Caught in the Act of Diddling Her Crack

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Will Thompson was a small town electrician with a desire to be a writer, consequently, when he was asked to fix some outlets in the home of Nadine Quinley, an internationally renowned author, he was thrilled. However, when he arrived at the house he was met by a surly housekeeper, who showed him what had to be done and who told him he must not start wandering around the house.

The job turned out to be a little more complicated than he thought and at 3 pm, the woman said she had to go out to do some shopping. Dressed in a baggy black coat, brimmed hat, and dark glasses, she looked so much like the wicked witch of the west, it was frightening. Before she left she issued the same strict instructions about poking his nose into other rooms. Most of the work was in the downstairs hall and the upstairs landing and so he didn’t see any problem.

He did have to go into the basement a couple of times to switch off some of the breakers but apart from that, he did as he was instructed. However, in the basement there was some flimsy underwear in a laundry basket, obviously belonging to Ms. Quinley, and he couldn’t help but touch it.

Nobody actually knew what she looked like, even her books didn’t carry her picture, it seemed her publisher wanted to keep her under wraps, a sort of mystery woman. However, if her lingerie was anything to go by he figured she’d had to be really hot – just like her books.

At first, he felt the silky items between his fingers but then he couldn’t resist burying his face in her panties. They smelled so good he kept inhaling as if it was some exotic perfume. After that, he was exhilarated and went back to the upstairs landing to finish the job.

During lunch, he’d drunk quite a few cups of coffee and he began to have the urge to pee. He desperately wanted to find the bathroom but the warning of the miserable old woman was still ringing in his ears. However, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

The first door he opened was a linen closet and the second, piled high with books and papers, was obviously Nadine’s study. When he tried the third door along he was in for an almighty shock – it was a bedroom and lying naked on the bed, watching porn and masturbating, was a gorgeous woman that just had to be the allusive Ms. Quinley.

“Who are you,” she asked, almost unperturbed by him catching diddling her crack.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” he stammered, “I have an urgent need to pee and I thought this was the bathroom.”

“You can use my en suite,” she said, pointing to a door.

When he came out he was half expecting her to have thrown on a robe or something but all she was wearing was a big smile.

“Why don’t you take off your tool belt and sit with me for a while,” she invited. Will was a little surprised at the invitation and hesitated for a few moments but when she put her head to one side, smiled again, and patted the sheet beside her, he quickly unbuckled his belt and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I get very lonely in this house,” she sniffled, as if about to cry, “My contract forbids me to leave the premises and I have no chance to meet people or form a romantic liaison.”

He thought her publisher must be a real ogre to put such restrictions on her just to build up a sort of Gabo image.

“I haven’t been made love to for six months,” she said, placing her hand on his thigh, “ that’s too long,” she purred, “far too long.”

Will’s dick was beginning to respond to the thigh stroking but he was a bit unclear about what to do next. His job could be on the line if he didn’t use some discretion so he just swallowed hard and waited for her next move.

Suddenly she leaped up from the bed,

“I’m going to lock the door in case the old bitch comes back,” she laughed, ‘if we’re going to fuck I don’t want her barging in on us.”

As she returned to the bed she urged him to undress as she had six months of passion to get rid of. He didn’t need more encouragement than that, and he was soon naked and displaying a sizable boner.

While he was still standing at the edge of the bed she lurched forward and took his balls in one hand, his dick in the other and then forced his foreskin back with her lips. It was every electrician’s dream. She caressed his nutsack, slipped up and down his shaft and made faint moaning noises as she did so. It felt so good he thought his brain was going to explode.

It didn’t take long before she had a mouthful of cum and had thrown herself spread eagle on the bed inviting him to do as he pleased with her. She had absolutely gorgeous tits, firm and round with delightfully erect nipples, just waiting to be sucked. He knelt between her legs, leaned over and made contact.

As he licked, sucked and caressed them her body trembled as if it was almost too much for her. But when he moved up, straddled her and rubbed his still dripping dick on them she went ballistic.

“Holy Fuck,” she cried, “that feels so good.”

Moving back down her beautiful body he prized her legs even further apart and placed his head between her thighs. She gave a sudden jump as his tongue flicked the edges of her cunt and she reached forward and grabbed onto his shoulders.

He opened up her pussy lips with his fingers and crushed his mouth against the moist pink folds. She began to whimper as he lapped up and down her crack, working one finger inside at the same time.

When she came it was almost frightening, she screamed and squirmed with her ass and dug her fingernails into his flesh. Then panting as if she was short of breath she begged him to fuck her.

“Fuck me and keep fucking me all day and all night,” she cried, and she bounced her ass up and down on the bed impatiently.

She became strangely quiet and just gasped when his throbbing cock answered the call and he thrust it deep inside of her. He would like to have held it in there and savored the moment he hadn’t got the will power, Soon he was ramming it into her tight cunt with forceful measured strokes.

Holding onto her arms, as if she was his prisoner, he looked down at her bouncing tits as he drove it in faster and faster. And as he continued to pound her hairy pussy she closed her eyes, bit her lip, and gyrated her hips to get maximum satisfaction.

When he felt himself cumming he just gave a loud yell and blew a steady stream of his hot goo inside of her. She stuck her legs high into the air and rested them on his shoulders as he banged her ass for those fina cum draing prods. After the last drop had been dispensed they lay side by side, still feeling each other’s bodies with their hands. It was then he ventured to call her Nadine.

“I’m not Nadine,” she laughed, sitting up and looking down at him, “I’m just the housekeeper enjoying my day off, but you can fuck her when she gets back from shopping if you like – I bet she’d enjoy that.” THE END

Copyright 2015 Cistiano Caffieri


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