Cousin Mary Wrestles Naked

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Drew Whittier had been keeping a low profile since his second cousin Mary had announced to her friends that he and she were unofficially engaged. He still lived with his parents in Oakland Park, some thirty miles from his unofficial fiancé and thought that the likelihood of bumping into her there was fairly remote. Obviously, her theological studies kept her busy and he thought that if he didn’t answer her calls or communicate with her in any way she might give up and marry some horny old Bishop or something.

She had visited his home a couple of times with her mother and father and so he was always nervous at the week-ends in case she decided to drive out there. For several weeks he spent the whole two days at a friend’s place in Naples and as she didn’t show his confidence began to rebuild itself. Unfortunately the college she attended decided to give the students a day off mid-week in honor of their founder. Mary thought this was the perfect opportunity to pay a visit to his mother. What could be more natural, after all, they were first cousins.

Drew was studying at an animation school and didn’t get home until 3.30 and there waiting for him with a big bold lecherous smile was his betrothed. Of course, she explained to his parents that they intended to tie the knot and the poor suckers were delighted. Having a minister of religion in the family would certainly take them up a notch or two in their own church.

Unfortunately, fate sometimes plays awful fucking tricks on a person and it so happened that on Wednesday Mary decided to pay them a visit. His parents had an important engagement at the country club and the couple would be left by themselves. Drew just shook his head when his mother announced that she didn’t mind leaving the two lovebirds alone saying, “If you can’t trust a future church minister – who can you trust.” Names like Heidi Fleiss, Nell Gwynn, and Madam du Barry sprang to mind. And as they left the house, sacrificing their only son to the whims of a nymphomaniac, he sighed and resigned himself to an evening of sexual terror and debauchery.

The basement, which housed the entertainment center, was spacious and carpeted with a springy broadloom that Mary started feeling with the ends of her fingers.

“Would you like to play a game to pass the time?” she asked with a grin on her face that scared the shit out of him.

“What kind of a game,” he asked suspiciously.

“Well in one of D H Lawrence books, Women in Love, there’s a scene where two men wrestle each other in the nude. I’ve always wondered what that would feel like,” she paused to touch the carpet again, “It would be great to try it out right here.”

Now Drew had been on the wrestling team at school and had won a pile of matches against some pretty big guys so he thought he might be able to work this situation to his advantage.

“OK, but if I win – I think we should call off the engagement – you know this cousin thing still bothers me.”

“Believe me Drew you’ve got nothing to worry about, the Bible does not say anything about relationships between cousins, Isaac married his cousin, so did Esau and Abraham’s wife Sarah was his half-sister.”

It seemed as though Mary could justify every perverted sexual act she was addicted to with a passage from the Bible. However, she did agree to his terms and the contest began with them both stripping down naked and facing each other with menacing expressions. She made the first move and he found himself flat on his back pinned down to the floor. Obviously ignoring all of the rules of the game she sat with her legs on his arms, her cunt in his face and his dick in her mouth.

He hated to admit that it felt good but it did and his dick started to get harder and harder as she plunged it in and out of her mouth. Drew had to concede that she had won this round and so he just lay back and enjoyed it. While he was in this predicament he decided to extend his tongue upwards and flick the lips of her flower. This caused her to become very excited and she pumped his dick for all it was worth until he yelled, “I cumming – I’m cumming,” and Mary started to groan with pleasure as she slurped it up and swallowed it.

As much as he enjoyed the blow job he still wanted to wrestle his way out of the engagement and so he thought about some of his successful moves he’d used in the past. Unfortunately, it seemed that she knew those moves and once again threw him onto his back, pinned his arms with her feet in the squat position and lowered her snatch onto his face.

“OK – according to my rules you have to eat me out,” she said, “So get on with it.”

It wasn’t the most comfortable position to be in but he still managed to dart his tongue around her pink petals like a little bee searching for pollen. Mary began to make some of those strange noises that she tended to make when she was on the verge of cumming and when she did cum she bounced her ass up and down on his face until he almost died of suffocation.

With his face dripping with her vaginal moisturizer he struggled to get up but she bent the rules once more and she proceeded to roll him all over the floor until he was actually over the top of her, she then grabbed both his ears and demanded he stuck his dick into her hairy cunt. When he paused to try and find the hole she pulled harder on his ears until they were stretched two inches bigger than normal.

The fact that he was yelling with pain seem to excite his opponent and she moved her ass up and down to indicate she wanted him to pound her pussy – and pound it now! Poor Drew’s ears were ringing as he slid his shaft in and out of her love tunnel crashing his balls against her ass. Her tits looked like two bowls of pink jello as they bounced around in sync with his thrusts and this started to urge him on and on until he could feel his cum traveling slowly up his dick and exploding deep inside her hot warm crack.

Mary wrapped her legs around him and screamed when he came, then she relaxed her grip and just lay there on the floor her body twitching all over like someone possessed. When she regained her composure she announced that the score was three to nothing and the planned nuptials were still on.

Feeling that she’d not played fair he decided that when his parents got home he would explain that he was not ready for marriage and that he wanted to call it off. But the first words that came out of his mother’s mouth when she entered the house were, “Guess what children – we’ve arranged to have your reception at the country club and if you can come over next week-end Mary the local newspaper is coming over to take photos of you and Drew,” she looked at them fondly, “You make such a lovely couple.”

Drew looked over at his intended and she smiled, not an ordinary smile but a smile made his dick want to crawl under a rock and hide. THE END

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