A Nerd in Need

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Natham Needham was a Nerd, in fact all of the girls in the office referred to him as 3N. He wasn’t bad looking but the thick rimmed glasses he wore and his fashion sense made him practically updateable. Mel Johansson, the blond bombshell from accounting, once said if he was the last man on the planet she’d probably turn celibate. That was before the accident.

It wasn’t anything serious but I forgot to mention that Nathan was a bit accident prone and one day at the water cooler he did something that caused the contents to gush out and soak his pants. I mean really soaked.

Fortunately the maintenance man had a spare set of coveralls. Even though they were several sizes too big he took them into an empty office and stripped down. It just happened that accounting used that office to store some of its files and who should be sent in there to retrieve one of them but Mel.

She had no idea that he was in there and so she just barged in and gasped. There stood Nathan with his massive dick swinging between his legs like a giant salami.

“O I’m sorry,” she said, almost ready to make a quick exit, but then she saw the weapon he was carrying and she stopped.

“Your pants looked absolutely soaked,” she sighed, seeing them hanging from the back of the chair, “why don’t I take them and I’ll dry and press them for you. Later I could drop them off at your place.”

Nathan was not particularly enthusiastic about the idea but he went along with it and she grabbed the pants, and then taking one more glance at his enormous dick she left with a smile on her face. Mel was not the promiscuous type and she had a steady boyfriend but she just couldn’t seem to resist the idea of having that prize winning schlong sliding up inside her tight cunt.

After work she hurried home to work on his pants. They looked like new when she finished with them. When she arrived at his apartment he was about to take them from her and close the door but she invited herself in.

Nathan was still wearing the baggy coveralls and she asked him to slip them off and try the pants on, just in case they’d shrunk. Once more he tried to resist her demands but once more Mel’s persuasive manner won the day. He was about to go into the bathroom to change but she stretched her arms across the door.

“I want you to try them on right in front of me she commanded – you’re not afraid of me are you?”

He said he wasn’t but she could see he was terrified. However, very shyly he slipped off the coveralls and there it was hanging a good ten to eleven inches down his leg.

“Does that cause you any trouble,” she asked, “it must be awfully big when it’s erect.”

Nathan just swallowed hard and didn’t know what to say but when she reached out to touch it he did manage to give a big sigh and say “O fuck!”

Mel moved in closer, taking his dick in one hand and his balls in the other and then she began to caress them with her long slender fingers. Within seconds it was up and pointing right at her. She fell to her knees and slipped the end between her lips. It stretch her mouth to the limit and she knew she couldn’t get too much of it in but with a few inches of it jammed down her throat she sucked it and worked it with her hand.

Obviously Nathan hadn’t had any for a while because it only took a short time before he started to hyperventilate and cry out he was cumming. Mel took the lot in her mouth and it was a lot.

Nathan now seemed to be energized and he grabbed her, lowered her to the floor quickly removed her panties, shoved his face between her legs and began to lick up and down her crack. His tongue was almost as big as his dick and he kept swiping it up and down until she thought she was going to explode. It was when he reached up and forced his hands under her bra and started massaging her tits that she started to shake and scream as she came big time.

Lying across the floor with her legs apart and her tits still jiggling he climbed on top and rammed that weapon of mass destruction right up inside of her. She was well lubricated and so, even though it stretched the sides of her quim to full capacity it still felt good.

When he started to slide it up and down she dug her painted fingernails into his ass urging him on as she was desperate to cum again. Nathan was able to control himself for a while but then he increased the speed and rammed it in harder and harder until he blew a hot stream of cum into her crack.

Mel was almost crying with pleasure. She’d never been fucked like that before. Determined not to let the other girls in the office know about her new source of pleasure she still treated him very professionally at work but almost every night she would go round to his place, cook dinner and then eat his cock for dessert.

Unfortunately Mel’s best friend Sophie did get wind of what was going on and barged in on them one night when Natham was about to pound the fuck out of Mel’s pussy. Sophie quickly stripped off and the three of them fucked and sucked until the early hours of the morning.

The two of them swore to keep their threesomes with Nathan a secret but then Jo, got to know about it and then Lucy. Poor Nathan was beginning to look a bit shagged out. He started to neglect his work and was fired. Mel and her three friends got together and decided that they could chip in a few bucks to support him and so now the lucky prick’s a professional gigolo. To raise enough money to cover his rent and other needs they also had to take Jenny into their group. She wants it up the ass all the time but that’s another story.


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