Cupboard Love

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When Logan Shipley was paired off with Rebecca Davies he was bitterly disappointed. He didn’t really want to be at this summer camp at all but his father wasn’t well and he so wanted him to represent their church.

Rebecca was 18, the same as Logan but she was a real Holy Roller. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. In contrast, he wasn’t really a religious person but he’d been taken to his parent’s somewhat extremist church every Sunday and enrolled in many programs he just didn’t want to be in. However, he was off to college and this would be his last camp.

The reason the two were paired off was for a treasure hunt. A large sword referred to as Solomon’s Sword had been hidden somewhere outside the camp and it was a test of teamwork to find it. Even though the radio was screaming about an escaped convict being in the vicinity the Camp Leader was convinced the Lord would protect his little flock.

On the word GO most of the couples went into the valley behind the camp but Logan thought it would most likely be hidden in the thick bush on the East side. It took some persuading to get Rebecca to go along with his hunch but eventually, she capitulated.

Once in the bush, he wasn’t quite so sure about his decision as it was kind of hard going. However, after a few minutes, they came upon a small hut. He thought this would be an ideal place to conceal a sword so opened up the door.

The place seemed empty except for a large cupboard at one end. The two of them went over and opened up the doors and got an almighty shock. There before their eyes was a gaunt-looking man with a huge scar on his face and a big sword pointing right at Logan’s throat.

Rebecca was about to become hysterical but the man said if she wasn’t quiet he shove the sword right through Logan’s gizzard. He then stepped out of the cupboard, herded them into a corner and demanded that Logan took off his clothes.

“I don’t think they will fit you,” said Logan, not wanting to strip off in front of Rebecca of all people.

“I don’t want to wear them,” growled the man, “It will just slow you up a bit if you should be lucky enough to escape. I want to get a good head start you see – so take your fucking clothes off.”

Logan was still reluctant to shed his gear, particularly his underwear, but with the sword poised to kill him on the spot he complied while the whimpering Rebecca turned her back. He bundled them up including his shoes and handed them to the man as demanded.

“Now yours,” the man snarled at Rebecca.

“Please don’t make me do that,” she pleaded, “My pastor says no man shall see me naked until I am married.”

“Fuck your pastor,” said the man, “Now get your clothes off or I’ll cut the balls off your boyfriend here.”

“Oh he’s not my boyfriend,” Rebecca said hoarsely.

The man put the sword right next to Logan’s testicles, “Now get the fucking things off or this floor is going to be covered in blood.”

Logan was petrified that Rebecca would prefer that to being naked but she did capitulate once again but took everything off very slowly. This did not go well with the man who slapped her across the ass with the flat of the sword.

Once he was in possession of the two bundles and before Logan could even get a good look at Rebecca’s rather nice figure, the man ordered them to get into the cupboard. She was crying quite loudly but got into the gnarled wooden structure first as if to spare herself the embarrassment of standing naked in the open.

When Logan followed her she was shocked as though she thought no one would be inhuman enough to force two completely naked people of the opposite sex to share a cupboard together. However, when the door was closed on them and they heard the man put something in the asp to prevent them opening it she really began to panic.

The man tapped on the door, “Have a fucking good time,” he laughed and then he left, sticking the sword in the ground outside of the hut.

Rebecca was still sniffling which made it hard for Logan to ascertain if the man had gone but after a few minutes he thought it was safe to try and break through the door. There wasn’t enough room to do much except bounce his shoulder against it and in the dark, he inadvertently brushed across Rebecca’s breasts.

“What are you doing?” backwardsshe whined.

I’m attempting to get us out of here,” he replied trying once more.

Once again he brushed against her breasts and she began to get angry.

“Look I can’t help it,” said Logan, “We need to get out of here, if you’re so worried about me touching your tits then you have a go at the door.”

Rebecca told him not to be vulgar and took up on his challenge. She didn’t even make the door move a smidgen and she lost her balance and ended up with both her tits crushed up against Logan’s chest and his arms around her in an effort to save her from falling.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she screamed as she scrambled to free herself.

Logan, who was getting impatient with her irrational behavior, told her to shut up and let him get back to work.

Rebecca started to sob again, “They’ll probably send out a search party from the camp won’t they?”

“They will,” he replied.

“And they’ll find us both naked together,” she sobbed even louder.

“So what – at least we’ll be rescued.”

“But they’ll think things and it will get back to my pastor.”

“If you’re saying they’ll think I fucked you – I’ll explain that you’re the very last person I’d want to fuck.”

Rebecca went strangely silent. “You don’t find me attractive,” she whispered with a quiver in her voice.

“You are attractive,” he tried to console her, “I just meant you’re not my type.”

“I guess you’ve been intimate with girls?”

“A couple of girls.”

“Were they much more attractive than me?”

“I obviously liked them.”

“And you don’t like me?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like you it’s just that you’re so prudish, I doubt if you could ever give a man a good time – sexually that is.”

“Don’t you think it’s a sin to have sex before you’re married?”

“Guys wouldn’t grow a dick until they were in their twenties if that was true,” he retorted, not really wanting to continue that line of conversation.

The next thing he felt was Rebecca’s hand feeling for his dick.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m showing you that I could please a man if I wanted to.”

Logan could feel his dick getting harder and harder has she put both of her hands to work.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

“It feels great,” he stammered, “Really great.”

She continued to work his backward and forwards for a while and then she asked how he would please her, “That’s if I really wanted you to, ”she added.

Logan just pressed himself up against her and struggling to lower himself down in the tight space he began to suck her nipples that stood out like ripe cherries. She didn’t seem to know what to do with her hands now his body was in such a contorted position and so she just dug her nails into his shoulders. Logan squeezed himself down to his knees and felt around for the inside of her thighs and then he pushed them gently apart until he could finger her flower.

Rebecca started to whimper but this time it was not through fear. The lips of her crack were ultra sensitive and when he licked them her whole body shook, rattling the cupboard and making it difficult to keep his tongue in motion.

Logan presumed she’d had an orgasm, it certainly felt like it. He struggled to his feet again and reached out for her tits but now it was her turn to lower herself down and the next thing he felt was her mouth engorging him. With one hand fondling his balls she slipped her lips up and down his dick as though she was thoroughly enjoying the experience. He wanted to cry out stop when he could feel himself cumming but he didn’t have the willpower. Amazingly Rebecca let the whole of his sticky goo stream into her mouth, and after swallowing it, just remarked that it tasted rather salty.

Logan desperately wanted to fuck her so he put his arms around her and they kissed passionately for several minutes, by which time his cock was hard again and ready for action. It was not easy getting it in standing up in a narrow cupboard but he managed it. As he forced it into her tight hairy pussy she took a deep breath and whispered, “That feels so good.”

He held on her forearms as he started to rock her backward and forwards on his dick. He’d never done it standing up before but he was liking it. Liking it a lot.

The pace got faster and fast until he could feel his cum moving upward. To make those last final thrusts he grabbed onto her shoulders, and crying out “fuck” at the top of his voice he shot his load, Rebecca, whose ass was bouncing off the side of the cupboard, screamed and clung onto his hips, drawing him tighter and tighter against her perspiring body.

With the last drops of warm goo dripping down his leg, he leaned back to catch his breath. It was at that moment they heard voices outside, then someone fiddled with the lock and the door opened. His vision was a bit hazy after the dark interior of the cupboard but he could make out the camp leader, whose face was contorted with shock and self-righteousness.

“Goodness me, what on earth have you two been doing?”

Rebecca, seemingly transformed by her experience, told him to fuck off and she and Logan walked back to the camp naked holding hands. All of the students, rather that shouting out “sinners” as they walked past, started to cheer. In fact, the whole atmosphere of the camp changed for the remaining few days. The leader stayed in his room most of the time and was rarely seen. The rumor was – he had a stack of pornographic DVDs in there. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri


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