Change Partners

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Change Partners

Jonathon Wade and his wife Heidi had been happily married for three years. He had a decent position in a local law firm and for the first two, she seemed to be quite contented to stay at home. However, after a while, she started to become restless and wanted a job.

She didn’t have any particular skills and so the best she could get was a position as a filing clerk for a large fabric distributor. Heidi was pretty and this didn’t go unnoticed, particularly by the owner of the company Calvin Willison. When he saw her bending over to retrieve some papers she’d dropped on the floor one day, he couldn’t help being turned on by her beautifully round bum and long shapely legs. The following morning he informed her that he wanted to take out to lunch, saying it was to discuss the possible implementation of a new filing system but Heidi wasn’t born yesterday.

The trip in his fancy Jaguar, the elegant restaurant and the smooth talking well dressed Mr. Willison made a great impression on her, and even more so as the lunches got more frequent and he began to give her a ride home after work. Inevitably this led to him being invited in for a coffee and soon they were fucking like two randy rabbits on the same bed that she serviced her husband. Unfortunately for him, this was becoming less and less frequent.

It wasn’t long before Jonathon latched on to what was happening and he made a few inquiries about Mr. Willison, who seemed to have built quite a reputation over the years. However, instead of confronting his wife, who he felt he probably couldn’t trust anymore, he decided on revenge. First, he set up a hidden video camera in the bedroom and over a few weeks collected some interesting footage. In fact, he found his wife, who often complained about giving him a blowjob, was sucking her boss’s dick as so it was the flavor of the month.
During his inquiries, he had learned that his wife’s lover lived in a rather palatial house with a very attractive wife named Clare, who had once been his secretary and the cause of his divorce from his first wife. One day he stopped by the Willison house and presented his business card to the fornicator’s spouse, and then over coffee, he discussed her husbands’ infidelity with Heidi.

At first, she wouldn’t believe it but when he fired up his laptop and showed some of the footage, that he’d had professionally edited, she was shocked. Not only shocked but the provocatively dressed Mrs. Willison started to get turned on.

“Do you know,” she mused, “Sometimes he doesn’t want me to suck his dick and here he is letting your wife make a meal of it.”

“I can tell you that she doesn’t do that for me very often.”

“What should I do Jonathon,” she asked, shaking her head, “Should I suck your dick to make things equal.”

“We could certainly try that – it might make us both feel better.”
Clare immediately knelt on the floor in front of him and almost hysterically tried to remove his pants while he was still sitting down. Not wanting to impede her progress he stood up and dropped them to the floor and she quickly plunged his boner into her mouth and crammed as much down her throat as was humanly possible.

As she slipped up and down his cock she made yummy sounds as though it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. Keeping one hand around the base of it, she used the other to fondle his balls and it didn’t take long before they started to ache and he could feel his sperms lining up for a breakout.

When he shot his load into her mouth Clare kept pumping away and he had to stop her as his nerve endings were threatening to self-combust.

“Do you fancy licking me out,” she asked, standing up and ripping off her skirt to expose the flimsiest of thongs.

He didn’t answer but went down on his knees, slipped the little bit of lace down her legs and started to lick her neatly trimmed pussy. She groaned out loud but he knew it was not the best of positions and so he lay her down on the carpet opened up her legs and placed his face between her warm firm thighs.

“Oh my god,” that feels good, she gasped as his tongue began to explore the folds of her juicy slit. Not wanting to rush things he stopped after a while, which frustrated her, but he moved up her body, struggled to remove her top and started to suck on her nipples. At the same time, he shoved two fingers up her cunt and began to move them in and out. Clare was groaning and blowing and rubbing her hands around his neck as though it was too much for her. When she started to tremble, the muscles in her pussy contracted around his fingers and she began to scream, arch her body and pull on his hair.

Jonathon slipped down between her legs again and parting her petals with his fingers he ran his tongue up and down the length of her slit. Within a very short time, she was writhing around as if she was going into a seizure and breathlessly calling out , “Fuck me – come on fuck me – fuck me – I want to be fucked.”

He tore off the rest of his clothes and then lay his naked body on hers. Clare gave a little grunt as his stiff throbbing cock penetrated deep inside her wet cunt. She dug her long painted fingernails into his back as he started to plow in and out of her with increasing speed.

He kept ramming it in hard and fast until he could feel his cum moving up through his tubes once more and then shooting into her vibrating vagina. As he continued to drive it into her she moved her ass up and down calling out “Oh shit – that was so good – Oh Jonathon you make me feel so good inside.”

When he removed his dripping knob she took her top that was lying beside her and gently dabbed the end. “If your wife prefers my husband’s lovemaking to yours – she’s got something wrong with her head,” she said, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. I’m going to be walking bow-legged for a week.”

After a few laughs, the couple got down to some serious business.

“I want you to be my lawyer,” she informed him, “I want to take the bastard for everything he’s got and maybe when it’s all over you and I could get together.”

He kissed her lightly on the lips, “Do you promise to give me a blowjob whenever I want one.”

“Even when you don’t want one,” she laughed, taking it into her mouth and biting it gently. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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