Cousin Mary Plays Dirty Pool

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Mary is quite a plain name, and Drew, her second cousin, thought it suited her fine. She wasn’t ugly or fat but her hair, her glasses – everything about her lacked style, it was like as if she’d been frozen in time.

They used to meet once a year at the Whittier family Christmas gathering. It was quite an affair and created a dilemma for grandma as the house only had four bedrooms and the basement to accommodate them all. But she loved having them there and it was more the merrier as far as she was concerned.

Probably because they had never shown the slightest interest in each other the family decided that it would be quite safe for Drew and Mary to sleep in the basement together – in sleeping bags of course. It was one large room with a pool table and a collection of armchairs and that was about all. However, there was a small bathroom and that’s where Mary went at bed time to wash up and change.

When she emerged Drew was quite surprised at how she looked. It was if she’d had a makeover. Her hair was down, her horn-rimmed glasses off and she wore quite a slinky nightie through which he could see her ample bosom heaving.

He was making a few shots on the pool table as she re-entered the room and she suggested, as it wasn’t that late, they could play a few games.

“I didn’t figure you for a pool player,” he smiled, chalking up his cue.

“You’d be surprised what I get up to in college,” she quipped, “Do you want some sort of a bet.”

Drew was thinking of something in the area of a dollar a game but she came up with something much more interesting.

“Have you ever seen that old movie with Marsha Mason – Cinderella Liberty?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Well,” said Mary, “She played the part of a poolroom hustler that agreed to have sex with a sailor if he could beat her.”

“So ?” Drew half murmured feeling a little uneasy as to where this was going.

“So,” she continued, “If I win the game you can do what you like with me – absolutely anything – and if I win I get the same privilege.”

Never in a million years did he think his plain Jane cousin would come up with something like that. He didn’t know what to say, however, he did know he was a pretty darn good player and he’d never ever seen a girl play a half decent game and so he agreed to her terms.

“Why don’t we make it even more interesting and take an item of clothing off every time we miss a shot.”

Now he thought it was getting a little bit kinky and he was afraid that one of the family might come down stairs and catch them cavorting around naked. Mary soon put that to right and slipped the bolt on the door.

Drew was the first to miss a shot and was prepared to give up one of his socks but she said a pair of socks constituted one garment and so he was compelled to give up the other one. She pocketed quite a few balls before she had to give up anything and when she did she very sexily slipped off her panties.

Knowing that there was a hairy muff under her see-through nightie made him feel quite horny and put him off his game. And as she seemed to be able to pot any ball she wanted he concluded that she was playing him for a sucker as each time he got rid of some item of clothing she did. The only difference has she only had three items and he had four. Towards the end of the game, he was watching Mary’s rather nice round bum sticking out as she made a shot and this caused him to lose his concentration entirely. Soon he was as naked as she was and then she just cleaned up the table like a professional.

Mary put the pool cue down and licked her lips, “Now what do I want you to do first,” she said, “I know – lift me up on the table.”

Drew obediently put his hands around her waist and hoisted her up so that she could stand on the edge of the green with her legs apart. Her tits brushed past his face as he lifted her and he was getting hornier by the minute.

“Now you can lick my pussy,” she smiled, looking down at him as if she was a queen and he was one of her cowering subjects.

Drew bent his head down a little, parted the lips of her cunt with his fingers and began to move his tongue up, down and sideways. Mary held on to his shoulders and began to groan, he stopped for a second to remind her that the family was sleeping upstairs and then continued to lick her juicy slit as if it was a cream donut, his favorite thing to lick out next to pussy.

When she was about to cum, and knowing she had to be less vocal, she dug her fingernails into his flesh to compensate and dug them in so deep she actually drew blood. She had an absolutely massive orgasm and then she dropped back on the pool table her body twitching as if she was going into a convulsion. It was fully five minutes before she settled down and he just stood there and watched her as her tits jiggled and her quim quivered.

After she’d cooled down she demanded that he move to the back of her, lean over her face and suck her tits. Drew thought he only had to perform one task for losing the game to her but she had different ideas about the rules.

Her nipples looked very inviting and so he did as she said without questioning further. Mary began to groan again but ever so softly this time and as he sucked she reached back with her arms and ran her nails up and down his torso.

This wasn’t the end of her demands and they began to get a more bizarre.

“I want you to stand over me,” she said, “And jerk yourself off.”

He really didn’t want to do this but as he was now dying to fuck so her he complied with her request figuring that if he played along she would eventually want him to stick his dick into her. As he was zipping up and down his pole she rubbed her tits vigorously and when she wasn’t doing that she was sucking her fingers or reaching up as if she was about to grab his balls.

When he shot his load onto her tits and face she began to laugh and rub it all over her, then she dipped her finger in it and tasted it, then held the finger up and urged him to do the same. With great reluctance, he did so and it turned out to be no big deal, it just tasted salty and he wondered why women had such a problem with men cumming in their mouths.

When Mary opened her legs wide and began to rub her slit he knew this was time for him to drive his still throbbing dick into her. She took a big gulp of air as he drove it in hard and deep.

As he continued to thrust it in and out of her bushy groove she urged him to go faster until his ass was going up and down like a fiddler’s elbow. When he felt his goo moving up and ready to explode inside of her she sensed it and started to whimper quite loudly so he covered her mouth with his.

The moment he shot his load Mary went ballistic and he had a job to hold on to her writhing body.

“That was so fucking good,” she gasped, grabbing hold of his head and kissing his face all over, “So fucking good.”

They were both a little exhausted when they crept into their sleeping bags that night and the next morning they threw a few furtive glances at each over the crowded breakfast table. Drew, feeling that some conversation was needed and wanting to sound like an interested family member, ventured to ask Mary what she was studying at college. Her mother answered for her, “O Mary’s studying theology – she’s going to be a church minister,” she announced proudly, then placing her hand on her daughters and looking up at her fondly, she said, “She’s such a loving person and that’s what the church needs today.”

“I sure she’ll perfect for the job,” he said, fighting the urge to burst out laughing. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri


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