Butt-fucked By My Beau’s Buddy

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By Lauren McAllister

I was a happily married 38 year-old woman. Yes, I would occasionally have a zesty wanking session in front of the computer but for the most part, my life was as happy as it was dull. It was during one of my internetian self-love fests that I first became intrigued by anal sex. I had never utilized this alternate orifice for entertainment purposes. Not even in college! Over the next few weeks, that was all I was watching – sorry “The View!” The more I watched and wanked, the stronger my hankering to give it a whirl. Now, I’m one of those lucky girls who is married to a substantially endowed gentleman. I mean, Danny’s cock is really BIG and when it’s employed in the traditional manner, it makes me a very happy lady but there’s no way I wanted that monster stuffed up my little pucker-hole. No, I required something a good deal less visually impressive. But what? Who? I sure didn’t want to let some Craig’s List stranger go roaming about my colon. 
So I spent the large portion of my days masturbating and pondering. The more I wanked and though, the more it seemed like my husband’s best friend might be the just right dude to ram it up my rear. He was a safe choice hygienically, but admittedly tricky. Supposed he said no and told Danny??! But, Johnny was such a sweet boy. I mean a really nice dude. But would a real nice guy butt-fuck his best friend’s wife? That was the $64,000 question.
It was time to start wearing much smaller outfits around him!
And that is precisely what I did. I bent over forwards and I bent over backwards in front of the poor man. I pretended to not notice his stares and blushing as I waved my practically unadorned chest dumplings under his nose. 
A week later, Danny had to go out of town so I quickly pulled a couple of wires out of our water heater and called Johnny to come over and fix it. 
While John was stretched out on the basement floor wearing that tight t-shirt of his, I quite casually asked him what he thought of anal sex. He stopped playing around with the water heater.
“Anal sex?”
“Ever done it?”
“Wow, that’s quite a question. Yeah. I guess. A couple of times.”
I began to absentmindedly stroke my chest. “I saw a video the other day by accident,” I lied. “It just made me kind of curious, you know?”

It wasn't hard to see how flustered, poor, innocent John was becoming. "Have you talked to Danny about this?" he stammered.
See how nice he is? Most “men” would have immediately offered up their services while pulling down their pants but not my dear, sweet Johnny.
“Oh, I’ve thought about it but I just don’t think it would be his kind of thing.” I didn’t want to admit that Danny’s cock was way too big for my diminutive derriere and I required something a lot smaller. That’s not a reason men usually want to hear. 
His wicked wheel had finally started to spin.
“I need someone I trust implicitly. Someone I know really well who wouldn’t take advantage of the situation.”
Johnny’s wicked wheel was spinning so fast now; he could hardly stand up straight. I decided to relieve him of the embarrassment and guilt of offering up his services. 
“I don’t suppose you’d be interested in… you know.” I fake blushed and purposefully avoided looking into his eyes. I so desperately wanted to search his baby blues for a clue to his answer but the need to play “the shy girl” far outweighed my burning curiosity.
“Me?” I could sense him teetering. “I don’t know… Danny’s… ”
“Danny won’t ever know and you won’t be going where only he is allowed to go, if you get my drift.”
“Ah, sure. No. I wouldn’t… ”
Bingo! I had him. 
“Come with me,” I said softly, grabbing his hand. He must have been pretty nervous because his palm was as damp at I was other places. I led him upstairs and into the guest bedroom. By now, my own nerves were twanging like Roy Clark on the banjo. 
I turned around and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thank you so much for doing this.”
“So, like, what are the rules? I promise to follow ‘em, Doreen. I’ll be super respectful. Just tell me what to do.”
My heart melted. If it wasn’t for that stupid big cock of Danny’s, John would have been a mighty temptin’ fellow to set up house with.
“Well,” I smiled and unbuckled his belt,” You can do anything you want to me, as long as you don’t put this… “ I softly squeezed his penis through is jeans, “into my pussy. Are you good with that?”
Johnny nodded shyly. I grabbed the back of his head and drove my tongue into his mouth. The next thing I knew, we were tearing each other’s clothes off. My bra fell to the floor and his mouth was right there to greet my nipples. I tried to feel a little guilty but having a man other than Danny sucking on my tits was setting my chest on fire. 
Two pair of pants dropped to the ground and then so did I. His penis was only at half mast by the time it came to rest on top of my tongue. I proceeded to give him my deluxe blowjob and scrotum-cleaning, while waited to see how big it would become before it stopped growing. Phew! It was six or six-and-a-half inches at best. A nice, respectable size but not ass-splitting. I spent a few minutes licking and sucking on his balls, just to hear Johnny’s little sighs and moans. God what a cutie he was! When his pump was sufficiently primed, I grabbed the tube of KY that just happened to be lying on the side table and handed it to my naked little friend. 
“Make sure you lube everything up nice and good, okay?” With that, I kissed him again and flopped onto the bed face down with my ass cheeks spread. My pussy was having concupiscent conniptions as I waited to be mounted. But, surprise, surprise, Johnny stuck his face down there and began to lick my perineum. Gadzooks! What a fucking rush. I practically came on the spot. And then he lingually drifted up to my sphincter. The sensation was unbelievable. It felt like he’d just found and pushed the Heaven Button. After a thorough washing, he poked the tip of his tongue inside me. I reached back awkwardly and pulled his head as far up into my ass-crack as I could. Who was Danny, again?
I admit, I tensed a little when I heard that little splurt. Oh boy, my anal cherry was about to take a hit. YIKES! I practically flew into the headboard as Johnny spread that icy cold lube about my naughty hole. I tried to relax regardless because I knew what was coming (pardon the pun) and I didn’t want to distract him from his moon mission. John gently pressed the head of his wad against my aperture and I bore down and pushed out (I read that it aids penetration). There was a little pressure and then POP! His entire head jumped in. A sharp pain train chugged right up my spin and crashed into the base of my skull. Owieee!
I anticipated a little initial discomfort, but it felt like I was going birth to twins out of my rectum. Even so, I refrained from screaming in unsaintly agony because I knew it would throw Johnny of his anal game and I didn’t want him pulling out only to have to jam it back in me again.
Fortunately, the longing to die quickly subsided and the proceedings slowly transmogrified from merciless, barbaric intestinal torture to really good sex. I loved the way his hips crashed against my ass cheeks as he thrust his dick deep inside my chocolate cupboard. What a different feeling! I had my right hand between my legs, rubbing and squeezing my love lips and synchronizing it with pounding I was taking at in the rear. It was absolutely fucking delicious. Johnny’s pelvic pace began to quicken and I knew he was about to blow his wad into my tight virgin asshole. The mere thought of what was about to transpire violently shoved me over the top. My whole body went haywire. I had gigantic orgasmic waves shooting up from my anus and pussy and colliding in my uterus. My asshole was being absolutely savaged but I screamed out for more. Thundering, mind-blowing contractions had turned Johnny’s cock into a pulsating nuclear rod of pleasure. My nipples scraped against the sheets with each thrust and sent climactic spasms back down into my abdomen and up into my head. It felt like my entire face was cumming. 
And then it happened. With a final brutal, ass-shredding lunge, Johnny shot his entire nut-load into my anal cavity. The feel of his red hot sperm squirting up into my bunghole set off one last round of sensual cluster bombs inside me. 
I was absolutely, positively posteriorly spent. Johnny very gently removed his shrinking schlong from my ravaged rump and held me in his arms.  
From that day on, I was sold. I fell deeply, deeply in love with my ass. Johnny and I go at it whenever we can. A few weeks into our rectal romance, John admitted that he was kind of interested in what it would feel like to be on the receiving end. Hey, it was the least I could do. So now, he butt-fucks me and then I grab a strap-on and ride his boy-pussy ‘til he plants a little puddle of jism on my sheets. 
And I actually like being the one who is dishing it out for a change. Who knew?
As for Danny? Our marriage is rock solid and secure. Yep, that great big cock of his has got nothing to worry about.

Copyright Lauren McAllister 2022

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