Cabin Fervor

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Coleen Taylor was really crazy about Jordan Clay when they were at school together but he treated her like shit. At that time she was a little over weight, had braces and her mother insisted that she kept her hair in braids.

Every time she tried to cozy up to him, perhaps congratulating him on his track and field achievements or the time he was elected “Student of the Year,” he ended up humiliating her. However, in spite of him being a prick, she still continued to be infatuated with him.

After high school, she didn’t see him again until she took a job as an entertainer on a cruise liner and lo and behold he was a deck officer on the very same ship. Now both in her mid-twenties Coleen had changed quite a bit. The ugly duckling of Maddison High was now a very curvaceous sexy lounge singer. She’d been married and still kept her ex-husband’s name so even though they were introduced by the Captain he didn’t recognize her.

Coleen saw a great opportunity here to have a little fun. She wasn’t after revenge for the way he used to treat her in school, in fact, she still got a little tingle when she was close to him.

Although crew members were encouraged to mix and socialize with the passengers they did have a little lounge of their own. Here they could hide away from the hoards of loudly dressed silver-haired folk who always seemed to need directions or a photograph taken of themselves and their partner against a lifebuoy.

When she saw Jordan enjoying a drink in the crew lounge one evening she joined him at the table. He seemed more than delighted to see her and they chattered for some time about life in general. Eventually, she got around to asking him a loaded question, “Who was the girl in your high school that you would have least likely have gone to bed with?”

He looked a little puzzled but then after a bit of thought he said, “There was a girl – something Taylor – I can’t remember her first name because we used to call her Braidy – she had long braids you see – even at eighteen years old.”

“So you wouldn’t have fancied fucking her?” she asked abruptly.

A little taken aback by her language, he looked somewhat embarrassed and mumbled that it was unlikely. By now the lounge was getting a little crowded and so Coleen invited him to join her in her cabin where she had an excellent bottle of wine.

She wasn’t due on stage for almost three hours and so she thought that was plenty of time to fuck Jordan’s brains out and so she took him by the hand and led him to the slaughter. He was a bit uncomfortable at first as he thought fraternizing with another member of the staff might be against regulations. However, when she sat across from him in the cabin and her short skirt which allowed him to see right up to her thong his misgivings just faded away.

She sensed of course that he was thinking how nice it would be to explore up her nether regions but she remained calm and casual. After a little idle conversation, she topped up his glass and then disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes. When she returned she had put her long beautiful hair into two braids.

Jordan looked puzzled at her change of appearance, but when she sat on the arm of his chair with a shapely leg right next to his hand, her choice of hairstyle was the last thing on his mind. In fact, he was getting so sexually frustrated that he took and enormous chance and ran a finger up and down her bare leg. He held his breath thinking she might object to his behavior but she simply slipped down beside him on the chair and kissed him.

With his tongue encircling hers and his hand searching out her nice firm tits it turned into a full blown heavy breathing session. Before long they were on the bed naked and she had his dick halfway down her throat. As she pumped away with one hand clasped around it, she used the other to finger his balls. Jordan had his eyes closed and was making little-grunting noises. Every so often she would withdraw her lips for a few seconds and his body would vibrate like crazy desperate for her to continue.

When lightning bolts began to shoot through his whole body and he knew he was about to cum he yelled out to her and she withdrew letting it spurt into the air with a substantial amount landing on her face and tits. She wiped the residue off with her panties and looked down at him with a smile.

“How was that?” she asked, running her finger nail down his chest.

“That was amazing,” he said, and sitting up he laid her back and began to suck and lick her nipples. Coleen responded with oohs and aahs and gripped tightly onto her pillow.

Gradually he worked his way down to her shaved pussy and very gently opened up her pink folds. She gasped as his tongue darted this way and that, and then she sucked in a deep breath as he licked her slit from the bottom to the very top. He made the same move several times and then rapidly moved up and down the lips as he held them apart with his finger tips.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming,” she yelled and her body began to shake so violently her tits were slapping together

Jordon was about to slip his dick into her there and then but she pushed him aside climbed off the bed and bent over.

“Hold onto my braids and fuck me doggie style,” she cried.

Her beautifully shaped bum made a tempting target and he rammed his throbbing knob into her as far as it would go, then he took her braids and held on to them as if he was riding a quarter horse. His thighs were crashing against her ass and the sweat was beginning run down his chest as he felt the urge to increase the pace and blow his load.

Although her head was hurting as he pulled her hair a little too enthusiastically, she was screaming for him to fuck her hard, and fuck her hard he did. When his goo started to boil in his balls and he felt it moving up his dick his thrusts became more forceful, and she, feeling that he was about to cum, started to yell, “Oh fuck – h fuck – shoot it inside of me baby – cum inside of me.”

When he blew his load he tightened his grip on her hair even more and made several thrusts that almost knocked her off her feet. She was softly crying when it was all over and flopped onto the bed telling him how wonderful he was.

“You’re pretty wonderful yourself,” he said, and then startled her by calling her “Braidy.”

“You prick – you knew all along it was me didn’t you,”

“No – I didn’t know until I saw your ass.

“My ass?”

“Yes, I remember being on a school trip and you wore your bikini to go to the beach – you were a little chubby then but you still had a great ass.”

“And you’re full of shit,” she said, looking up at him as he bent over her.

“Well – maybe it was the braids,” he smiled, “Does it really matter?”

“Not as long as you are prepared to keep fucking me all the way to the Barbados.”

“And back?”

“Not sure – I might find someone else on the way back.”

“Don’t you dare,” he laughed, jumping on top of her, “If anyone else touches you I’ll make them walk the plank.”

“OK! captain” she said, catching her breath as he slipped his yardarm slowly into her pussy once more. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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