered my thoughts I followed her into the room where she lay with her legs outstretched. It looked like an invitation to me, and so I just dived between those beautiful thighs and nuzzled my face in her hairy muff.

I parted the lips with my fingers and began to run my tongue along her warm wet petals. She moaned and groaned and swore and yelled, and grabbed onto my hair. When she came, her ass started to jump up and down like a Jack-in-a-Box, and after that her nerve endings became so sensitive I couldn’t touch her anywhere without her twitching and brushing my hands away.

I gave her a minute to settle down and then I rammed my cock into her with a great deal of force. She whimpered as I started off slowly and then she began to scratch at my body with her nails, urging me to go faster. I responded to her urging by pounding her pussy mound so hard I made my own pubic bone hurt.

Catherine was really into it and I could sense that she was about to cum again. Fortunately, my goo was moving up through my dick as she began to scream. When the final thrust was made, she just wrapped her arms around me and held onto me really tight.

After a long talk and a few drinks, I decided to stay the night and it was a shock to her parents when I turned up for breakfast the next morning. It was even a greater shock to mine when I phoned them to tell that I was over at the Strutherlee’s.

“Don’t worry,” my father yelled, thinking I was not there at my own volition, “I’m just going to grab my shot gun and I’ll be right over, they’re not going to fuck with my son,”

“I’m afraid you’re too late dad – I’ve been well and truly fucked already – several times in fact.”

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2015

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