A Doctor in Need

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Herman Entwistle had a silly name, he wasn’t particularly good looking, and he just worked as a mushroom picker. Women didn’t show the slightest interest in him and all he dreamed about was being rich one day. He’d seen some pretty ugly rich men with beautiful babes on their arm and felt that was his only course of action. However, picking mushroom only paid basic rate and although he spent all of his spare time working on a system to beat the roulette wheel his two trips to Las Vegas had simply reduced his assets

Things began to change for him when his company signed up for an employee health insurance plan and he had to go for a medical. Dr. Caroline Emerson, who was assigned to give him a good going over, was everything he wasn’t. She had a great name, was absolutely gorgeous and was considered to be one of the best doctors in town.

Being single she was pursued by the men she worked with and by half of her patients but she was choosey and for good reason. Caroline was one of those women who had a problem reaching orgasm and so all of the sexual encounters she’d had turned out to be disappointing. She’d tried everything to overcome the problem from holding her breath, when it seemed she might be on the verge of cumming, to applying certain substances to the lips of her vagina. Nothing seemed to work.

When Herman walked into her office for his medical she’d had a particularly frustrating day. He was the last patient and feeling irritable she was rather brusque with the guy when he walked in.

“Take off all your clothes and stand over there,” she snapped, hardly giving him a second glance.

Poor Herman desperately looked around for a screen to hide behind while he stripped off.

“O come on,” she said, impatiently, “Just take them off I’ve seen more bare asses that you’ve had hot dinners – so hurry up.”

Obediently he removed his clothes while she was filling in his card at her desk. As she looked up to ask him if he’d had any infectious diseases she caught sight of his enormous schlong. It was huge.

“O my god does that actually go erect?”

“It does when I watch some programs on television,” he confessed, without using the word porn.

Caroline got up and walked toward him. “I’m going to have to test to see if you have a hernia,” she said, and then she slipped her fingers around his balls and told him to cough. After two coughs she continued to fondle his balls. As she was hoping his big dick started to get solid. It was then she decided to inspect it for any infection he might have. She slowly peeled back the foreskin and then moved it back and forward a few times as Herman’s eyes almost popped out of his head. She knew she was violating doctor-patient ethics but she couldn’t resist sliding her delicate fingers up and down that prize-winning penis.

“How do women react to this gift of yours?” she asked, lowering herself down for a closer examination.

“I’ve never had a woman look at it before,” mumbled Herman getting a bit embarrassed.

“You’ve never had intercourse?”


“Well – I can’t give you a clean bill of health without knowing how your penis reacts under such circumstances; I don’t want to be accused of rushing this medical. The insurance companies are very strict about such things.”

Herman just wished that she would get on with it as he was getting very excited and his cock was getting harder and harder. Now, being on her knees, her face was only a few millimeters away from his bell end and her mouth just happened to be open. When Herman gave a little unexpected cough it slipped in between her bright red lips, giving both of them a shock.

Before he could pull it out and say sorry she grabbed on to his balls and forced herself forward until it was halfway down her throat. She then fondled his nut sack as she slid up and down in a steady rhythm.

As Herman had a backlog of sperm waiting to burst out, it didn’t take long before he coated her tonsils with a thick sticky layer. She licked the residue from her lips, got up off of her knees and began to take off her clothes.

“Now we know you can ejaculate,” she said, “I’d like to know whether it works just as well in a vagina.”

As she took off her bra, and Herman caught sight of the first pair of tits he’d actually seen in the flesh, his dick shot up like a flagpole and it was ready for immediate action. She looked down at it admiringly as she slipped out of panties to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy that was quivering in anticipation.

Carline took him by the hand and lead him over to the examination table where she lay down. She was expecting him to ram it right up her crack but he’d seen a few X rated movies and he’d always wondered what pussy tasted like. He opened up her legs and stuck his face between her slender warm thighs. The mere thought of having his huge weapon forcing the lips of her cunt apart had made her really wet and he sucked it up like as if it was some kind of magic nectar.

She had been so busy admiring his dick she hadn’t asked him to stick out his tongue and to her great joy that also turned out to be king sized. As he lapped it up and down her slit like an overgrown St. Bernard who was pleased to see her, Caroline’s body began to shake. In danger of getting off before she’d felt his huge weapon achieve penetration, she grabbed onto his arms and she cried out, “Fuck me, Herman, fuck me.”

The next thing she felt was her cunt being stretch to capacity and that enormous dick forcing its way up her pipe. When he seemed to have the whole thing tightly embedded he began to move in and out, slowly at first but then he picked up the pace and was pounding her mound mercilessly.

She started to moan and then, as if in hysterics she cried out “make me cum Herman – make me cum, for fuck’s sake make me cum.”

He responded with powerful thrusts that almost forced her off the table and then it happened!

“O my god,” she cried, O my god,”

Herman continues to ram it into her until every drop of semen was deposited and then he tried to withdraw, but she held onto his arms and asked him to leave it in for a while. When he did take it out she begged him to wipe his dripping dick over her nipples and then she dragged him forward and began to suck it again.

After she’d taken another mouth full she got up as if it was just a normal day at the office, put on her white coat and returned to her desk.
“Mr. Entwistle, I’m going to say you passed your medical on the form but I would like you to have a weekly appointment here at the surgery.”

“What’s wrong doctor? Do I need some kind of treatment?”

“You don’t Mr. Entwistle – but I do!”

Copyright 2013 Cristiano Caffieri

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