Call Girl

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Mel Petersen felt he’d suffered at the hands of women and he declared that he would never get into a serious relationship again. His motto became, Fuck ‘em and Leave ‘em.”

After his second divorce, he took what money he had left and bought a cheap condo in a converted industrial building. It wasn’t posh like those New York lofts but it did have character. Essential it was one big room with dividers. The only place that had any privacy was the bathroom because that actually had a door.

With painted brick walls and a concrete beamed ceiling it didn’t shy away from exposing its former use as a textile factory and although the plank floors had been refinished, they didn’t detract from that rustic look, and he loved it. His ex-wife had always been so particular about the furniture and décor, she was never satisfied unless it was better than what her old school friends had. Now he felt he could express himself in whatever way he wanted. To this end, he bought all of his furnishing, dishes and even bed covers from charity stores. He was in “man cave heaven.”

Mel had a reasonable job but when the alimony was deducted from his pay check it didn’t leave much for luxuries, however, he did plan to take one young woman out to dinner each week and if possible lure her back to his place for coffee. The first two women he introduced to his eclectic Shangri-la recoiled in horror and couldn’t wait to leave, but one night he wandered into an upscale bar and met Vanessa. She was a Call Girl but he didn’t know that and she didn’t make a play for him because, just looking at him, she knew he couldn’t afford her prices.

Although he thought he was outclassed by this well dressed bejeweled beauty, he ventured to buy her a drink. After some of the jerks she’d encountered in her profession she found him refreshing and they had a great conversation, during which he asked her out to dinner.

He didn’t actually think he would get into the pants of this sophisticated goddess but after the meal, he invited her back to his place for coffee anyway. Vanessa accepted his invitation and she loved the place. She plonked herself in his favorite twenty-two dollar chair and spun it around to take it all in, then she tested out the sofa, threw herself onto the bed and ended up in the kitchen waiting for her coffee.

“I love this place,” she laughed, “It’s so different – so artsy – you’ve done an amazing job.”

Mel took a second look around because even he wouldn’t have used the term amazing.

“Many of the people I know live in multi-million dollar mansions but given the choice, I would live here,” she continued, getting up and toying with his collection of bric-a-brac on the shelves.

He was flattered but the thought of some woman living with him again was not the plan.

“I really enjoy living here ALONE,” he stressed, “It’s so relaxing.”

“You mean you don’t ever yearn for company?”

“Never,” he said, “I have my TV, my computer, and my CDs, what more could a man want.”

“I would have thought you might need a good fuck occasionally,” she smiled, putting her head to one side.

Mel almost dropped the coffee pot. His hand was shaking so bad, as he poured her coffee in a fine china cup, he bought at a garage sale, much of it ended up in the saucer. Vanessa was really gorgeous and there was nothing he would have liked better than to have fucked her BUT she was the nesting type – he could feel it. If she was willing and ready to go to bed with him, and he didn’t know that for sure, he felt that she might want it to develop into a relationship.

She thanked him for the coffee and sat there with that fine china cup to her ruby lips, just looking at him with the two biggest bright blue eyes he’d ever seen. He had a hard on and as he hadn’t had sex for two months he was desperate to get her in the sack BUT red lights were still flashing in his brain.

He drank his coffee and kept quiet, he was afraid to speak unless he said something that encouraged her.

“What do you do for a living?” she asked at length.

“I’m the advertising manager for a firm of consultants, I’ve been with them since I left high school,” he replied, trying not to look at her cleavage as she bent over the table to reach the for the coffee pot, “It’s not a bad job.” He hesitated for a moment and inquired what she did.

“I’m a call girl,” she smiled, an escort, a prostitute.”

Mel almost choked as his coffee went down the wrong way.

“Don’t worry,” she laughed, “I’m not going to charge you anything – you really couldn’t afford me – but I might be interested in sharing your apartment with you.”

“Why?” he asked, feeling sure that she had the means for something much more palatial.

“This is an ideal spot for me,” she said, “Nobody would think I would be living in a little hole in the wall like this.”

“Thanks,” he mumbled, feeling a bit miffed.

“No I’m not putting it down – it’s great – I love it.” She reached across the table and put her hand on his, “A person does get fed up with five-star hotel rooms and penthouse suites,” she said, “this is a real home – I could be happy here.”

He wasn’t sure if he was up for such an arrangement but she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“Look,” she said, getting up and examining his bric-a-brac again, “I’m prepared to pay you rent and give you a couple of fucks a week. You do the cooking and cleaning, though, I’m not into that sort of thing.”

Mel’s throbbing cock seemed to be yelling, “Go for it you stupid bastard, you’ll never get an offer like this again.”

A handshake, a glass of wine and the deal were sealed and then they came to the down payment. As he sat back in the living area finishing his wine, she began to strip off her clothes. Holy shit – she had the most beautiful body he’d ever seen. Her tits were natural but perky and topped with nipples just waiting to be sucked. Her legs were long and slender culminating in a neatly trimmed pussy, that was also waiting to be sucked.

She went to the bed and stretched out like the letter X and waited for him to take off his clothes. It took exactly 9.5 seconds.

Mel slowly lowered himself beside her and made for those large erect nipples. He sucked, he licked and he stroked, while she whimpered and arched her back.

“Was she just putting on an act?” he wondered, feeling that it might be just part of her job. But he didn’t care a fuck, she had gorgeous soft warm tits and he was enjoying rubbing his face all over them.

When he lowered his left arm and headed towards her pussy she trembled a little.

“Surely that can’t be an act,” he thought, as he very gently inserted his finger into her wet crack.

When he poked it deep inside of her and started to move it around, she got louder and louder. Anxious to see whether he could give her a genuine orgasm he slipped down the sheets and embedded his face between her legs. Once his tongue flicked the lips of her cunt she began to shake and when he pulled them open and started to lick from the bottom to the top over and over again, she grabbed on to his hair and went into, what appeared to be, an award-winning orgasm.

Once she stopped shaking she quickly got up, shoved him roughly back onto the bed and took his hot cock into one hand and his balls in the other. She slid those long painted fingers up and down his shaft a few time before leaning over and literally swallowing the whole thing. Then, as if to cause him maximum frustration, she pulled back leaving his body twitching like somebody going into a fit.

Vanessa sat and looked down at him for a moment and then she bent forward and licked his dick from his scrotum to the very tip, then she plunged it into her mouth again, sucked it a few times, and then back to the tongue licking. It was agonizingly wonderful, and it wasn’t long before he felt his balls beginning to boil.

When he shot his load she took it in the mouth and didn’t spill a drop. After that, she carefully massaged his balls until his cock was hard and ready for action once more. She then lay back, opened up her legs and he rammed it into her cunt as far as it was humanly possible.

Soon he was pounding her pussy as she called out fuck, fuck, fuck in time with each beat. As he increased the pace she pulled on his hair, dug her nails into his back and desperately tried to kiss him.

He connected with her lips the best way he could but he was pumping her high-class cunt so hard it was difficult to hold that position for long. However, when he did manage to lean far enough forward her tits were rubbing against his chest and that just drove him to go faster and faster.

When his goo started to stream into her velvet crack he just yelled like a wild man and gave four final thrusts that sent her up towards the bedhead. She wrapped her legs around his and whispered, “That was lovely,” in his ear. What more could a man ask for?

The days and weeks that followed were amazing. When she had a free evening they’d sit beside the wood stove, drinking wine and listening to music and then they’d take off to bed like two teenagers.

Months went by and he was gloriously happy until one day when she unexpectedly asked him if he would marry her.

“I’m not getting any younger, ” she said, “And I think it would give us both a feeling of commitment and … a bit of security.”

“But how could I be your husband when you’d be out most evenings fucking other men?”

“Wel, it doesn’t bother you now does it?”

“It does a bit,” he mumbled.

“Holy shit – you’re falling in love with me,” she cried, giving him a big hug, and spilling her wine all over the floor.


“So I’m in love with you too – you jerk. Don’t you see that? I fell for you the first night we met.”



“But I still don’t want a wife of mine being a hooker,” he protested.

“I’ve haven’t turned a trick for weeks,” she said.

“But you’ve been going out every day.”

“I’ve been finishing my degree,” she laughed, “In a few weeks I’ll be a fully qualified interior decorator.

Mel looked around his man cave in a panic.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “ I’m going to make you a deal – if you can tear my panties off with your teeth I promise not to change a thing,” and with that, she took off towards the bed giggling like a school girl.

Later that evening, with a few bits of cotton still hanging from his teeth, Mel told her how much he loved her and that he couldn’t wait to walk her down the aisle. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri


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