Aaron King is Present and Erect

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Aaron King had once volunteered for a medical study on the common cold. The accommodations proved to be first class as did the food and entertainment, so when an opportunity arose to do something similar again he jumped at the chance.

This time it was for erectile function, and although the details on the website were a little bit sketchy it looked like a pleasant week in the country with a few bucks thrown in. Still living with his parents he felt a bit embarrassed about telling them the exact nature of the experiments he might be subjected to and so he told them it was a study for allergic reactions. He told a similar story to his girlfriend.

The facilities proved to even better than the previous experience, particular his bedroom which had a mirrored ceiling, naked women on the wallpaper and a big white fluffy bed. A major difference in the way things were conducted was the relative isolation, meals were to be served in his room and there were no common recreation areas.

The lady doctor, who insisted on being called Abbe, was a forty-year-old woman in good shape for her age and with a very pleasing personality. She gave him a short examination which mostly involved scrutinizing his dick and pulling back the foreskin, and then she told him she’d be back after lunch.

When she did re-appear she was accompanied by a woman in her early twenties, who she described as a professional surrogate sex partner.

“This is Porsha,” she said, “She will be staying in the room with you until tomorrow morning and all your activities will be monitored,” she added, pointing to four small cameras mounted in each corner of the room, “Porsha knows the routine and so I will leave you in her capable hands.”
When the doctor made her exit his new roomy took over.

“Do you think you could manage three sessions before morning?” she asked flinging herself on the bed.

“Three sessions?” he repeated, a little confused.

“Yes we have to fuck three times before morning and if you can’t achieve that many erections naturally you have to take one of the little green pills in the bathroom,”

Porsha certainly looked very inviting lying there in her short skirt and see-through top but he wasn’t quite expecting to actually fuck women for seven days, he thought he was going to have to masturbate or be attached to some sort of jerking off machine. Aaron certainly wasn’t complaining but he needed time to adjust to the situation but his surrogate partner wanted to get on with it.

She started to wiggle out of her clothing and when she was completely naked, showing a very suckable pair of tits and a very attractive pussy, she clicked the remote and soft music started to play in the background.

“Take your clothes off and come and lie with me,” she purred moving around on the bed like a very friendly feline.

Aaron, who now sporting a very big hardon, slipped off his gear and headed to the spot on the bed that Porsha was patting. By this time his dick was hard and ready for action but he naturally wanted to engage in a little foreplay.

“O – there no need for that,” she said pushing him away as he tried to suck her gorgeous looking tits, “Just decide what position you want to fuck me in and get on with it.”

He wasn’t in the mood to argue and so he gently parted her long creamy legs and slowly slipped his throbbing dick into her wet warm slit. Once deep inside he began to move cautiously in and out but then Porsha started to lick her lips and groan a little and that set him off at a furious pace and it didn’t seem long before he blew his load.

The two ate dinner together, then fucked again, doggie style that time, and just before bedtime, he managed again, without any green pills, to pound her pussy and fill it up with his goo.

The next morning he was confronted by an older woman with a very acceptable body and a tendency to mother him. She not only encouraged him to suck her slightly sagging tits but she sucked everything he’d got, including his balls. She didn’t have the looks or body of Porsha but she knew her way around the bed.

On the Wednesday Aaron was in for a big surprise when a rather fat jolly woman entered his room and introduced herself as Francis. She didn’t waste any time taking off her clothes and he was confronted by huge sagging tits and a crack that was partially concealed by layers of fat.

Francis decided to sit on his face he almost suffocated him but in the spirit of things he reached up to fondle those enormous fun bags and licked her cunt as if it were a ripe mango. When it came to the penetration part she sat on his dick grabbed hold of his hands like a pair of reigns and bounced her 250 pound love machine up and down on him.

Even though he was exhausted and maybe a little bruised when it was all over he actually enjoyed the experience and he didn’t have to take any pills to complete the sessions.

Thursday proved to be pretty hectic with a bubbling blond who seemed to be obsessed with sucking his dick and gargling with his cum. On Friday it was a sophisticated black woman who wanted the whole thing to be dignified, on Saturday it was a six foot two, skinny, bespectacled nervous wreck who was afraid she wasn’t pleasing him and didn’t leave his body alone for a moment.

She insisted on washing him down in the shower, she gave him an oily massage with special attention paid to his dick, which exploded in her hand, and she ended up smothering his throbbing shaft with her creamy dessert from supper and eating it off of it until he came.

Sunday was the last day and he was wondering what else they could throw at him and it certainly turned out to be a surprise. It wasn’t one woman but two and twins at that. Not wanting to waste anytime they walked into his room naked giving a high five to the skinny tall girl as she left.

“My name is Gemma.”

And my name is Emma,” they chorused, “Catch us and you can fuck us.”

The two voluptuous tit jiggling women started to race around the room, jumping on the bed, hiding behind the drapes and playing touch tag, tapping him on the chest and then taking off.

He didn’t have to take off his clothes because he’d remained naked for the last few days. With so much fucking going on it didn’t seem worthwhile putting them on again. So, a little exhausted from his marathon sexploits he did his best to chase the two around the room but he was no match for them.

When they could see he had little resistance left they pounced on him, took the gold ropes that were holding the drapes back and tied him to the bed head. His dick was reasonably hard but the two of them made it stand up straight and become rigid.

They did this by both bending over him and the first one would engorge his cock in her mouth and then the other. It was absolutely amazing as they developed a rhythm. When he was about to cum he didn’t know whether to warn them or not – and decided not to. Obviously, they didn’t mind as even as his cum was shooting out they were still taking turns to gather it up with their tongues.

Aaron was getting so shagged out he was thinking of taking all those green pills in the bathroom, fucking the both of them and checking out so that he could go home and get some rest. However, the girls kept coming up with new and tantalizing ways to make his prick rise to the occasion and they even let him lick out both their cunts, which he did in turn, similar to what they had done to his dick.

On Monday morning, Abbe the doctor came in with her clipboard and congratulated him on a fine performance, “This will go a long way to further our study on just how much sex a young fit male like yourself can take in one week.”

He thanked her for her hospitality and was just about to put his clothes on when Porsha, Francis, and all the others piled back into the room naked followed by a fully dressed woman with a camera.

“I hope you don’t mind but this is Gina Chadwick from the press, the institute needs all the publicity it can get and they’ve promised us the front page of tomorrow morning’s paper.”

As the reporter lined up her camera Aaron struggled to hide his dangling appendages but the twins grabbed onto the cheeks of his ass and hoisted up off the floor like a champion. Now with his legs wide open and flanked by two sets of gorgeous tits the camera flashed and flashed again and again.

Everyone seemed pleased with the result and as promised it hit the front page of the newspaper and also went viral on the internet.
Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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