April Fools’ Day

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by Cristiano Caffieri

The Jacques family were old Louisiana stock and it was their plan to marry off their daughter April to an equally old American family. The problem was their daughter was a rebel and this is where Hadrian Parker came in.

The twenty-three-year-old carpenter was doing some work at Nevaeh Reagan’s house, she was a friend of April and the two were spending the day together, splashing in the pool, playing tennis on the grass court, riding horses and all the other things that wealthy people do on their lavish estates. Later in the afternoon, just as Hadrian was about to pack up his tools and go home, the girls invited him to sit with them on the patio to have a drink.

He wasn’t keen on the idea at first but a lot of pressure was applied and so eventually he sat down to a cold beer. The girls had been eying him all day and giggling every time they saw him. It didn’t particularly worry him, he thought they were just a couple of ignorant upper-class snobs putting down an honest working man. However, it turned out to be more than that – much more.

“It’s April the first on Saturday,” said April, “and I wondered if you’d like to earn some money playing a little joke?”

Hadrian was a bit suspicious of spoiled rich kids and so he approached the offer cautiously and asked what it was all about.

“Well my parents are set on me marrying one of their friend’s sons – either Thomas the banker or Henry the cosmetic surgeon. I don’t particularly mind because they’re both rich and if I don’t like them I can always fuck away from home.”

She looked at him as though he was supposed to know what she was getting at but when he said “So what?” it was Nevaeh that continued the story, in between giggling.

“She wants you to go over to her house for dinner on Friday night and she’s going to present you as her fiancé. It will blow their minds.”

“Yes – Friday night we always have a family movie after dinner and it’s usually after midnight when we finish,” April cut in, “At one minute after 12 we’ll both stand up and say April’s fooled you – won’t that be fun?”

He said he wasn’t interested but when she offered him $500 it began to sound as though it might be fun after all.

“You’ve got a decent blazer and slacks haven’t you?” she asked looking his working attire up and down.

He wasn’t too happy with the way he was being patronized but he did need the $500 and so he said he would look respectable. At that point April fumbled in her purse and gave him her card.

“You can arrive in that old pick-up truck if you like,” she said, “It will be a nice touch.”

Hadrian went away wondering whether he should call the whole thing off but in the end he decided to go ahead with the arrangement and he arrived at the Jacques mansion in his mud-splattered truck. April tripped down the steps to meet him, threw her arms around him and started to kiss him. He was taken by surprise but it felt good and so he reciprocated thinking it would probably be a long time before he’d kiss the heiress to a billion dollar fortune again.

Hand in hand they walked up the steps, the butler bowed as he entered and then it was into the formal drawing room to meet the family. Unlike the daughter, who was beauty queen material, Mrs. Jacques made Whistler’s mother look attractive. Mr. Jacques, who insisted that he called him Mr. Jacques, was a typical shifty-eyed tycoon and Hadrian thought that he would have made a very good concentration camp commandant.

In spite of April saying, “Isn’t he just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen,” the reception was frigid, to say the least. Hadrian figured that sometime during the evening the old man would offer him a large check to break off the engagement and promise not to see his daughter ever again.

The dining room was sumptuous and the table was awash with silver and the finest china and crystal. Fortunately, Hadrian’s grandmother, who had worked as a housekeeper for a family like the Jacques, was always very formal and so he didn’t feel quite as uncomfortable as April thought he might.

There was lots of idle chatter at the table but he kept out of it. They didn’t ask him any questions probably because they had no intention of letting him marry their daughter. As they sat having a brandy and a cigar after dinner Mr. Jacques kept looking at his watch, making it obvious that they were anxious for him to be on his way.

April was about to suggest that they retired to the audiovisual theater for the movie, however, when she picked up on their anxiety to be rid of her supposed fiancé it kindled up the rebel deep inside of her.

“Why don’t you stay for the night Hadrian, then we can go over to Nevaeh’s place for a game of tennis first thing in the morning. Mrs. Jacques nearly choked on her brandy and her husband on his cigar.

“Well” her mother stammered, “We could get Jameson to make up a room for him I suppose,” and she said it as though she’d rather take poison given the option.

“Come on mother, we’re engaged to be married – he can sleep with me.”
It was Hadrian’s turn to choke on the brandy and when his eyes had stopped watering he saw her parent’s faces twisted in absolute disgust at the thought of their only daughter sharing a bed with a lowly carpenter.

“If you’re engaged – where’s the ring?” snapped, Mrs. Jacques.

“Oh it’s being re-sized – but it’s quite beautiful,” she sighed, “and no matter what people say it’s almost impossible to tell a Zircon from a real diamond.”

After more choking April took him by the hand and led him up the spiral staircase to her room, a room that turned out to be larger than most people’s apartments.

“Maybe my little scheme will have more impact if we go to breakfast in the morning and then shout April’s fooled you, although I losing enthusiasm for the whole thing,” she said, “They’re such snobs aren’t they.”

April began to strip off her clothes and suggested that he do the same so that they could shower together. He’d thought that she was very attractive the first time he saw her in her tennis outfit but naked she was absolutely fucking gorgeous. Her tits were nicely shaped and perky, her hips the sort that any man would love to hold on to and the sight of her pubic undergrowth made his dick double its size in anticipation.

He wasn’t the only one impressed, she looked him up and down and smiled with approval at his well-toned body and the fact that his dick was pointing menacingly in her direction. When they climbed in the shower he decided to take the sponge and lather every bump and crack on her nubile form. She threw her head back and sighed as he worked his way from her tits to her thighs, lingering a little longer in her pubic area.

When it was her turn she spent most of the time on his balls, they had never been so clean. She went down on her knees for a close-up inspection and he thought she might take it in her mouth but she didn’t – that was to come later.

The bed was king sized and when she spread her naked body across those crisp white sheets he would have liked to have just rammed it in and copulated there and then, but instead he took it slowly. He first moved a finger up the inside of her leg, pausing at her love orchid for a moment and then proceeding upwards to circle her tits. After a few trips up and down he took one of her nipples in his mouth while he pinched the other between his thumb and forefinger. April began to sigh and groan so he knew he was doing it right.

As he sucked her tits his finger strayed in a southerly direction until he inserted it gently in her groove – it was warm and very, very wet. He put two fingers in and moved them slowly in and out which caused her to grab him by the neck and press her lips against his. As their tongues entwined he kept on poking her with his two fingers and then suddenly moved down the bed and placed his face between her hot white thighs.

She gasped and moved her ass around, and when he parted her pink petals and began to flick them with his tongue her groans got louder.
It tasted so good and Hadrian kept working up and down her groove as she grabbed his hair and began to breath hard and fast. He increased his speed accordingly and she held on to him tightly as her body began to tremble. The muscles around her pussy begin to contract and then she screamed and pushed him away as if she could stand no more.

He lay beside her for a few moments as she kept on shaking and then she turned, looking at him with those big blue eyes and whispered,

“That was wonderful – you make me feel so good.”

She gave him a little hug and then slipped down the bed and started to finger his balls, she then spit on his dick and pulled back the foreskin as far as it would go. He gasped when she took it between those full lips of hers and sucked it gently, a little bit at the head and then driving the whole thing halfway down her throat.

April figured he’d have no problem cumming a couple of times in a row and so she began to work it in and out of her mouth, making soft grunting sounds as she did so. It wasn’t long before he felt shock waves surging through his body and an aching in his balls.

“I’m cumming – I’m cumming,” he called out but she kept on going until he exploded and shot a whole lot of cream filling into her mouth. She didn’t take it out right away she just sucked gently and stroked his balls to make sure his dick became rock hard again.

When it was to her satisfaction she climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto it. He held on to her tits as she moved up and down, gyrating her ass around as she did so. It was so hot and wet inside that he felt an urgency to cum but she was in charge.

She kept up her rodeo act for a while and then decided that she wanted him to ram it into her and so she rolled over, opened up her legs and sighed as she waited for him to bury his dick into her bush. He had trouble inserting the head at first but once he felt it gripping onto the end he rammed it into the hilt, as she yelled “Oh shit!” as if her cunt had never had to stretch that wide before.

He just held it in position for a while before beginning to slide it in and out slowly, but the sight of her jiggling tits and the fact that she was calling out “Fuck me – fuck me – fuck me,” drove Hadrian to give it all he’d got, and he soon felt his sperm moving up his pipes and shooting inside of her. April wrapped her legs around him and kissed him passionately as if they were real lovers.

Later, much to his surprise. she called down to the kitchen for a tray to be brought up and they sat in bed together talking and drinking hot chocolate. She didn’t seem like a snob anymore and to his amazement they shared such of lot of same values.

The morning of April the first, after another shower and another bout of intimate wrestling, they went down to face the two dragons in the breakfast room. Before anybody could say April Fools or any other shit Mr. Jacques waved a piece of paper in Hadrian’s face.

“Here’s a check for a hundred thousand dollars,” he said, “I want you to leave this house and sign an agreement that you will never try to see my daughter again, in other words – break off your engagement.”

Hadrian took the check and the agreement as April glanced over at him. He looked it over and then handed it back.

“I’m sorry Mr. Jacques, I love your daughter and you can’t pay me to stop to seeing her, however, if she wants to break our engagement that’s a different matter.”

He looked over to April and she was shaking her head, “I don’t want to break it off,” she sniffled as if she was about to cry and then she ran over to him and threw her arms around his neck.

“I can’t believe you turned down a hundred grand,” she whispered with her eyes tearing up, “And if Daddy decides to cut me off I may not even be able to pay you the five hundred I owe you.”

“In that case – I think you can say goodbye to that Zircon ring.”

Hugging each other they burst into laughter while Mr. and Mrs. Jacques, obviously defeated, decided to make the best of the situation and began to plan a lavish wedding. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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