As Tight as a Mouse’s Ear

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Jacques Binoche lived on the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence River that runs between Canada and the United States. It was the area dotted with a thousand islands, some just big enough to support a cottage and some large enough for a country estate.

His passion was boating and almost every weekend he’d be out of the river, navigating his craft through the myriad of islands wishing he had the money to buy one himself. One, in particular, fascinated him. Owned by a rich banker, it housed a mansion fit for a king and sometimes when he passed, two rather sweet princesses would wave to him from the gardens.

He didn’t realize at the time that the eighteen year old twins had virtually no contact with males of the species. They lived in a house that only hired women servants and outdoor staff, and they had been educated by a series of middle-aged governesses.

Jacques would loved to have stopped by and talked to them but the bold signs along the shoreline made it clear that visitors were not welcome. However, accidents do happen and one day his outboard motor just petered out a hundred or so from the North shore of the island.

He paddled over to a rocky promontory and tied up his launch so that he could examine the motor. In the shadow of a big sign that said, “Trespassers May be Met with Armed Response,” he desperately tried to fix it. As he fiddled with the gas lines he heard a voice behind him.

“Have you got a problem?”

He whirled around to see a pair of bikini-clad identical twins standing there smiling and looking rather pleased with themselves.

“You’re rather fortunate,” said, the one named Emma, “Father is away on business, mommy is drunk as a skunk and we locked Freda, the security guard, in the guard room.”

“If we hadn’t,” said Gemma, dangling a set of keys, “You’d be dead by now, the island is monitored you know.” She pointed to a camera mounted on a nearby post.

“So you owe us,” piped up Emma.

“Owe you?”

“Absolutely,” they chorused.

“We want you to tell us all about sex, we’re both 18 and we know absolutely nothing – it’s disgraceful,” said Gemma.

During the ensuing conversation it seemed that the father had kept them totally isolated from boys, their TV and internet were controlled and no one was allowed to mention anything about human reproduction or the bodily parts used to facilitated it. His plan was to marry off his daughters into some equally rich families, possibly European royalty, and being virgins would add to their desirability.

After he was given assurances that Freda , described as the Annie Oakley of security guards, could not break out of the guardroom he agreed to accompany them to a summer house set in the gardens. It turned out to be quite luxurious and furnished with large comfortable looking sofas where they all sat down.

In spite of lots of seating been available the twins decided to squeeze each side of him.

“Now,” Emma, inquired, “have you ever stuck your thing into a girl?”

Jacques was a little embarrassed by the question but he admitted he had on several occasions.

“Could you show us your thing? The only one we’ve ever seen was on a picture of Michael Angelo’s David.”

“I don’t think that would be appropriate,” he replied, thinking that he ought to get back to his boat and beat a hasty retreat.

The next thing he knew the two shapely girls were struggling to unbutton his pants and pull them off.

“Oh my God,” cried out Gemma, “It’s much bigger than David’s.”

Of course he’d developed a hard on and it shot bolt upright as his pants were literally torn off.

It was Emma that handled it first pulling back the foreskin and revealing his bright red head. He leaned back and closed his eyes as both of them took turns to play with it.

“It’s like one of those big Polish sausages that cook boils up every Thursday lunch.”

“I wonder if it tastes as good?” asked Gemma and without any more ado she took it in her mouth.

Jacques let out a little groan as it slipped between her lips and deep into her throat.

“Am I hurting you,” she asked.

“No – it feels good actually.”

They both started to giggle and then they took turns to suck it. It didn’t take long before he felt his balls start to tingle and felt his cum getting ready to blast off. He warned them with a muffled cry but they didn’t really understand and it was Emma who got the mouthful.

“Wow, that stuff tastes good, a little salty but good.”

She stuck out her tongue so that her sister could have a sample and she reached the same conclusion.

After the pair had discussed his equipment in some detail they stripped off their bikini’s so that he could see theirs. It was a scene he knew that he would never forget even if he lived to be a hundred. He’d already noticed what beautiful long legs they had and now he was treated to a view of their gorgeous pointy tits and hairy muffs.

Jacques decided not to get involved with high school nurse explanations, he just put his hands around Emma’s bum and dragged her towards him. Her nipples were quite hard and just waiting for his lips.

As he sucked and stroked her breasts she was whimpering like a little puppy and Gemma, feeling a little left out, forced her head between them and swallowed his dick. He didn’t intend cumming again, at least not right away, because he was determined to fuck them both before he left. Breaking away from Emma he grabbed hold of her sister’s shoulders, turned her over and started to consume her nipples. She began to moan and thrash her legs about but when he slipped his finger into her tight wet crack her body went rigid.

Emma knelt down beside her sister to observe close at hand what was happening to her. With his tongue and fingers playing their magic it didn’t take long for her to cum and scream as she did so.

As she sat up panting and trying to catch her breath, he lay down with his legs over hers and held onto Emma, re-positioning her so that she was sitting on his face. Then he reached up to fondle her tits and his mouth went into action nibbling the lips of her cunt. She gasped and cried out loud as his tongue began to move up and down her quivering slit in big swipes. It wasn’t long until her body began to shake violently and she went into a massive orgasm.

The two girls were both flushed, breathing heavy and dying for him to force an entry. It was Gemma’s turn first. He laid her on the rug, opened up her lovely legs and then lowered himself onto her. As his cock penetrated she gasped and closed her eyes as if it was painful but then she relaxed as her snatch became lubricated, although it still felt as tight as a mouse’s ear.

Jacques was pretty worked-up after all the foreplay and he wasted no time in establishing a rapid rhythm. The perspiration glistened on both their bodies as he drove it in and out like a piston rod. When he made that final thrust, and shot his load, Gemma let out a loud scream and wrapped her legs around him as if she didn’t want to let him go.

He felt he needed to rest for a few minutes before starting on Emma but she diddled his balls and sucked his dick so that he was up and ready to go in thirty seconds flat. Wanting to show them that there was more than one way to fuck he bent her over the sofa, grabbed onto her tits, and went in from behind.

Soon he was bouncing off her beautiful round ass and Gemma, fascinated by the swinging motion of his balls, decided to fondle them as he plowed into her sister. It almost drove him berserk and he rammed it in as hard and as fast as he could.

When he exploded inside of her he pulled hard on her hip bones trying to force every drop inside of her. She reached back and held on to him as if she wanted the same thing.

Before he could dismount he heard Gemma, who was keeling behind him, cry out OMG. Turning around he was confronted by a face that only a mother could love, and even she would be hard pressed. It was – no other than – the notorious Freda standing there dripping with arms and munitions.

“You little cunts thought that door would hold me didn’t you – but you were wrong.”

The girls looked quite worried, whereas Jacques looked completely terrified, especially when she pointed her fat finger at him.

“If you want to teach these fucking morons sex you can use me to demonstrate – or ain’t you man enough?”

The security guard from hell quickly dropped her gun belt to the floor and started to strip. As her SS inspired uniform gathered around her ankles, her large pendulous breasts were revealed and a hairy bush that Hansel and Gretel could have got lost in. She kicked her clothing aside, lay down on the rug and opened up a pair of thighs that would have made a Mastodon envious.

“OK professor get sucking and fucking – NOW!” THE END

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