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By Cristian Caffieri

Metbury Hall is situated in the tranquil English countryside around 20 miles from Oxford. A couple of years ago it was purchased by four women, who were working on a major historical work, as a place to sequester themselves. All the women have PhDs, they are all single and between the ages of 32 and 43.

Jane Morton is the eldest, followed by Wendy Keeling, Sarah Nettleton and the fledgling of the pack Saskia Bennington-Rowe. The women have taken a pledge not to allow any men on the premises and so together with Megan, a young giddy maid and Millie the aging cook, they have turned the place into a sort of convent.

Everything went quite well for the first year and a great deal was accomplished but when Jane’s widowed father was given notice to leave the flat he occupied it caused her quite a bit of stress. The local council had promised to find him alternative accommodation but it could take a couple of months. As the only child she felt obligated to travel to Northern England and book them both into a residential hotel until something was arranged.

The other three women were quite concerned because they were at a very important juncture in their work. On discovering that he was 75 the three women felt he was unlikely to present any danger to their celibate way of life and suggested that he could move into the guestroom for a couple of months. Jane wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as the other three but at length she agreed to the idea and arrangements were made for him to travel down by train the following day.

Jane met him at the station and spent the time it took to travel to the house to explain the rules and how he must behave. When they eventually stepped out of the cab, the three other women who met them at the door to extend their welcome were shocked. They had expected to see some shriveled up old man but Robert, who insisted they call him Bob, was none of that. He was tall, good-looking and had a spring in his step.

For the first couple of days Bob settled in very nicely. He was well mannered, charming and willing to do those little fix-it jobs that had been neglected for some time. Saskia Bennington-Rowe was particularly impressed with him and when, one sunny morning she saw him working in the garden with his shirt off she had to go and change her panties. Bob, who worked out regularly had the body of a thirty year old man and she, who had not had sex for almost two years, began to wonder if his dick was in as good a shape.

Having the room next to his with an adjoining door presented her a unique opportunity, through a very tiny crack in the ancient woodwork , when the light was on, she could see the foot of his bed. For several nights she peeped through that crack to see if she could see him naked but without success. On the fourth night however, not only was he naked but he sat on the end of his bed jerking himself off.

Saskia’s body suddenly broke into a sweat and she began to shake with excitement. As it seemd as if he was having some difficulty cumming she thought it the only humanitarian thing to do was to give him a hand. As the key was in her side of the door she unlocked it quietly and then stepped in front of him in her short nightie and asked if she could help.Bob almost fell off the bed.

“What about the rules?” he asked, casting his mind back to the long list he’d been issued by his daughter.

“Fuck the rules,” she said, and falling to her knees, she took his big hard dick into her mouth, slipped her slender fingers around his balls and sucked. Bob tried his best not to groan too loud but as he was coming in her mouth he let out a “aagh!”

As soon as she’d licked the end of his knob clean he grabbed her, flung her on the bed, stuck his head underneath her nighty, opened up her warm thighs and zeroed in on her hairy muff. Parting the lips with his fingers he lapped his tongue up and down her crack until she started to shake and dig her finger nails into his shoulders.

“I’m cumming,” she yelled, “I’m cumming.”

Moving his tongue onto her clit he flicked at the speed of a humming birds wing and when she came she screamed. Wendy who was in the room across the hall heard her and rushed into Saskia’s room to see what was wrong. Of course the room was empty and as she moved to the connecting door what did she see but Bob’s bare ass going up and down pounding the fuck out of her.

The two were too engaged to see her and so she sat on her chair a few feet away and watched. When Bob shot his load, Saskia screamed again Sarah responded this time and when she poked into the room she gasped.

“What’s going on Wendy?”

“They’re fucking of course – it was fucking beautiful to watch.”

As Saskia and Bob became aware they had company, they’d tried to cover up and make excuses.

“No need to worry,” said Wendy, “I won’t say anything but I want in on it.”
“What are you saying?” snapped Sarah, “we all promised to remain celibate until our project was finished.”

“It was his daughter who came up with that idea, and I just went along with it because I didn’t think the opportunity would arise – but now we have Bob.”
Sarah said she wanted no part of it but then when Bob moved to the end of the bed and she could see his enormous dick standing upright and ready for action she changed her mind. A few minutes later there was a full blown orgy going on. Four naked bodies were slithering over each other like a bunch of horny snakes.
Each woman brought something new to the session, Wendy let him fuck her mouth and she swallowed his load, Sarah wanted fucking from behind as Saskia lay underneath sucking on her swinging tits. It was two o’clock in the morning when Bob said that he needed a rest and the three women, looking a little disappointed, returned to their rooms.

Jane never heard a thing as she always slept like a log and the work the women were doing certainly didn’t suffer, in fact, they were all bright eyed and bushy tailed. While they were busy delving into documents relating to the Norman conquest, Megan was busy making up the beds. Bob wasn’t in his room when she went in and so she tidied up the room and decided to put his suitcase on the top of the armoire.

She was standing on a chair sliding the case on top when Bob walked in. He couldn’t help notice what shapely legs she had, to say nothing of her tight little bum. Not wanting to scare her as she might fall off the chair he coughed and then said,

“Hang on – I’ll help you down.”

Moving up behind her he slipped his arms around her waist and gently lifted her up, sliding his hands up to her tits as her feet touched the floor. She just stood there not making any attempt to break free and he made to attempt to remove his hands.

“That feels really good,” she whisped as he gently squeezed them in his hands.
“It would fee nicer if I could feel under your bra,” he said.

She rolled up her top and her lacey bra and now his hands were making contact with her bare tits and he was rubbing her nipples with his palms.

“You fucked those three women last night didn’t you,” she murmured, still enjoying his strong hands kneading her soft warm fun bags, “I have the room above yours and I could hear everything.”

“Did you wish you were here.”

“No I’m not into orgies, I just like it one on one,” she said, pressing his hands harder against her tits, “would you like me to show you how good I’m at sucking cock?” she asked.

“I think I’d like that.”

“Well as I don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to get into trouble with the women why don’t we sixty nine and I can see how good you are at eating pussy.”
With the door locked they both stripped off and lay on the bed naked, him with his head between her slim thighs and she just pulling back the foreskin and licking his head clean before plunging it halfway down her throat. As she massaged his balls and slid up and down his hard cock he chewed on the lips of her cunt and licked up and down it like a big happy dog.

Megan was a great sucker, he tongue swirled around the end as she went up and down and soon he could feel his balls getting tingly as the sperm was on the boil and ready to shoot into her sweet young mouth. He found it hard to keep up the licking as his load continue to coat her tonsils but suddenly she began to shake her ass backward and forward and ,still with his dick jammed between her lips, she had a massive orgasm.

As Bob sat with the group for lunch that day, the three fuckees kept exchanges glances, and his daughter noticed it, she also noticed that the maid served him the best slice of beef. She knew her father’s reputation and that’s why she’d lectured him in the taxi, however, her colleagues seemed contended and more productive, and the maid had a much better attitude. Consequently she decided not to interfere. Even when she walked into the kitchen one day and found the cook on the pine-topped table with her legs akimbo and her father licking gravy from her wrinkled up old snatch, she simply ignored it.

Things were going so well with the project when the local council up North found Bob another flat they decided to let him stay on there for a year or two, “He’s quite good with his hands,” said, Saskia, as the other three giggled, and the maid, who was looking quite flushed, rubbed her plump tummy and smiled. THE END

Copyright 2010 Cristiano Caffieri

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