Bouncing his Ball off Britt’s Bum

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Miles Jeffries was furious and bent on revenge when he knocked on the door of apartment 354. The handsome young kick boxer was prepared to do real damage to the man who had stolen the heart of Nicola, his long time girlfriend.

When the door opened he was at the ready and prepared to re-arrange the face of his rival but instead of seeing the man, whose photograph his ex had brazenly shown to him, he was confronted by a beautiful young woman.

“Is this where Brandon Starkie lives?” he stammered, dropping his raised fists to his side.

She sniffled as though she’d been crying, “No he moved out yesterday – he’s going to live with his new girlfriend,” she said, with tears beginning to flow down her cheek.

“Oh – I’m sorry,” he apologized, not knowing quite what to say.

“Are you a friend of his?” she asked, wiping her eyes on her sleeve.

“Not exactly, I’m the ex-boyfriend of the girl he plans to move in with.”

“Oh dear,” she gasped, “I’m sorry,” and then, as she was just about to close the door and retreat into her darkened room, she stopped and looked up at him with her sad eyes. “Would you like to come in for a coffee?”

“Sure – that would be nice,” he replied, thinking about the old saying, “Misery likes company.”

Once he was inside she went over and opened up the drapes. The sunshine streamed in and he was completely taken by surprise to see how beautiful she really was.

Nicola had a nice figure but this woman was an absolute knockout. He found it difficult to understand why her boyfriend would want to move out on her. It did occur to him that perhaps she had a rotten personality, a bad temper or something, but she appeared to be quite perfect, at least on the surface.

As they sat and drank their coffee she introduced herself as Britt, “It’s an easy name to remember,” she said, trying to force a smile. She then went on to pour her heart out to him, and he did a little bit of the same.

Apparently, Brandon had told her that she was a lousy lover and that Nicola was so much better.

“Do you think that’s true?” she asked, with a pathetic look on her lovely face.

“Well – that’s difficult for me to say,” he replied, slightly embarrassed, “I’ve never made love to you – have I?”

“Would you like to,” she sniffled, hardly daring to look him in the eyes.

“Of – course,” he mumbled, not wanting to sound too enthusiastic in case she thought him a letch.

“You tell me what do,” she said, “I’ll do whatever you want and you can tell me if I’m as good as that other woman.”

Miles had been a judge at a few kick boxing tournaments but being asked to judge someone’s sexual prowess – that was much scarier.

“Why don’t we just do what comes naturally,” he suggested, and he leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. She had very sexy lips, and it only took that little bit of physical contact to send sparks flying throughout his whole body.

He slipped his arms around her narrow waist and drew her tightly against him. The kisses got more intense and their tongues began to enjoy each other’s company. It was amazing! He was prepared to give her straight tens from the outset and he hadn’t even seen her naked body yet.

As he fumbled with the buttons on her top she slipped her hand down to his thigh to stroke his boner, which felt it was about to explode in his pants at any moment. Frustrated that this polite romantic disrobing was far too slow, they stood up and began to tear each other’s clothes off.

Seeing her completely nude was overwhelming. He quickly took her in his arms and continued kissing her as one hand fondled her tits and the wet end of his dick pressed against her leg. Wanting to please him she broke his grasp and slipped down to her knees. He waited with baited breath hoping that she was about to plunge it into her mouth but she surprised him.

Spitting on her finger ends she rubbed it on to his cock, very gently pulling back the skin and letting her tongue dance around the head. She continued her spit routine and using one hand to fondle his balls she worked her fingers up and down his shaft.

Miles was gasping for breath as he waited in eager anticipation for her to take the action up a notch. When she did take it into her mouth it was if she’d swallowed the whole thing. He was dying to cum but she insisted on doing it slowly, tantalizingly slow.

With one hand fingering his nutsack and the other wrapped around the base of his dick, she began to increase the speed and it wasn’t long before he was shouting out, “I’M CUMMING!” Britt continued to let him shoot his goo into her mouth and when she took it out she rubbed the residue all over her nipples.

When she rose from her knees she took him by the hand, “let’s go into the bedroom,” she whispered.

The Queen-sized bed looked inviting and after she’d rubbed some aromatic oil into her vajayjay she lay on the bed awaiting his bidding. Miles took her by the ankles and pulled her towards the foot of the bed. He then leaned over and began to suck her beautifully erect nipples that tasted a bit salty from the cum that she’d smeared on them. Normally he would have thought that to be a bit gross but he was completely captivated by the lovely Britt and he would have licked her ass if that’s what she’d have wanted.

Gradually he kissed, sucked and stroked his way down her whole body. As she moaned with pleasure he slipped to his knees and put his face between her thighs. She jumped as his fingers probed her pink petals and separated the lips of her flower.

Very gently he flicked his tongue up and down her wet crack.

“Oh my god,” she cried out, “Oh my god!”

Her whole body began to vibrate and she flung her arms backward as if in complete surrender. When she came it was an earth shattering moment. She bounced up and down so violently he couldn`t continue sucking her cunt and even when he moved a way she continued to writhe around like someone possessed.

Looking down at her, with her tits swinging from side to side and a pained expression on her face, his cock was getting harder by the second. Reaching forward he put his hands on her waist and turned her over so that her gorgeous ass was raised up in line with it. Sliding his arms around her he grabbed onto her tits and rammed it into her well-oiled crack with one mighty thrust.

She called out “Fuck” as his balls crashed against her bum. It felt so hot and wet inside he could have stayed in there all night but he was also anxious to cum again. Miles brought back his hands so that he could grip onto her hip bones and then he began to pound her pussy. Britt blew little puffs of breath each time he plunged it into her. He responded with little grunts and groans.

The pace was getting fast and furious and he was beginning to get a burning sensation as his love lava started to flow.

“Holy fuck,” he cried, as it shot into her cavity in an endless stream.

He kept driving it in and out for some time until every last drop was inside her. Just as they relaxed and he was about to flop onto the bed beside her the door bell rang. They ignored it at first and then there was loud banging on the door and a voice shouting, “Open up – I still have some of my stuff in there.”

It’s Brandon,” she said, getting up to slip on a robe.

“Why don’t I get it,” he suggested.

Clenching his fists he walked into the living room and opened the door.

When Starkie saw a naked man standing there he just went crazy.

“Who the hell are you?” he yelled.

He was lying on the floor nursing a badly battered face when he got the answer.

“I’m Britt’s new boyfriend,” Miles replied, “And believe or not – you’ve done me a great favor.”

With this, he smiled, closed the door, and headed back to the bedroom. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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