Cum into my Lab Miss Pepperdine

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Mary Pepperdine adored her employer. He was incredibly handsome, had a nice manner but unfortunately, he had a gorgeous girlfriend. In contrast, Mary was rather plain. She didn’t have a boyfriend and she had only had sex once and that was with a visiting cousin in the tool shed at the back of her parent’s house.

Her employer, the dashing Michael Martin, was a vet. Not any ordinary vet but an inventive one. Tired of the high priced drugs sold by the multinationals he concocted many of his own and passed the savings on to the farmers, who were his main customers. Mary loved to help him in the lab where, in her white coat, she felt more like a vet herself rather than a mere receptionist.

One day while experimenting with a mixture to make Tom Beardsmore’s prize bull pay more attention to his cows, some of the mixture turned to gas and leaked out into the lab. It made Mary feel a bit horny but that was nothing new, she always felt that way when she was around Michael. However, things were different with the young veterinarian. He never as much as gave Mary an amorous glance before but a couple of whiffs of his this new mixture saw him looking at her in quite a different light.

“You look very attractive in the white coat Mary,” he drooled, putting down a big jar of chemicals on the bench, “You look very attractive indeed.”

Mary was taken completely by surprise and just stood there with her mouth open.

“Do you know’” he continued, “If you took off your glasses and let your hair down like they do in the movies – you’d be – well – a very sexy looking young woman.”

She was amazed by his comments but she rapidly took off her glasses and let her hair down as he suggested. Michael just leaned on the bench as if a little tipsy and took a deep breath.

“I said you looked attractive in that white coat Mary but I bet you look even more attractive without any clothes on at all.”

Mary just about peed her pants and was beginning to hyperventilate when he moved up to her and with a silly smile on his face, he began to unbutton the coat. After that had dropped to the floor he started on her top. Poor Mary’s legs were shaking so bad she could hardly stand up.

As she stood there in her flimsy white bra he took a pace back to admire her. “From what I can see from here you’ve got a lovely pair of tits there Mary,” he gurgled.

Mary didn’t wait for him to make a move she quickly unlatched her bra and let it fall to the floor. Michael was right, she had an amazing pair of tits, ample in size and gorgeous in appearance. At this point he moved towards her and putting his hands on her waist he lifted her up on the bench and started to suck her hardened nipples with a great deal of enthusiasm.

The poor girl was overcome with emotion and started to groan and moan and grab onto his gorgeous long blonde hair. When she thought it couldn’t get any better she felt his warm hand advancing up the inside of her thigh. Her panties were quite wet by now but his fingers soon found a way around the narrow damp strip and into her flower. It felt incredible.

Mary hadn’t been effected by the fumes quite as much as her boss but gradually they began to take more effect and she was dying to rip off his pants and suck his dick. However, with his finger well inserted into her flower she had to do a bit of maneuvering and then she jumped off the bench slipped out of her skirt and panties and proceeded to unzip his pants.

What a shock, he was built like a prize stallion and with it being erect she couldn’t get it out without undoing his belt and letting his pants drop around his ankles – which she did. Then kneeling on the floor she engorged his massive throbbing organ as though she was sucking a delicious Popsicle on a very hot day. Now it was Michael’s turn to groan.

Mary gave it her all, she took it into her mouth as far as she could without choking, while massaging his balls with one hand and using her thumb and forefinger on the other to grasp his dick. Michael had had sex with his girlfriend Jillian but nothing like this! He just stood there with his eyes closed, trembling slightly, as she continued to give him a tongue lashing. Being a little naive, and underestimating her boss’s sexual prowess, she thought if she let him cum in her mouth he might not be able to get it up again., and she was anxious to feel that rock hard throbbing cock in her vagina. He gave a little sigh of disappointment when she disengaged her lips and stood up. However, when she hopped up on the bench and spread her legs wide apart he ready to acquiesce to her desires.

Placing his hands on the inside of her thighs he gently parted the petals of her flower and began licking it with the same enthusiasm she’d shown for his dick. Mary was in a state of ecstasy and realizing how much pleasure she was getting from having her flower being played with he picked up a large test tube from beside her and slowly inserted it into her quivering crack. It felt like she was being fucked by Beardsmore’s prize bull. He kept slipping it in and out as he continued to suck her tits and her whole body felt as if it was going to burst into flames.

“Fuck me – fuck me now she shouted,” and as he drew away she grasped a rail behind her allowing the lower part of her body to extend over the edge of the bench so that he could fuck her while standing. Michael quickly tore off the rest of his clothes and holding onto her beautiful hip bones he thrust his rod deep inside of her. She gasped as he withdrew and pounded it in time after time. Then, with a look of determination on his rugged face, he began to fuck her hard, sliding it in and out at a breakneck speed.

She hung onto the rail tighter and tighter as every nerve in her body was charged with electricity. Then came that final stroke when Michael let a loud yell and discharged his cum deep up inside of her. Unlike when she had a quickie with her cousin, Mary’s had a massive orgasm and her body was shaking so violently that all of the test tubes and bottles on the rack beside her began to jingle. After taking in a big breath, she let go of the rail and slipped down on top of him.

They both rolled around on the floor, where she put her lovely mouth to work once more, desperately wanting to taste his dripping dick. After ten minutes or so the fumes that had set this whole affair in motion seemed to dissipate and he was just full of apologies for his behavior.

Mary kissed him and told him to shut him up, “No need to apologize – it was quite wonderful,” she said.

Michael took the rest of the day off leaving her in charge of the office. While he was gone she took the opportunity to siphon off some of that magic liquid and place the bottle furtively in her purse. THE END

Copyright 2012 Cristiano Caffieri

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