Cum with Me in the Caribbean

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Tyrone Mullens was not the partying type and consequently, he was not seen in the company of women very often. Most of the ones he knew and found attractive thought he was boring.

His friend Buddy Norman was just the opposite, he drank and cavorted with the best of them and the parties he was not invited to – he gate crashed. Tyrone would sit and listen to his friend’s stories with wide-eyed wonder but he was not tempted to go with him, it just wasn’t his scene.

The young man may have been a bit lacking when it came to attracting women but at work, he attracted a lot of attention from his bosses. He was a model employee and to show their gratitude, one Christmas, they gave him a $5,000 bonus.

It was his intention to put it straight in the bank but Buddy suggested a better idea.

“Why don’t you spend some of it on a sex holiday?” he said, “You need to get some experience, it’s unnatural for a man your age to be living like a monk.”

“What do you mean a sex holiday?”

“Well there’s a resort in the Caribbean where everything and anything goes – the girls flow as freely as the Champagne – you’ll get laid before you leave the reception desk,” he assured him.

“You know I’m not the partying type of person,” he said, “I just don’t fit in with that kind of crowd.”

“But that’s the beauty of this place, you can choose a nice looking girl and she’ll spend the whole week with you. I can see you now, sitting by the pool with some bikini clad babe on your lap and a cold beer in your hand.”

It began to start sounding rather appealing and after a couple of brews he agreed to go providing his friend went with him. He even offered to pick up the tab. Buddy could hardly refuse a deal like that. A week later the two adventurers, dressed in Hawaiian shirts and carrying a pocket full of condoms, flew out of Chicago on their way to a tropical paradise.

At the airport, they were met by two gorgeous women that Buddy had chosen from the resort’s website and they whisked the two sex seekers away to the palm-fringed lagoon that would be their home for seven fun-filled days. Of course, Buddy was the life of the party from the moment his escort took his arm, while Tyrone looked quite uncomfortable.

They had separate cabanas right on the sand and after his friend had scooped his screaming partner up in his arms and carried her over the threshold, Buddy politely opened the door for his.

“I don’t think you like me,” she pouted, as they entered the room.

“Of course I like you,” he stammered.

Actually the five foot three dusky beauty what he’d always dreamed of. She had long black hair, a gorgeous smile and an accent that sent chills down his spine.

“I’m a bit shy and a little dull,” he added, making excuses for his lack of enthusiasm.

Mariana looked down at the bulge in his shorts and smiled,

“I think I turn you on – no?”

“You turn me on – yes,” he replied holding his case in front of him to cover it up.

“Maybe I need some help to loosen you up,” she smiled.


“Yes – Maria and Isabella are on the Warm-up Crew today, I’ll call them.”

She left the cabin for a few minutes while Buddy tried to reposition his dick so it didn’t look so obvious. Before he’d got his hand out of his shorts Mariano returned with two more bikini clad beauties all laughing as they approached him menacingly.

“After that long trip – you need a bath,” Isabella giggled and the three of them started to remove his clothes as he protested and tried to cover himself up.

Completely naked they carried him to the bathroom and while Mariano poured the water into the over sized tub the other two played with his cock. Red faced he was tugged into the foaming water and the girls threw off their skimpy bathing attire and crammed in with him.

Tyrone was suffering a mixture of extreme excitement and apprehension as he seemed to have no control over the situation. They groped his balls, worked their delicate hands up and down his shaft and kissed him passionately on the lips. Maria, who was sitting facing him took his hands and placed them on her lovely jiggling tits and he almost blew his load, then she turned over and stuck her ass up in his face. Her quivering quim was just inches from his mouth and the other two started to chant, “lick it, lick it, lick it.”

Tyrone licked it, and it tasted so good he grabbed onto the cheeks of her ass, pulled her tight up to his face and he gave her the tongue lashing of her life. She probably wasn’t expecting such an onslaught but as her colleagues urged him on she had a massive orgasm. He was very proud of himself and when Isabella started to cry out, “Me next, me next,” he swelled up his chest as though he’d just been inducted into the “Hall of Studs.”

After she’d cum big time Mariana shooed the others away and after drying off her client she led him to the bed, asked him to lie with his legs open and then she went down on him. When those full ruby lips latched onto his cock he took one giant breath but exhaled when her fingers started to explore his balls and she began to slide it in and out of her mouth.

Her long black hair danced across his thighs as she continued to plunge up and down his rock hard shaft. When he felt his hot sperm moving upwards he called out and she stepped back and worked it out with her hand, much of it splattering her pretty face.

Tyrone lay back, breathing heavy, as she licked the drippings off the end of his cock, that was still hard and ready for more action. Suddenly he took her by the shoulders and moved her body upwards until her cunt was hovering over him and then with a rapid upward motion he rammed it in. She gasped as it penetrated deep inside of her but after a few upward strokes he quickly turned her over and began to pound her pussy like someone gone mad.

Looking down at her beautiful brown tits swaying with every stroke drove him to fuck her fast and furious. She seemed to sense when he was cumming and she held onto him tighter and tighter until he blew his load and she screamed out loud. Tyrone kept banging it in until he’d given her every last drop and then he lay beside and told her how wonderful she was.

“I’m not sure I can keep up to you for a whole week,” she giggled.

He knew she was just flattering him, as part of her job, but he still liked it and for the rest of the vacation he walked around the resort with her on his arm and a big smile on his face. As for Buddy, he’d, unfortunately, pulled a muscle in his back when he carried his girl across the threshold and was confine to his bed for the whole week alone! Tyrone would have liked to have visited him more than he did, but he just couldn’t find the time.

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