Champagne Sex Shoot

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Steve Fisher and Charlotte Debby worked at the same swimwear factory. They didn’t really know each other that well until they both entered the company’s competition for their Swimwear Prince and Princess and won. Even then it was an arms length relationship until they met Amy Barlow. She approached them after the competition and gave them both her card.

“If you’re looking for some spare cash give me a call.”

The card simply read ‘Amy Barlow, Author and Photographer.’ As the job at the factory only paid basic rate the two were obviously interested. They discussed it for a few minutes when they attended a celebration dinner given by the company and they decided to look into it. The next day they were both riding in a limo sent by Amy complete with a bottle of champagne. The two felt like movie stars.

When they arrived at the sprawling mansion outside of town Amy greeted them and showed them her photo studio full of strange looking furnishings. Here they sat down before her desk and she poured more champagne.

“Before I tell you about the job I want to ask you if words like fuck, cunt and cock offend you?”

Steve shrugged as if to say “it doesn’t bother me” but Charlotte hesitated a bit before saying she didn’t think so.

“Good,” said Amy, “because I will probably use those words and a lot more during the shoot. Now I should explain that I’m writing a book on furniture that has been specially designed for sex.”

Steve and Charlotte looked at each other, perhaps feeling a bit uneasy as Amy continued.

“Now I’ll want you to be in various stages of undress and sometimes completely naked.”

At this point Charlotte looked extremely uncomfortable and squirmed her bum as if she might be ready to leave.

“I’ll then want you to perform various sex positions using the chairs, beds and other items you see here.”

Charlotte stood up this time said she was not interested and she’d like to go home.

“I’ll pay you three thousand dollars cash for a few hours work.”

Charlotte sat down but still managed to say she was uncomfortable with the idea.
“I fully understand,” said Amy, “but you don’t have to have sex, this is not a porn movie it’s for a book to help couples get more out of their sex life. I should mention that you will also get a royalty on sales and that could amount to several thousand dollars. However, you’ve got to put your heart and soul into it, give me the facial expressions I want and really look as if you’re enjoying it.”

Charlotte still looking a bit doubtful turned to Steve,
“What do you think?”

“I’m willing if you are,” he replied, thinking that even pretending to fuck her would be pretty good and he was dying to see her naked.

Charlotte nodded her head and said OK and Amy instructed Steve to sit on a high chair that was almost as high as a tennis umpire’s. She then told him to slip his pants and his underwear to his ankles but not all the way off. He did as she instructed and his dick, which had got hard due to his expectations stood up like a flag pole.

“Now a woman of average height wouldn’t have to get on her knees with his chair, she can stand comfortably to give the man a blowjob.”

His Princess knew what was coming and when Any directed her to just put the bell end into her mouth she went as red as a beet – but she did it and Steve took the biggest breath he’d ever taken in his life. Amy picked up the camera and started to yell out instruction.

“Finger his ball,” she called out, and Charlotte’s long slender fingers slipped in between his legs and he thought he was going to blow his load there and then.
“Don’t make him cum,” she screamed but go up and down on it and look as though you’re both enjoying it.”

She didn’t have to tell Steve he was in seventh heaven.
“OK Steve,” she called out, “grab on to her hair and worked her head up and down on your cock.”

He didn’t even hesitate but he was still worried about cumming in her mouth.

“OK – now Charlotte can you slip you tits out of that top and give him a titty fuck.”

There was a pause while she struggled with the buttons and he was so horny he’d loved to have jerked himself off to get rid of the pressure. However, when he saw those lovely pointy tits he decided he’d like to cum all over those.

“Now slip them around his dick and work them up and down. That’s good – that’s very good – now rub the end over your nipples.”

That was too much for Steve and he suddenly shouted out I’m cumming and his hot load streamed out all over to her tits.

“That’s excellent,” yelled Amy, “I’ll give you and extra two fifty if you lick the rest of it off his dick – and give me – it’s yummy look.”

Poor Charlotte was really not into such a public display but she did it anyway. After that they had a short break and more champagne. The Swimwear Princess seemed to swigging the alcohol to numb the pain and it was loosening her up.

“This is going very well,” said Amy, reviewing some of the pictures, “You can pull your pants up Steve, you can drop yours Charlotte and we’ll do this in reverse.”

Once again his partner had a bit of a dazed look on her face as if she’d prefer to be sewing swimwear but she climbed on the chair, took her flimsy panties down to her ankles and just sat there.

“Action,” yelled Amy and Steve advanced slowly on his prey as the camera clicked away and his dick started to get very hard again. “Perhaps you could be masterful,” she cried and he followed her instructions to the letter. He shoved back her skirt, forcefully opened her legs and rammed his face between them.

“Start licking,” came the order and he parted the lips with his fingers and swiped his tongue up and down like a big puppy dog.

“Holy shit,” yelled Charlotte, “I don’t think he should do that any more.”

“Is it making you feel horny Charlottle,” giggled Amy coming in for a close up.
There was no reply but she did start to moan and the more she moaned the faster his tongue danced up and down the sides of her wet cunt. Inevitably she started to scream and she came big time. Her body gyrating all over the place and her thighs clamping around his face like a vice.

“Wonderful,” said Amy, “Let’s have a short Champagne break and then we’ll try out that chair,” she said, pointing to a weird chez lounge type of thing.
Sipping on his Champagne Steve felt rather merry and Charlotte was leaning on him as if he was her boyfriend.

“I’d like you to strip down naked,” their director said, and now slighted tiddly, neither showed any hesitation. He was amazed how beautiful her slim body looked and she was quite impressed with his.

Going over to the chair it was explained that Charlotte would lie back with her legs open and Steve would put is legs each side. As he moved into position his dick was perfectly aligned with the trembling mound.

“Now just hold your cock in your hand and rub it up and down her crack,” she instructed. The moment he did, Charlotte responded with a groan. As he was told to gradually shove it in a bit at a time he could tell she really wanted him to fuck her.

When her gave it a last thrust and plunged it right up to his balls she jumped and wrapped her legs around him pulling him in tighter and tighter.

Amy was ecstatic and took dozens of shots, even lying on the floor and almost sticking it up his ass as she tried to get a shot of his bouncing balls. After that sequence Charlotte had to bend over the same piece of furniture while Steve lubed himself up and rammed it up her ass.

No more Champagne breaks were needed Charlotte was getting into enthusiastically and when they lay on the swaying water bed with him paused to slide it in she couldn’t contain herself and yelled out, “Fuck me Steve, please fuck me.”

He looked over to the director, she nodded her approval and with the camera clicking his cock slid into her warm wet love tunnel and his ass started to go up and down like a steam engine. His balls were crashing against her hairy mound and her tits were bouncing from side to side as they went at it like two rabbits. When he came he shot a continuous stream of hot cum deep inside of her and once more she wrapped her legs around and squeezed as if she wanted every last drop.

Amy seemed delighted with what she’d got in the camera but then asked Charlotte if she’d like to direct her fucking Steve. After a few minutes to teach her how to operate the camera Amy stripped off and told Steve to sit on a swing suspended from the ceiling and she lowered herself onto his cock very slowly. She loved the feel of it as it slid deep inside of her. With her lovely round tits poking him in the face she started the swing in motion and both of them leaned back and opened up their mouths as if in total ecstasy. When he shot a great blob of creamy cum in her taco she just held the swing still and closed her eyes.

“That was wonderful,” she said, “Now why don’t you take over and direct while Charlotte and I have some fun.”

The swimwear Princess who, now seemed ready for anything, handed over the camera and Amy handcuffed her to the head of the water bed, opened up her legs and started to chew on her rug. At the same time she took Charlottes nipples between her fingers and pulled on them. It wasn’t long before the chewing and licking led to screams and Amy quickly turned herself around with her cunt over Charlottes mouth and in a classic 69 they chewed together.

After a short champagne break they set the camera on remote and the three naked bodies romped on a big fur rug before a glowing artificial fire place and fucked and sucked each other’s brains out. Steve had to admit that he was a bit shagged out but for a few extra shots the two women covered his cock in chocolate sauce and licked it off together. When he spewed out a big load of cum and the ate that too.

The book Fucking and Sucking on Furniture was a big success and so was Fucking and Sucking in the Forest. Fucking and Sucking on the Beach and Fucking and Sucking in the Water. Steve and Charlotte quit their jobs at the swimwear factory and are thinking of getting married in a nude ceremony.

Copyright 2020 Cristiano Caffieri

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