A Very Sexy Caregiver

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Even Frank had to admit that his house was too big for him now but he was in no way ready for a care home. But his son Ian, who was anxious to move into the house with his wife and teenage sons, started to put the pressure on and the old man capitulated.

He was in pretty good shape for a man of 65 and felt he’d better off moving into something smaller but that would have meant selling the house and Ian didn’t want that. Instead, he arranged for him to go into a small private care home run by a young nurse. There were only six people there and Frank would be the only man.

Even on the day he was due to move in he tried to resist but his son and his wife, to say nothing of the grandkids, just kept on repeating how he was going to enjoy it.

“You’ll have no more cooking to do,” said his daughter-in-law Mirna.

“Or laundry,” chirped up Ian.

“And you’ll be able to fuck all those old ladies,” chuckled one of the smart-ass grandkids.

On his arrival, he was pleasantly surprised by Cecile, one-hell of a good looking woman. Tall, blonde with great tits and a winning smile. She showed him to his room, which was quite nice and told him that if there was anything he needed – “anything” – all he had to do was ask. When she left the room and he got a good look at her ass he’d like to have asked her for a feel but of course he didn’t, after all, it was his first day.

Cecile and her assistant were great cooks and the evening meal was excellent. He sat in the dining room with the five ladies all who seemed anxious to make his acquaintance. Unfortunately, they were all quite a bit older than him and he imagined their cunts would all be dry and shriveled up.

Just as a joke he asked Cecile if he was allowed to have sex if one of the ladies was in the mood. She laughed, “I’m not sure if a fine looking man like you would get much of a thrill fucking one of those five, I’ve made sex toys available to them but they don’t use them very often.”

He was somewhat surprised by her answer but the tone of the conversation did allow him to ask where a healthy fellow like him could get a piece of tail.

“Well, I’m separated from my husband and I don’t get much anymore so let me know when you’re in the mood and maybe we can work something out.”

Frank could hardly sleep that night for thinking about the possibilities. He’d been quite a performer in his day and in spite of the age difference he figured he could show the young nurse a thing or two.

His opportunity came the following evening when Cecile knocked on his door and told him she’d just been watching a porn movie and she was as horny as hell and was he up for it. He was tearing his clothes off before he got the words out.

For a few moments, she just stood there shaking her head and smiling and then she slowly stripped off her white uniform, removed her bra and wiggled seductively out of her panties. He couldn’t believe what a great body she had. She was slender with beautiful perky tits and she didn’t shave her bush, and he liked that.

Cecile moved towards him still smiling with a roguish twinkle in her eye. When she was close enough he slipped his arms around her waist, pulled her close and their lips met. Frank hadn’t done any serious tongue wrestling for a couple of years but it was like riding a bike, he’d not forgotten how to do it, and she most certainly hadn’t, in no time flat she had her tongue halfway down his throat.

As they continued to kiss he fondled her tits and she slid her hand down to feel his big hard cock.

“Holy shit, that feels good enough to eat,” she said.

“Bon appetite,” he replied, and she slipped her hands down his body as she went to her knees and just paused a second to look it in the eye before she took it deep into her mouth. Hooking her thumb and finger around the base she began to work it with those full red lips. Cecile surely knew how to suck a dick for maximum effect and it wasn’t long before he felt his cum moving up and oozing into her mouth.

After she milked him for all he had she lay back on his bed, “Now it’s your turn to eat,” she smiled, “I hope you like Pink Tacos.”

It just happened to be Frank’s favorite and after he’d pulled her legs into position and placed his face between her warm white thighs he prepared to dine. At first, he just ran his tongue over her bush a few times and then, parting the lips with his fingers, he began to lick up and down her delicate sensitive petals. He went quite gently and slowly at first and then increased the speed until he was racing up and down like a Hummingbird’s wing.

“Oh shit,” she cried out, “I’m cumming Frank, I’m cumming.” And then she screamed and bounced up and down until she nearly sent the bed through the wall.

“Stick it in me, Frank! she pleaded, still shaking all over, “Stick your big cock in me, I want to feel it deep inside.”

The bed was the right height and so he just pulled her legs so that her cunt was in line with his dick and rammed it in. She screamed again and grabbed onto his wrists as he thrust it in and out. His balls crashed against her ass as he plowed it into her like a piston rod and when he shot his load it seemed to stream endlessly into her cavity. They spent the night together and they had another quickie before breakfast.

As the weeks passed they fucked every opportunity they had. He fucked her face, her ass, and her cunt. Sometimes he did it from the front, sometimes from the rear and occasionally sideways. They used sex toys and restraints and sometimes even included Mavis the cook to make up a threesome.

Frank had never been so happy. In addition to all the sucking and fucking, they went out shopping, sat and watched TV together and played chess.

A year later, he took his new found love to his old house where his son and wife and entrenched themselves.

“I’d need you to move out of my house next month, “ Frank began, “Cecile and I are getting married in a couple of weeks time…”

“Married!” the two chorused, looks of horror on their faces.

“Yes we’re getting married,” he repeated, “and her place, with all those old people living there, wouldn’t be a suitable environment to bring up our children.”

“Children!” spluttered his daughter-in-law, “You can’t have children at your age.”

“I wish you’d have told me that before I got Cecile pregnant,” he laughed as Ian slipped slowly out of his chair and into a dead faint.


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