Back Seat Bunk-up

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by Cristiano Caffieri

When Johnnie was given the assignment of ensuring the safety of American film maker Danny Dawes during his visit to Brussels he was not terribly happy. He considered those kinds of jobs as “Baby Sitting.” However. there was a bright side, Max Thibodeaux, the head honcho at Agence Vingt-deux Vingt-deux, had chosen Isabelle Fortier to assist him. She was an agent from the French possession of Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean, with whom he’d worked before. Isabelle was tall, slender, black and very beautiful and he figured it would make his “Baby-Sitting Job,” a lot more pleasant.

After a briefing at HQ on the Avenue de Vosges in Strasbourg, they flew on different planes to Brussels. Johnnie was accommodated in a small discrete apartment on Rue France Gaillard, in the St. Giles area, while Isabelle was assigned a room in a small hotel about a mile away. However, when he opened the door to his apartment there was Isabelle working away in the galley-sized kitchen.

“I didn’t think you’d want to sleep alone,” she smiled, as she tossed a Caesar salad in a bowl.

He was pleased to see her but warned her that the Agency would track her to this location and that they frowned on agents sharing a bed together.

“I shall just tell them that my room at that flea pit of a hotel was not at all suitable,” she laughed, continuing to prepare supper.

Unlike James Bond, who seems to luxuriate in the best hotels, members of the European 22-22 covert agency usually occupy hidden away little places so that they can come and go unnoticed. And instead of the expensive suits that make Bond so dashing, they tend to dress down to blend in with the general population.

After a great meal and bottle of extremely good wine, Isabelle suggested a game of strip poker. There was a twinkle in her eye as she said it because she had soundly beaten him at the game before. However, he did have one thing going for him, Isabelle was only wearing a short skirt and top, shoes and possibly some underwear. He, on the other hand, had shirt tie, pants, socks, shoes etc. It seemed as though she was prepared to give him a handicap.

After only twenty minutes of play, Johnnie was down to one sock and Isabelle had only removed her top and bra. She had taken them off early on in the game as if it was her strategy to take his mind off the game by displaying her beautiful tits.

During the last hand, it became quite clear that she was out for victory as she began to caress her tits with her free hand and massage the nipples. Johnnie went completely to pieces, threw down the cards got up and grabbed Isabelle and kissed her passionately.

Their tongues weaved together for a while before his hands strayed towards those gorgeous tits but she was not about to be an easy lay. She quickly maneuvered him into an arm lock and marched him over to the big puffy sofa were she forcefully bent him over the arm. With her free hand, she unbuttoned her skirt letting it slip to the floor. This revealed that she not only had no panties on but that she didn’t shave her flower.

“OK.” she laughed, “Let’s see how you like it doggie style.”

She began to rub her flower against his bare ass and Johnnie started to laugh. He let it go on for a while but as his dick was sticking into the side of the sofa and causing him some discomfort he decided to turn the tables on her. With a couple of quick moves, he broke free and Isabelle found herself leaning over the arm with a big dick slipped deep into her moist groove.

“That was a good move,” she gasped, but as he was moving his hands forward to hold on to her tits she grabbed on to the opposite arm of the sofa and dragged herself away from him, leaving him there with his big throbbing dick and a look of surprise on his face.

She looked back at him with a smile on her beautiful face, “Lie down and relax,” she said “And let me fuck your brains out,”

Johnnie didn’t need a second invitation he leaped on to the sofa and lay there awaiting his fate. Isabelle wasted no time in climbing over him and lowering herself slowly on to his rigid dick, gasping as it slid into her up to his balls.

Johnnie found himself looking up at this gorgeous woman as she started to gyrate her ass and grinding his cock. Her tits swayed gently from side to side as she moved like some exotic dancer.

Looking at his pained face she knew he was anxious to cum and so she held on to his shoulders and began to move up and down at an increased pace. He responded with groans and moans as she took it faster and faster. The tension building up inside his body was almost unbearable and he felt he was about to explode, then yelling “FUCK” at the top of his lungs – he shot his load.

Isabelle hadn’t quite finished with him but the session came to an abrupt end when his OpsPhone rang. With his dick still dripping he got up and located it. It was Georg Soschen at operations instructing him to go to the Hilton Hotel right away as the man they were supposed to protect had arrived early with an unexpected bodyguard, someone that Johnnie knew “intimately.”

Danny was primarily an environmental documentary maker. He was in Brussels to address the European Council on questions of global warming. The film maker was at odds with the US Government, multinational corporations, and the South American terrorist group The People’s Revolutionary Army, a group that destroyed vast swaths of land with their illegal gold mining activities.

With so many people who would like to see him dead the European Authorities felt it was essential to keep an eye on him during his stay as an assassination in their bailiwick would be embarrassing. Now that he’d turned up with a body guard in the person of Sonia Berle, alias Millicent Baker and Kathy Stowe, their worries became magnified.

The ravishing Sonia, who had once worked for the Agence Vignt-deux Vignt-deux, had been dismissed about three years earlier for creating unnecessary collateral damage on at least two missions. Since that time she is thought to have worked for other spy agencies including the CIA, Mossad and the Federal Security Service in Russia. Two years earlier it is believed she was responsible for the death of Anna Dominczyk, a 22-22 agent and a personal friend of Johnnie.

Sonia had started her own security agency using her model like figure and her sophistication to fuck her way across Europe. There was no doubt that her only interest in Danny Dawes would be to eliminate him on behalf of one of her clients. The poor guy would probably be sucked and fucked before his demise but that was little compensation for a bullet in the head or polonium in your morning coffee.

Johnnie and Isabelle did manage to gain entry to the hotel suite booked on behalf of Danny, a suite that would presumably be also occupied by his so called bodyguard Sonia. She was not foolish enough to leave any trace of her involvement in the killing and so it was thought she would probably be setting him up for someone else to do the dirty deed and she’d come out of it still smelling like roses.

They bugged the room and then went over to the Justice Lipsius Building where he would be giving his address the following afternoon. The two of them gave the place a good going over looking for possible corners an assassin could hide or plant a bomb. There were far too many – it was a nightmare situation.

When they got back to the hotel as it was beginning to get dark and parked outside waiting for Dawes to arrive. He didn’t up for over two hours, which caused some concern and they contacted a local agent Joanna D’Haen to check out the airport for them but she could find no trace.

Eventually, he and Sonia arrived, he looked pissed as he stepped out of a limousine and was quite unsteady on his feet. Isabelle, who was unknown to Sonia, quickly got out of the car and made for the lobby hoping to drop a bug into his pocket. However, something better happened. As he struggled through the door he knocked his hat off and Isabelle picked it up, fumbled it a little and handed it to him with a bug planted in the lining. Dawes thanked her as Sonia helped him towards reception and Isabelle returned to the car.

“I think we will have to stay here all night,” said Johnnie, “We’ve got to tail that pair wherever they go.”

“So my night of unbridled sex is not going to happen.”

“I don’t see why not, I did rent the largest car they had.”

They turned on the monitor to listen to Danny and Sonia, dropped back the front seats and Johnnie kissed her tenderly on the lips and slipped his hand up her skirt. When his finger found its way around her briefs her body stiffened.

“You still know what turns me on don’t you,” she murmured, as his fingers danced lightly around the petals of her flower.

Isabelle was not wearing a bra so he simple slipped up her top and began to suck on her nipples. Her hand eventually found her way down to his dick, undid his zipper and began to fondle it. By now they were both lying face to face on the reclining seats, and as they groped each other’s genitalia the monitor became louder as Danny and Sonia began a heavy session in their hotel room.

He had fucked Sonia a couple of times when she worked for the agency and so his imagination began to run wild and the noises seen to turn Isabelle on quite a bit. Before long he was on top and with his dick rammed deep inside of her. She had her hands up the back of his shirt digging in her nails as he rode up and down like a bronco buster.

Johnnie, Isabelle, Danny, and Sonia all seemed to cum at the same time and there was lots of screams, moans and strong language. When it had died down Isabelle remarked that it had been an unusual experience.

“It was like a foursome with each couple in a different room,” she commented, fondling Johnnie’s balls as she did so.

Before the words were out of her mouth Danny and Sonia started up all over again.

“I think she’s going to fuck him to death,” said Johnnie, “We’ll probably just find a pale skinny body in his bed tomorrow morning.”

The two agents took turns to nap during the night and absolutely nothing happened except Sonia seemed to be sucking Danny’s dick at around midnight. It brought back a few memories for him.

They had a coffee and a croissant in the car the next morning and waited for the two love birds to wake up and show themselves. They heard them order brunch in bed and yet another bout of sex with Sonia begging for him to stick it up her ass and Danny saying that he wished he had his camera.

At a quarter after one, they emerged from the hotel and were picked up by an official limo to take them for his meeting with the European Council. Johnnie was quite sure that he was not going to be allowed to give that speech but he had no idea about how his enemies were going to arrange to have him silenced.

The bug in the hat was working well and, in spite of some traffic noise, they could hear their conversation quite clearly. Danny was talking about how he was going to wow the council with his talk and Sonia was buttering him up to a nauseating degree.

When, at length, she said she had a headache and would like to stop at a drugstore Johnnie got a little suspicious. They pulled up behind the Limo and Sonia lingered a little before making her exit. She glanced furtively at the other of the street before entering the drug store and Johnnie followed her eye line.

There he saw a black car with the rear window down, preparing to pull away from the kerbside. Fortunately, Isabelle was driving and he was able to leap out of the car and bang on the side window of the limo causing Danny to lean over toward the sidewalk just as shots were fired sending glass flying all over the place.

Both the driver and Danny received a few cuts but they were superficial. Sonia re-appeared looking shocked at seeing her target still alive and even more so when she saw Johnnie. There was little he could do about her as there was no proof that she was involved. However, he did manage to persuade Danny to let the professionals take care of him for the rest of the trip and she just melted into the city.

When the case was closed and Danny was on a plane back to the States Johnnie decided that he and Isabelle needed a little luxury and so they booked a suite at the Hilton. As he poured two glasses of Champagne to celebrity their victory over evil, Isabelle appeared from the bathroom wearing nothing but a smile.

“Let’s just make love gently this time,” she said, “No judo or backseat stuff.”

She lounged seductively on the bed as Johnnie hurriedly took off his clothes, and although he was tempted to jump right on top of her he took it nice and easy. He first kissed her body from her ankles up to her pussy, lingered a little before proceeding to her tits and then he slipped his dick into her moist groove and began to slowly slide in and out.

As the pace got quicker and her tits started to jiggle Johnnie’s whole body tensed up and he could feel his load moving up and ready to shoot deep inside of her. When it happened he let out a gasp and began to breathe heavily, and so did she. They lay there for some time before Isabelle spoke up.

“You don’t think anyone might have bugged this room do you?” she asked.

“I did,” he laughed, “I just wanted to preserve an audio record of this tender moment.

Isabelle grabbed hold of his balls and squeezed them hard, “Maybe we can catch the sound of your screams on it,” she said, with a roguish grin. THE END

Copyright 2013 Cristiano Caffieri

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