A Virgin in Berlin

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by Cristiano Caffieri

It’s funny, even though I fool around with women and have mistresses in the four corners of the world I always hope deep down that my steady girlfriends, four in all, are true to me. I also assume they all would be madly jealous if they knew I was fucking other women. However, I was in for a big surprise when I returned from Asia and arrived at the apartment I share with Mia.

She’s a typical blue eyed blonde with an accent that sends hot flashes from my brain directly to my genitals. Her legs go all the way up to her arm pits and tits that jiggle freely under her thin silk tops and bounce around when I drive it into her tight hairy crack. In other words – she perfect.

Consequently I wouldn’t want to lose her and always I thought it was essential I kept my frequent indiscretions away from her. I figured she’s go ballistic if she thought I was dipping my wick into someone else’s lubricated love tunnel. But it seems I didn’t have to worry in fact she was about to encourage me to do exactly that when I walked into the apartment that day.

After she’d showered me with kisses and welcomed me home she introduced me to her friend who was sitting quietly by the window. Unlike Mia, she was rather petite, had coal black hair and big brown eyes.

“This is my friend Hannah,” she said, and after I’d shook her hand she went on to tell that her friend was a virgin. I don’t think I’ve ever had an introduction like that before, and I wasn’t quite sure what that had to do with me. Hannah looked quite embarrassed, and blushing like a school girl she mad her way back to the window and sat down once more.

“I’d like to see you in the bedroom,” Mia whispered and I followed her in wondering what the fuck was going on.

After closing the door, she went on to explain that Hannah had started going out with a boy,
“It’s her first boyfriend,” she said, “he’s invited her to go away with him for a week-end and being so shy she’s terrified she’ll be inadequate when she goes to bed with him. Well the long and short of it is I’d like you to fuck her Hunter and I’ll stand by just to guide her through it.

“You make it sounds like she’s going to take a driving lesson.”

“I know it sounds crazy but she’s never sucked a dick, had anyone chew on her pussy and she’s never been banged. It’s all new to her.”

I really couldn’t believe that these words were coming out of her mouth but at the same time I was beginning to get excited. Back in the living room Mia asked Hannah to sit beside me on the sofa. She looked very nervous when I was asked to place my hand on her knee and move it slowly under the hem of her skirt. She started to tremble right away but as I moved it up between her warm thighs she began to shake violently and grabbed my hand.

“Stop! I don’t want to through with it,” she yelled,

I withdrew my hand and sat there feeling a bit embarrassed with a big hard on while Mia lectured Hannah.
“It’s you that asked for help,” she said.

Hannah admitted that but was only asking for guidance and didn’t expect to be touched up by her boyfriend. Mia, smiled, “OK why don’t I let Hunter fuck me and you can watch?”

The little virgin seemed a little unsure but then nodded her head. The fact that I had a sizable erection made her first move obvious. She knelt down in front of me, unzipped my pants. My dick shot out like the duty stallion. Mia kissed it gently with those sweet lips of hers and then slipped it all the way into her mouth. I turned to look at Hannah’s reaction and I was convinced she was turned on by it all.

I struggled to get my pants further down as Mia massaged my balls and sucked my throbbing cock. It felt absolutely marvelous but then she suddenly stopped and turned to Hannah.

“Why don’t you massage his ball,” she said, “while I suck him off.”

Very shyly she reached out with her delicate little hand and began to gently finger them as Mia plunged up and down on my dick. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls start to tingle and with a loud groan I shot my load into my girlfriend’s mouth. When she withdrew she invited Hannah to taste my cum. She screwed her face up as if she suspected it was going to taste awful but then Mia encouraged her to grasp my cock and pump out the last few drops. She then bent over and licked it. Holy shit it felt so good I wanted to throw her on her back and fuck her brains out but I tried not to look too enthusiastic.

“Why don’t you let Hunter suck your cunt now,” she said, and Hannah, whose attitude had changed completely, dropped her skirt and panties and leaned back with her legs open. I was ready to eat that tight little pussy of hers but I wanted her to take her top off and show me her tits. She zipped it off in no time and as I slid my head between her legs I stretched my hands upwards to grab onto her beautiful little tits.

When I used my fingers to part the lips of her crack she started to shake again. Thinking she might change her mind once more I quickly crushed my mouth against her wet pink petals and swiped my tongue from close to her ass right up to her clit and I did it over and over again until she screamed I cumming. While her body was still vibrating I lay her across the sofa and drove my cock in all the way.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she yelled and I started to pound her hairy mound as Mia sat beside us and started to finger herself. All hell was let loose as my balls bounced off Hannah’s ass and both women started to yell as they had orgasms at the same time. When I withdrew my dick they both took turns sucking it until I came again.

I didn’t really expect to ever fuck Hannah again, I thought it was a one off deal, however every time I was in Berlin and Mia was out at work there’d be a little tap on the door. Sometimes she was already stripped off when I opened it and she’d lunge at me like a wild animal and when I fell back on the floor she struggle to undo my pants and she’d ride me like a rodeo cowboy. Her appetite was insatiable and I was so exhausted I couldn’t give Mia what I used to.

Fortunately Hannah married the guy I broke her in for and she rarely demands my services – except when she wants a good tongue lashing. It’s seems her husband’s a strict vegetarian and doesn’t like to eat her beaver! THE END

Copyright 2020 Cristiano Caffieri

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