Bling, Bang, Bling

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Nora Fergusson had just landed a big promotion that did not only provide her with a fancy office, a secretary and a sizable increase in salary but a lot of prestige. She reveled in it.

The downside was temporary but none the less worrying – she had to improve her wardrobe. All the people on the top floor were dressed to kill and she felt that if she wanted to go even higher up the ladder she needed to compete.

By the time it came around to, what was termed the Company Gala, her credit card was maxed out. This event was basically a big extravagant party to woo and impress their clients and no expense was spared.

All the executives, of which she was now one, dressed for success and the women members of the staff flaunted their bling unashamedly. Apart from a gold watch and some freshwater pearls, she didn’t have any – but she did have an ex-boyfriend who was a jeweler.

Carl had a small store where he sold both new and used jewelry and she often admired some of the pieces in the window as she passed. She didn’t venture into the store since their break-up as she knew he’d pester her to get back together, however desperate situations often call desperate measures and so she gathered her courage and went in.

“I’ve got a favor to ask,” she smiled, as sweetly as possible.

“You want to get back together again?”

“Not exactly.”

“That’s a pity – I’ve really missed you, Nora,” he said with a pathetic puppy dog look on his face, “But I suppose you have a new boyfriend by now.”

“Not really – I’ve actually been too busy climbing the corporate ladder. I’ve been made a vice president – what do you think of that?”

“Very nice – so you popped in to give your old boyfriend some business,” he mused, rubbing his hands together.

“Sort of but I don’t want to buy anything.”

“That’s not the kind of business I’m looking for,” he grimaced, “You see I earn my living selling things – no sell – no eat.”

“Well, I would be prepared to pay a rental fee.”

Carl looked confused, “A rental fee?”

“Well you see I have this important function to go to and I need some really nice expensive bling to wear but I’m not in the position to buy at this time.”

He rubbed his hands together once more and smiled, “I think we could come to an arrangement where you could borrow some of my pieces whenever you wanted.”

“What kind of arrangement,” she asked suspiciously.

“Sleep with me once a week and you can come and borrow any of these beautiful pieces – a different piece each day if you like. It will impress the hell out of your colleagues.”

Nora certainly wasn’t going to prostitute herself but as she’d already slept with Carl during their 12 month relationship so it didn’t quite seem like that. And – he was right – a little display of jewelry would probably have a positive effect on her career.

She thought it over carefully, letting him see that it was not an easy decision but then after a little sighing and blowing she agreed.

“When do you want to start displaying your bling,” he asked with a self-satisfied look on his face.

“Tomorrow actually – that’s the big day.”

“So I suppose after I close the shop we could go straight to my apartment,” he smiled, “We could have supper together.”

“Wow,” she said, “You must be desperate for sex.”

“I’ve not had a relationship since we split six months ago.”

“Neither have I.”

“WOW it’s going to be like a honeymoon,” he laughed, but Nora wasn’t laughing. She was having second thoughts as she remembered some of the kinky stuff he liked to do. That was one of the reasons why she dumped him.

Her misgivings started to melt away when he produced a tray of new diamond dress rings that had just come in. “You can take your pick for tomorrow morning and I have matching bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.”

Nora was blinded by those sparkling stones and was now ready to sacrifice her pussy for the pleasure of wearing them but she did stipulate no handcuffs, ropes or medieval sex toys. He shrugged – but then agreed.

Carl was an excellent cook and they had a most enjoyable meal. As they sipped on their coffee he told her how lost he’d been without her and how he longed to have her back in his life but she quickly reminded him that this was purely a business deal.

When she got up to take the cups into the kitchen he followed her and put his arms around her as she leaned over the counter. She turned and their lips met and it wasn’t long before his hands were moving all over her body. Not having had sex for six months both of them were soon carried away and almost went into a frenzy stripping off each other’s clothes – trying to kiss and grope at the same time.

Heading for the bedroom Nora threw herself onto the bed and he landed on the top of her. She could feel his hard dick rubbing against her leg as he continued to kiss her.

“I’ve missed you so much baby,” he said, as he held her face between his hands and slowly slipped his tongue into her mouth once more.

She knew what he wanted more than anything and so she broke his grasp and slid down the bed to kiss the end of his throbbing cock. His body reacted as though he’d been shot and he took a big gulp of air as she plunged it into her mouth and started to suck.

“Holy shit,” he cried as she started to go up and down on it fingering his balls at the same time. His dick seemed to go so deep into her throat it was just like he was fucking her. It wasn’t long before he felt an intensity build up in his balls and his cum began to move up and then shoot into her mouth.

He lay back exhausted for the moment as Nora took a big swallow and then just laid down beside him. Carl rolled over on his side and started to lick, suck and fondle her beautiful tits. Business now seemed the last thing on her mind as she groaned and moaned and arched her back. She was now longing for him to play with her pussy.

When he did go down between her legs and began to gently lick up and down her wet crack she just about flipped. She’d forgotten just how good he was with that long smooth tongue of his and when he brought a finger into play at the same time she started to shake. Soon that was accompanied by cries of “Oh fuck,” then she screamed “I cumming – I’m cumming,” and pushed him away as though she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Carl’s dick was erect and ready for action and he knelt between her legs, lifted up her ass and drove it in. She gasped as it penetrated her love tunnel and sent a warm glow throughout her body. He started slowly, but when he felt her squeezing his forearms he knew what she wanted – hard and fast!

With his balls banging against her ass he pounded her pussy and pounded it hard. He was desperate to fill her cunt with his goo and she seemed as if she couldn’t wait for those frenzied last short strokes either. When he came he shouted at the top of his voice and she whimpered and hung on to him tight.

The next morning, with her Delacroix Dress and thousands of dollars worth of bling she made a big impression at the Gala. During the next three months she gave Carl what he wanted in exchange for the continued use of his Diamonds, Emeralds and Pearls and she had to admit that she was really enjoying the sex.

Unfortunately the company for whom she, worked was downsizing and she was called into the President’s office where he explained that he had to let someone go from her department. As a humanitarian gesture he explained he was giving her job to one of the girls who would be the most adversely effected by the loss of income.

“I know from your appearance,” he said, “You’re not hurting financially – even my wife can’t afford the kind of jewelry you’re wearing.” THE END

Copyright 2014-1016 Cristiano Caffieri

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