Beaver Las Vegas

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Leo and I had worked together for some time and I’d been over to his house to have dinner many times. As I was single and fancy-free, he and his wife would frequently tease me.

“When are you going to get hitched?” Leo would laugh, “You can’t be happy all of your life.”

Giselle would smack him with whatever was at hand and then break into a long diatribe about how devoted they were to each other, even after ten years of marriage. It would end up with her sitting on his knee and raining kisses all over his face. It got to be a bit sickening at times.

In spite of the ragging and the occasional attempts to set me up with one of their friends, I really enjoyed their company, to say nothing of Giselle’s cooking. For that reason, I was determined to give them a very special gift for their 10th anniversary that was coming up. I wasn’t short of money and so I sprung for a week-end package in Vegas with all the trimmings.

It included a two room suite with a love tub, flowers, champagne and a bunch of coupons for the casino. They were thrilled when I told them and I became the recipient of hugs, kisses and the repeated phrase,

“You shouldn’t have.”

Unfortunately, fate stepped in and a few days before they were about to leave my buddy fell down some steps and fractured his leg in three places. Everyone was devastated.

If I had taken out travel insurance I’d have been OK but I’d paid up front, and being so close to the date of departure, the travel company wouldn’t give me a refund. However, with my best friend about to have a series of surgical procedures, it was the least of my worries.

When I went over to see him in hospital he was all trussed up like a Christmas Turkey but he managed to grab hold of my hand and make an amazing request,

“Would you mind going to Vegas with Giselle, I don’t want her to travel alone and she’s really set her mind on going – I hate to disappoint her.”

“I don’t think that would be appropriate Leo – do you?”

“It’s a double room, so what’s the big deal, I trust you – and of course Giselle is as loyal as the day is long – so what’s the problem?”

In the end, I capitulated and the next day we were on the plane heading to Vegas. She had arranged for her parents to look after Leo and so I presume she was feeling no guilt. Unfortunately, I was – because, in spite of my attempts to fight it, I was sexually attracted to her – always had been.

To make things more frustrating she was wearing a plunging neckline and every time she leaned over my seat for some reason or other, I could see her tits just swaying from side to side. It was giving me an erection and I was trying my best to cover it up with a magazine, but even the girl who served the coffee noticed it and gave me a little smile.

Giselle certainly wasn’t coming onto me in any way and the faith her husband had in her seem to be well founded. However, when we booked into our suite she started to change.

My curvaceous companion took an instant like to the love tub that was installed in the living area. As soon as she’d inspected the bedroom, where she’d be sleeping, she came out and started to strip down. I sat on the bed unable to believe that my best friend’s wife was standing there completely naked and inviting me to join her for a frolic in the tub.

I knew I had to get out of that room and so I told her I wanted to go down stairs to see what the casino had to offer. She looked bitterly disappointed when I slipped out of the door giving her a little wave as I went.

It was two o’clock in the morning when I got back and just as I’d hoped she was fast asleep. I pulled down the sofa bed and climbed under the covers, relieved that I’d avoided trouble that evening but trying to figure out what I was going to do the next day. I didn’t have to wait that long!

I’d probably only been in bed an hour when I felt something moving up my leg. Thinking it was a fucking rat or something I sat up flaying my arms and legs around in panic. When my eyes got accustomed to the semi-darkness I realized Giselle was sitting there. I switched on the bedside lamp and was shocked to see that once again she was completely naked.

“I couldn’t sleep Ivan,” she said, looking a little ashamed, “I’m as horny as hell and you don’t seem to want me.”

“You’re Leo’s wife,” I replied, “and he’s my best friend.”

“He wanted me to have a good time Ivan and I’m not having one because of you,” she pouted, then she broke into tears and I had no option but to take her in my arms to comfort her. That turned out to be a big mistake. Feeling her tits crushed against my bare chest ignited my desire and the next thing I knew we were tongue wrestling and groping each other all over.

My dick was standing up like the duty stallion and on feeling it pressing against her leg she shoved me back onto the bed, forced open my legs, and kneeling between them she first grabbed my balls and then opened her mouth wide and plunged my throbbing cock deep inside of it.

She squeezed my nuts quite hard as she slipped up and down my shaft, I was in a state of agony and ecstasy. I attempted to fondle her tits while she was sucking me but she was moving her body around so much they kept escaping my grasp. When I felt myself cumming, I started to groan and she quickened the pace a little. My nerve endings seem to be on fire as my goo shot into her mouth. It felt so good I started to move my ass in and out so that I got rid of the entire load.

I was huffing and puffing like someone who had just run the marathon but I still had the strength to grab her under her arms and drag her forward so that her tits hung over me like ripe fruit. As I took one nipple between my lips and teased the other with my fingers I had mental flashes of poor Leo lying there in a hospital bed. However, at that moment in time, I didn’t care a fuck and I took hold of her and eased her further up so that her cunt was sitting on my face.

When I crushed my mouth against her wet crack and began to maneuver my tongue up the lips to her clit, she just went crazy. It almost seemed the sensation it was creating was too much for her, she tried to re-position her body but I dug my fingers into the cheeks of her bum and held her there.

Her orgasm was violent and sustained and she jumped up and down on my face as if she was riding a horse at a slow gallop. She moaned and groaned and told me I was fucking amazing and then she moved her ass down my belly and slid her tight pussy onto my dick. Entwining her fingers in mine she once again gave her impression of a naked equestrian, with tits swaying from side to side in a steady rhythm.

“Do you want me to go faster,” she asked, with a sinister smile on her face, “DO YOU !?”

With this she started to go up and down at a furious pace and as she crashed down on my crotch I could feel my cum stirring in my balls once again. When I shot, what felt like, an enormous load, she nearly screamed the house down.

We slept in each other’s arms, fucked again before breakfast, in the love tub after lunch, on her bed in the afternoon, and we continued to fornicate the rest of the week-end. When we arrived back in Cleveland, we armed ourselves with grapes and flowers and went straight to the hospital to see Leo.

When Giselle asked him how he was feeling he shook his head mournfully,

“You can’t imagine what it’s like to spend all day in bed and have someone sticking things in your ass every couple of hours.”

She glanced over at me with a sly grin on her face, “I think I can Leo,” she said, “I think I can.” THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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