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by Cristiano Caffieri

Gareth Mearns was a twenty-five-year-old man with a problem. It all stemmed from a girl he’d been madly in love with, a girl who, on the day he was planning to propose to her, dumped him and took off with his best friend. As a result of the humiliation that he had suffered, he decided to exact revenge against the entire female species by fucking as many of them as was humanly possible. He vowed he would never get involved again and simply treated all those who fell for his considerable charm, like pieces of meat.

Even his holidays were geared to how many conquests he could achieve during the two or three week period and one year he envisioned taking his womanizing to a new level. He planned to tour 10 European countries over 30 days and the challenge was to get at least one woman to bed in each country.

From New York he flew to Iceland and stayed for two days before leaving for Luxembourg, he struck out in Reykjavik but he had a two day stop over on the way back and he had started to soften up a target. In Luxembourg he met Marie, unfortunately, she was a hooker and so it was a quickie under a bridge in the park. He didn’t find that very satisfying.

Gareth rented a car and drove down to the resort of Baden-Baden in Germany, where he met, and seduced, a rather large woman who let him blow his load between her huge pendulous breasts. He didn’t find it very satisfying either but at least he could add a check mark to the map of Europe he was carrying with him.

In Basil, Switzerland he did meet a very nice girl, a beautiful blue-eyed blonde named Ingrid, who had recently broken up with her boyfriend and was actually crying on a park bench when he spotted her. He must have looked like an English speaker or something because she immediately opened up to him in rather a nice American accent.

“You men are all alike,” she sniffled, “You have no respect for women.”

Gareth, mustering up every bit of insincerity he could, assured her that all men were not alike.

“How would you like it if the man who promised to marry you ran off with your best friend?”

“Bin there – done that,” said Gareth, feeling a tinge of guilt as he was about to attempt to fuck her brains out and then head to the next country.

“So you know how heart-breaking that is then?”

“Yeh – I know what it’s like.”

“I am so angry at his betrayal and that of my best friend – I feel that I could just spend the rest of my life making men fall in love with me and then breaking their hearts too – it would serve them right.”

“I don’t think that would make you feel any better,” said Gareth, realizing that all the women he had seduced and then dumped hadn’t really helped him to forget Tania.

For the next half hour, he let her babble on about her lost boyfriend while formulating a plan. He figured that if he could get her into bed he might suggest she travel around Europe with him. This way he could fuck her in every country, which would save a lot of effort but still allow him to meet his quota.

“Could I take you somewhere for a meal,” he asked, feeling that it would be nice to continue their conversation over a drink and something to eat. Ingrid accepted his invitation and they went back to his hotel where they had a rather nice restaurant.

They enjoyed a pleasant supper together and then she said that she needed to straighten up her face as she’d been crying all day. It was the opportunity he’d been waiting for and he put his room at her disposal.

When she emerged from his bathroom all freshened up she immediately began to cry again. It appeared that she had been living with her boyfriend and he’d kicked her out so that her best friend could move in. She went on to tell him that all her things were in a locker at the railway station and he suggested that she could share his room for the night and he would run her over there the next day to retrieve them.

They watched a little TV and Gareth, being an old hand at seducing women, chose a very sexy movie. Half way through they kissed and he leaned her back on the bed on which they were sitting and started to move his hand up her top. He easily removed her bra and began to fondle her soft warm tits. She was receptive to his touch and so he proceeded to take off her top and suck her beautiful hard nipples.

That wasn’t the only thing hard of course, his dick was pressing up against her leg and she could feel it. Sitting up suddenly she began to take off his clothes and in a few seconds they were both naked and enjoying the numerical delights of the sixty-nine position. While he explored the folds of her warm moist groove she took his big thick cock between her lips.

As the movement of his tongue moved up and down her hairy pussy she got more excited and increased the pace that she was sucking him, this, in turn, prompted him to increase the speed of his tongue. It ended up in complete chaos as their sweaty bodies worked furiously, fueled by the desire to cum. When this happened it was like a nuclear explosion. Both of then yelled out and clawed each other’s bodies as they writhed in ecstasy.

They lay in that same position for some minutes before Gareth made a move, and turning her onto her back he opened up her legs and drove his dick deep into her. She gasped and those gorgeous blue eyes opened wide as he made his first thrust, then another and another, harder and deeper each time. She reached back to grasp the bed-head as he started to drive it in faster and faster.

Although her cunt was well lubricated it gripped his dick like a vice, this coupled with her moaning, groaning, and babbling in German created an urgency for him to cum inside of her. It didn’t take long before he felt his balls beginning to ache and he shot his load crying out “Oh FUCK!” as he did so.

They slept in each other’s arms that night and the next morning they went to pick up her luggage and it was then that he proposed she accompany him as he crisscrossed Europe.

“I don’t like traveling alone,” he said, with a sardonic smile.

She jumped at the opportunity and they were soon heading out on the highway towards Zurich. As they drove she snuggled up to him and asked him about the little-stuffed dog he had on the dashboard.

“That’s my best friend Ziggy,” he told her, “I’ve had him since I was four years old – I always take him on my travels.”

Ingrid was fascinated by it and picking it up and rubbed it against her cheek.

“He’s very sweet,” she purred, “I bet he knows all of your intimate thoughts.”

“Don’t have any,” he replied, looking down at her long slender legs, and remembering how he’d had his face wedged between them the night before.

Of course, he had the opportunity again in Lichtenstein, Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Copenhagen. In fact, they fucked and sucked in every city they stayed in, as well as several small villages. She took it between her tits, her lips and up her ass and nothing seemed too much trouble for her. When they arrived in Amsterdam, the last leg of the journey before flying out of Luxembourg, they rented a hotel room with a mirrored ceiling and he looked up to see her delightfully round ass going up and down as she took the dominant position and fucked him like a pro. It was like he was living in a dream, and in spite of his pledge to never get emotionally involved again, he was beginning to grow fond of her.

When Gareth awoke the next morning he was in the bed alone. He looked around for a few minutes and suddenly realized that her things were missing and so was his wallet, watch and the keys to his rented car. Clutching his forehead in despair he imagined her driving off with his best friend Ziggy sitting there on the dash and he went completely berserk, smashing everything in the room, in particular, the mirrored ceiling.

Poor Gareth was taken away to a clinic and remains there until he can be securely deported back to the States. The female staff are not allowed near his room as it seems to trigger a rather nasty reaction. THE END

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2014


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