Ace in Her Hole

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Ace Baxter was named after Ace Cannon the famous saxophonist, adored by his father who played his records from morning ’till night and who wanted his son to take up the instrument and become a professional musician. Unfortunately, Baxter, the younger turned out to be tone deaf and ended up with a job washing glass receptacles in a laboratory.

During his short tenure with the Wittislow Drug Company, they made a remarkable break through that shook the world and delighted the intelligence community beyond belief. Known as the Wittislow Truth Drug it threatened to revolutionize the questioning of POWs and possibly police suspects.

Ace’s ability to wash jars and tubes never came into question but when he made the mistake of propositioning the boss’s secretary/mistress he was promptly fired. They refused to give him a decent reference and even diddled him out of some of his severance pay. In revenge, he took a small vial of the truth drug thinking it might come in handy one day.

The only job he could get was waiting table for an event catering company. He’d only being there a week when he found out that they were to cater a political dinner in honor of Senator Burton Rosemaster, a man he despised. It seemed like a golden opportunity to try out the drug and so before he set out for work he slipped the vial into his pocket. He almost had to beg to serve the coffee at the head table but he managed to get the OK and slipped the Senator a mickey.

What took place the next hour was hilarious. Rosemaster stood up to make his speech with a puzzled look on his face. He then went into a tirade against other members of his party, called their wives “Fucking whores,” admitted that he’d slept with two of them and that one of them had given him a dose of the clap.

Fortunately, the head table was on a stage and the curtain was quickly lowered. Two white coated men from the funny farm quickly escorted him from the venue still cursing, swearing and vowing to wipe out every yellow-livered liberal on the planet. Of course, it hit all the papers the next day with his staff putting it all down to some medication he was taking for a virus.

Since Ace had been with the catering company he had always had an eye for his boss Ms. Korenski. She was quite a bit older than him but she was gorgeous. Bobby, as she liked to be called, had a great figure and she dressed to kill. There were occasions when he caught her looking at him as if she was admiring his body and he thought that it might be fun to get find out the truth.

A couple of months after the incident with the Senator, he was working with her at their headquarters when she asked him to get her a glass of ice-cold orange juice. It was an opportunity too good to miss so he just added a couple of drops of the truth drug and innocently placed the glass before her.

“Thanks, Ace,” she smiled, “Maybe you could straighten up my office a bit as there’s not much else to do.”

He was only too pleased to do so and as he bent to pick up some scattered files he had the feeling that she was giving him the once over – then she took a sip of the juice.

“As anyone ever told you what a nice ass you have,” she asked, with a completely straight face.

“Not really.”

She took another sip, “Do you know something – I’d like to see your ass bare – I bet it’s a beaut,” she paused for more juice, “Come on drop your pants and let me see what you’ve got hidden there.”

Ace was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable and was wondering if he should have played this trick on her.

“I hired you for your body you know, I mean you don’t have any fucking references and no experience but I thought one day I might be able to get you in the sack.” She began to get a little impatient, “Get those pants off or I’m coming over there to take them off for you.”

At this point, he decided to go along with her and dropped his pants with his back to her.

“Looks like a lovely ripe apple,” she said, “Now turn around.”

Ace turned slowly.

“Holy shit that’s quite a dick you’ve got there – do you need somewhere to put it – to keep it warm?” With this, she began to laugh like someone stoned, and she got up from the desk, took another swig of the juice, and walked over to him.

“You probably think I’m too old for you don’t you,” she grinned, “You probably think my body is wrinkled and my tits are saggy – but they’re not, let me show you.”

She proceeded to peel off all of her clothes and sure enough, there was a figure of an eighteen-year-old under her Versace. Ace would have liked nothing better that to roll all over the floor with that naked body, sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy but it was Bobby who made the first move. She dropped to her knees and took his dick in her hand, then looking up and him she smiled before plunging it into her mouth.

Ace took a deep breath and almost sucked all the air out of the room while Bobby continued to suck his ever expanding shaft as though she was treating a snake bite. As she relentlessly took it in and out of her mouth she held on to his buttocks digging her finger nails in until it hurt.

She kept a steady pace thrusting into the back of her throat with such gusto it didn’t take long before he felt his balls about to explode. As his sperm oozed upwards and onward he held onto her hair and called out “FUCK” at the top of his voice as he shot his load into her mouth.

Bobby licked it clean as he stood there trembling and then she got up, kissed him on the mouth and sat down on the edge a nearby table with her legs spread wide. Ace stepped out of his pants that had been wrapped around his ankles and walked over to her.

He was desperate to suck her beautiful tits and that’s what he made for first. She began to moan as soon as he took them in his hands and then, when he absorbed a nipple in his mouth, while tweaking the other between his thumb and finger, Bobby threw her shoulders back and began to call out “Yes – yes – yes,” like the girl in the shampoo commercial.

Ace licked and sucked as she continued to yell and moan and then without warning, he dropped to his knees parted the lips of her flower with his fingers and dived in with his tongue. This time she let out a piercing scream and he was worried that some of the staff would hear her in the warehouse outside.

As his pussy fluffer worked her petals and probed deep into her warm moist slit she grabbed onto his ears murmuring incoherently and taking shorter and shorter breaths. When she came she wrapped her legs tight around his head almost suffocating him as his entire face was squashed against her cunt.

After a lot of deep sighing, she released him from the wrestling hold, jumped off of the table and leaning over it, she invited him to penetrate her groove doggy style. Ace rid himself of his shirt and leaned over her lithe body grasping hold of her tits and ramming his dick into her as far as it would go. She loved it and began working her ass around, moaning as she did so.

By now he was impatient to cum again and so he thrust his deadly weapon into her hole with great force causing his groin to slap against the cheeks of her ass as he did so. Tightening his grip on her tits he started to gather speed and seemed to almost lose control calling out, “I’m going to cum inside of you – you fucking bitch.”

“Yes – cum inside of me,” she gasped as he continued to pound her, “Cum inside of me.” When he did cum and made those hard final thrusts the heavy table started to move with the force of it and Bobby was sobbing as though she wanted it to go on forever.

Dressed and back to work, everything seemed quite normal when one of the girls from the warehouse came in with an order. She gave a little grin as she left and he looked down to see his flies were open and part of his shirt was poking out of the front.

There was no denying that Ace had enjoyed himself but he still felt a little guilty about spiking her drink until he read the newspaper the next morning. A small headline said that Wittislow shares had taken a dive following a report that its truth drug lost all its potency after just one month’s storage. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri


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