Arlene’s Mother Fucker

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Craig Newman was a good looking guy but he was an intellectual, this unfortunately had a negative effect on his love life. His idea of a date was to go a vegetarian restaurant followed by a trip to a museum, art gallery or a poetry reading at the local library. This did not sit well with his dates – they often left during the course of the evening and immediately changed their phone numbers.

Craig’s friend Dave Marsden was never short of female companionship and had bedded some of the most beautiful women in town. His current “steady girlfriend,” Arlene Brimmel was no exception. She was a blonde, blue eyed, long legged, full-lipped sex bomb that turned heads where ever she went.

When Dave asked Craig to double date him one day he was somewhat surprised as his friend was well aware of his success rate with women. However, it turned out that Arlene had a relative visiting and she couldn’t very leave her at home while she and Dave cavorted around the city.

It was arranged that the four would meet at a restaurant and after that, they would let fate take its course. There was, however, a shock in store for Craig because the relative turned out to be Arlene’s mother Rachel.

Like her daughter she was very beautiful, in fact, they almost looked like sisters but the thought of dating a woman, who must have been bordering on her mid-forties, did not appeal to Craig. After the usual introductions, they sat down and browsed the menus.

Rachel kept peering at her date over the top of hers as if she was as uncomfortable as he was. However, during the meal, Arlene mentioned that her mother was am an amateur archeologist and had recently returned from a dig in Egypt. For Craig, the age difference seemed to melt away and he was soon into a deep conversation about pyramids, hieroglyphics and ancient Egypt’s contribution to modern day science.

Arlene and Dave quietly slipped away during the discussion and as no plans had actually been made for after dinner he asked Rachel if she’d like to come back to his apartment and look at some of the photo’s he’d taken on a recent trip to Greece. Rachel was only too happy to do that.

Rachel admired his cluttered abode, wine was poured and everything seemed to be going fine until he stumbled and accidently spilled wine down the front of her dress while refilling her glass. She looked up at him and rolled her eyes as if she thought that this was some kind of ploy to get her dress off.

Amidst his profuse apologies, she went to the bathroom to wash out the wine and came back just wearing a lacy bra and an equally lacy pair of briefs.

“I’ve hung it up to dry,” she said, “I think the decent thing for you to do is to sit in your underwear like me, I would feel a lot more comfortable.”

He thought she was joking at first but she made it clear she wasn’t and so he proceeded to slip out of his shirt and pants and sat there in his boxers. This state of undress seemed to have the effect of diverting the conversation from the Greek Parthenon to the reason she divorced her husband.

“When it came to sex,” she said, “He seriously lacked imagination, it was the same thing every time always ending in the missionary position. I like it doggie style don’t you?”

Craig was speechless, he mumbled something incoherent and Rachel laughed, “I’ve embarrassed you haven’t I?”

He nodded, “You have a little,”

She moved close to him on the sofa and looked down at his boxers, there was a distinctive bulge there. She touched it “Embarrassed or not, you’d like to fuck me right now wouldn’t you?”

He opened his mouth and tried to say something but nothing came out and so Rachel just took the initiative and pulled his dick out and began to play with it.

“Do you like that?” she asked, gently moving the skin up and down.

“Craig did manage a weak yes as he didn’t want to jeopardize his chances of whatever she had in mind.

Rachel stopped after a while and slipped off her bra and panties – it took Craig’s breath away. She was gorgeous.

Helping him to struggle out of his boxers she knelt down before him and with no hesitation, she engorged his dick up to the hilt. He knew he didn’t have the biggest weapon in the world but he was amazed how much she got into her mouth.

While it was between those sweet voluptuous lips she sucked and moved her tongue around it time and time again. He wanted to grab hold of her hair and just fuck her mouth but he knew that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. And so he gritted his teeth as she teased his dick by licking it from his balls up to the tip and then she would plunge it deep into her mouth again.

Rachel didn’t make him cum in her mouth which was his dream, she pulled away after a while then she mounted the sofa with a leg either side of him and her hairy bush just slightly out of reach. He eased himself up until he could reach her groove with his tongue and he worked it for all he was worth, licking from side to side and up and down.

It wasn’t long before Rachel began to move her ass backward and forwards onto his mouth, almost like a fucking motion. She was groaning and she was beginning to tremble and he knew she was about to cum. To make the climax even better he reached up with his hands and put two fingers into her slit and pulled her petals wider apart as he continued to lick her out.

When she came it was like a bomb had exploded inside of her, her legs had become weak and so she dropped down to her knees with her big beautiful tits brushing against his face as she did so. He wanted desperately to suck those erect nipples of hers but she moved back out of his reach and then took his hands and pulled him up off of the sofa.

“Come with me,” she smiled, and wrapping his arms around her she led the way with his dick poking the cheeks of her ass as he followed. When they got over to the big comfortable leather chair in the corner she grabbed onto the back of it and stuck out her ass inviting him to stick it in.

Craig leaned over her feeling the warmth of her back and reaching around he took her tits in his hands before very slowly inserting his dick into her lubricated groove. He held it still for a moment enjoying the feeling of her bum crushed against his groin and then he thrust it deep inside of her bashing his balls against her rosy cheeks.

Each time it slid into her she’d grunt and groan and as his pace got faster and faster she started to make little-squeaking noises that culminated in her calling out FUCK at the top of her voice when she came. Craig, spurred on by her orgasm grabbed on to her hip bones and drove it in furiously into her until he shot his load.

They remained in their position over the chair for a few minutes before Rachel turned around, put her arms around him and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. They kissed and groped for a good five minutes until she felt his dick was hard as a rock once more and it was doggie time all over again.

After he’d dropped Rachel back at Arlene’s place, with the agreement that she would come over to his apartment the next evening to cook dinner, he returned home and flopped into “the chair” with a big dreamy look on his face. Twenty minutes or so later Dave called in and he was very excited.

“Guess what,” he cried, “I proposed to Arlene tonight and she accepted, what do you think of that?”

It would be no exaggeration to say that his jaw dropped a mile when Craig answered his question with a question of his own.

“What would YOU say if I said there’s a very good chance that I’m going to be your father-in-law?” THE END
Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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