A Royal Dick

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Prince Richard was one of those privileged kids who wanted for nothing. However being the next in line in one of Europe’s oldest monarchies had its draw backs. The biggest one being – he couldn’t go outside of the palace alone. He was always escorted by three armed security men where ever he went.
If he mentioned going to the movies his mother would ask why – they had a movie theater in the house; if he wanted to go dancing they also had a disco and the right sort of people would be invited for an evening of polite revelry. They also had a bowling alley, tennis courts, swimming pool with a waterslide and three-ton lump of granite, which was brought in when he said he might like to take up sculpture.

As for his love life, it was a disaster, the only girl he really fancied was Lady Athena, and apart from taking tea together, under the watchful eye of the staff, they had never been alone for five minutes. By the time he was eighteen he was completely fed up with royal life and wished his mother the Queen had an ordinary job like a midwife or a school crossing guard.

The only commoners he saw apart from the servants was his doctor who came every month to give him a check-up, of course, this took place in their own clinic. At one point it was a doddering on man called Dr. Gregori but when he passed on another member of his practice took on the royals, a woman named Dr. Sharda Willena
Sharda was a very good looking 34-year old who disguised her appearance to look a bit frumpish in case her beauty resulted in her not being taken seriously. Richard always regarded her as pleasant but he certainly never entertained any impure thoughts about her, those he reserved for a number of movie stars and playboy bunnies whose photos he wanked over occasionally.

When the doctor came for his March check-up she noticed that he was depressed and asked him to talk about it. As he babbled on about all the things that made his life unbearable he happened to let the word sex slip out. When he told her he’d never had any she was appalled.

“That’s not healthy,” she said, “A young man like you needs to get rid of those frustrations occasionally.”

“But I’m never alone with a woman, not for one minute,” he protested.

“You’re alone with me,” she smiled.

To Richard, 34 was middle aged, but when she slipped off her white coat, let her hair down and removed those thick rimmed glasses she looked very beautiful.

“If you want I can help you get your rocks off,” she said.

Richard was already sitting there in his underwear and as she peeled off more and more he slipped them down revealing he had a monster hard-on. Sharda looked down at it and gasped, “Where have you been all my life?” she smiled, “Where have you been?”

The horny Prince thought the same thing about her as he gave her the once over. She had great looking tits, a slender waistline and long, long legs that culminated in a neatly trimmed pussy.

He was now standing by the examination table and so she told him to get on it and lay back. When he did she went to the bottom end, pulled his feet until his ass was on the very edge and then she pulled up and stool and began by massaging his genitals with lubricant. She was quite excited about handling a healthy young man’s dick knowing that it would be embedded deep inside her cunt before too long.

Richard was gasping for breath as she caressed his balls and slid her fingers up and down his shaft. His whole scrotum started to get hot and tingly and he knew that at any moment he was going to shoot his load. When he did his goo just shot right up in the air and she smiled at him and proceeded to clean it up with a towel. His cock was still pretty stiff and so she took it between her beautiful full lips and then slid it deep into her mouth.

The poor boy thought the top of his head would blow off any moment as she sucked it and manipulated it with her tongue. At one point she actually stuck her finger up his ass as though she was giving him a prostate exam and the next thing he knew he his cum was squirting into her mouth as though he had an endless supply.

After spitting it out in the sink she asked him if he’d like to be the doctor and she changed places with him on the table. As she lay there looking up at him with those perky tits, that seemed to be longing for his lips, he just gave a great big sigh, and then took a nipple into his mouth and bit it gently. She groaned and seemed to like it and so he continued and rubbed the base of her tits with his hand as he did so. Sharda was surprised how skillful he appeared, considering this was the first time he’d had sex, she assumed he must have tuned into the Royal Porn Channel frequently.

When Richard moved to the foot of the table he pulled her legs down as she had done with his and opened them. He loved the look of her vajajay – it was the first real one he’d seen close-up. Touching it with his fingertips and he began to play with the lips. Her body started to shake and she was moaning as he continued to tantalize her.

Afraid that she might cum before she made contact with his tongue she asked him to lick it for her. He sat on the stool, placed his face between her warm thighs, opened up her crack with his fingers and flicked it with his tongue. As he pressed his face harder against her wet pink folds she began to tremble and that turned into violent shaking.

“I’m cumming,” she cried as he continued to lick and lick.

When she’d regained her composure she slipped off the table and leaned over it inviting him to fuck her doggy style. In spite of having cum twice the young buck was erect and ready to go.

Grabbing onto her hip bones he drove his cock into her with one forceful thrust. She took deep breaths as he kept withdrawing and then ramming it again. He did this several times before achieving a steady pace. With his balls banging against her lovely plump ass and her tits swaying from side to side, the action gradually became fast and furious.

It was almost as if it was Sharda that was having sex for the first time, she was almost weeping for joy as he continued to pound her pussy, and when he shot his load she became so excited she could hardly breathe.

“That was so fucking good,” she panted, “How’s your depression?”

“What depression,” he grinned.

It was decided there and then that the Prince would get his anti-depression treatment once a month whether he needed it or not. All went well until June that year when Sharda told him she was pregnant with his child.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “It will be our secret, nobody need know.”

“Everybody is going to know,” cried the jubilant Prince, “Because I’m going to tell them.” He paused with a serious look on his face, “Will you marry me Sharda.”

She shook her head, “They are not going to allow that and you don’t love me.”

“Are you crazy,” he yelled, “I live from medical to medical just thinking about you.”

She kissed him and then stepped back, “If it’s possible and your family doesn’t have me clapped in irons – I’ll say yes!”

Richard got on the phone to one of the leading tabloids and soon the whole nation knew. Rather than cause a constitutional problem it created a new found love for the royal family. People masturbated in the streets to celebrate the fact that their young Prince had put older women in the pudding club.

After that he was never referred to as Richard again – it was always Big Dick – even though he was not particularly tall! THE END

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