A Really Big Fucker

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Alysha Page was in a tight spot, a very tight spot. She had run up a bill at the Friendly Hotel in Santa Marta in excess of the funds she had available.

She had contacted her parents in Australia and they had promised to wire the money to her the following morning. However, that was not good enough for the sleazy hotel manager Diego who threatened her with the police and the prospect of spending that night in the local slammer.

“If you go there,” Diego sneered, You’ll be sleeping with rats, cockroaches and body lice – but”, he paused and placed his hand on the cheek of her bum, “If you let me cum in your mouth I will let you stay here for the night, and I might give you a ten percent discount on your bill.”

Alysha began to think that rats, cockroaches and body lice wouldn’t be all that bad in comparison and turned him down flat.

Diego’s faced turned crimson and he grabbed her wrist and started to drag her across the lobby. “OK – just because I’m a nice guy I’m going to let you work in the laundry until eight o’clock in exchange for your room and a meal.”

As they descended the steps into the basement he told her that if she changed her mind about the blow job she knew where his office was. He then swung open a big steel door and a cloud of hot steam met them. Through the haze, she could see a very tall broad shouldered man who appeared to be stirring several large boilers with a paddle.

“I’ve brought you an assistant Bruno – work the ass off her,” with this he literally threw Alysha into the room.

The floor was covered with two inches of water and all the equipment looked like as if it had come out of the Ark. Bruno nodded to her as Diego slammed the door and then he took her over to a large machine with wooden rollers and demonstrated how she had to take the wet sheets he had boiled and wring the water out of them. Alysha had to turn the large wooden handle and it was tough. She didn’t know how she was going to survive the shift but she decided that anything was better than giving oral sex to that monster Diego.

As a back packer in South America, she had been in a few tight situations before but this was the worst. Australia was beginning to look better and better to her and she wondered if she’d ever want to leave her parent’s home in suburban Melbourne ever again.

When she filled a hamper full of sheets she was supposed to pick it up and take them to a drying room to hang up, however, she didn’t have the strength to lift it and her tight mini skirt didn’t help the situation. Bruno glanced over as she bent for a second attempt. He could see her thong and he caused him to wipe a little additional sweat from his brow.

The temperature in the room was overpowering and although Alysha had put on a top that concealed the fact that she was not wearing a bra, now soaked with perspiration the full shape of her rather large breasts was revealed, and her nipples stood out invitingly. Bruno went over and helped her with the basket. She looked at him admiringly as he picked it up as though it weighed nothing at all.

At around six feet four, quite good looking with a mop of jet black hair and muscles any bodybuilder would have been proud of, Alysha was quite attracted to him. And she was certainly not going unnoticed herself.

In the drying room, there were clothes lines strung across the room and a huge fan in the wall. Here she pegged up the sheets, pillowcases and table cloths until her back felt as if it was breaking.

When she returned to the other room Bruno was nowhere to be seen but then he came through the door carrying two mugs of coffee and some sort of pastry. His English was somewhat limited and he just handed one to her with a faint grunt.

He then invited her to perch herself on a pile of laundry waiting to be dunked in the boilers and so they sat together for a little break. Alysha held up her coffee mug to him, smiled and said: “thank you.” Bruno smiled back, staring at her for a few moments before sipping on his coffee again.
There was no doubt he found her attractive, as most men did. Alysha was petite, pretty and she had great tits.

As for her opinion of him, she just wondered how big his dick would be if it was in proportion to the rest of his body. She was soon to find out as he got up and walked over to a drain for a piss. He turned his back to her but she still caught a glance of his enormous dong as he did the most extra ordinary thing. When he’d finished he cupped some water from one of the tubs in his hand and gave it a quick rinse. Alysha quickly got up, grabbed a towel from a nearby pile of laundry and volunteered to wipe it for him.

If she thought it was big before she started – it turned out to be massive after she’d dabbed it with a towel. As she gently dried him off she looked up at him with those pale blue eyes of hers and smiled. The expression on his face was priceless. One of utter amazement.

Alysha couldn’t bring herself to leave him with that enormous boner and so she dropped the towel to the floor and knelt on it. Then she took his balls gently in her hand and guided the end of his dick into her mouth. Bruno’s body jerked and he grabbed on to her shoulders and she slipped it further and further into her throat.

She slowly worked her tongue around it as she withdrew and then swallowed it over again, and again, and again. Big Bruno was breathing heavy as his dick was getting a real tongue lashing. He was beginning to feel fire in his veins and not wanting to come just yet he shoved Alysha away from him and started to rip off his clothes. His physique was breath taking and she hurriedly took off her flimsy things as he looked on. Before she saw what was coming Bruno picked her up and tossed in the air like a rag doll.

She ended up with her legs around his shoulders and her cunt pressed up against his face. Bruno’s tongue proved to be almost as big as his dick and it moved rapidly around the petals of her flower before exploring the inner depths.

Her body was shaking all over as he continued to tease her with a mixture of licking and sucking, sometimes gentle, sometimes rougher. She was dying for him to fuck her and her dreams came true with an unexpected twist. He turned her body around and placed her face down on a table piled with laundry then he rammed his dick in her ass as far as it would go.

It was a bit of a shock but it felt nice as he began to work his way in and out and his powerful arms wrapped around her to play with her breasts as he did so. After ramming it again her well-rounded bum for a while he roughly turned her over and drove it into her flower with one big thrust.

Alysha gasped, she’d never felt anything quite that big before. Her boyfriend back home certainly didn’t have the breadth or the length – she was beginning to wish he did.

Bruno was getting excited, his dick was going at quite a pace and the force of each thrust was moving the table across the room. As he looked down at Alysha’s beautiful tits swinging from side to side he seemed to lose control and increased not only the speed but the power behind each stroke. He was literally crashing into her cunt.

Alysha held on to his arms that were soaked with sweat and arched her back as she was about to have a monster orgasm. She started to scream “O fuck,” and Bruno screwed up his face as he himself was about to shoot his load at the same time. When he made that last final thrust he bellowed like a bull and he broke her grip and put his powerful hands around her wrists and pull her forward as if he wanted to force it in that extra inch.

Alysha thought she might never walk again after the battering she’d taken but he helped her off the table and like a gentleman, picked up her clothes and gave her a smile and a nod of gratitude as he handed them to her. They’d just finished redressing when Diego stormed into the room.

“Your money has come through early,” he snarled, “Better come to reception and settle your bill.”

“Where do you sleep,” she asked Bruno, using both speech and sign language. He pointed to another door in the dark dismal basement.

“Well tonight you can sleep in my room and we’ll have dinner and wine. Mr. Diego will look after that – won’t you Mr. Diego?”

The poor man didn’t know what to say, he just foamed at the mouth a little. Bruno, on the other hand, had a big smile on his face. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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