A Blast in the Past

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By Cristiano Caffieri

When Martin Halsey recruited Jae Robertson to work in his engineering lab he agreed to let him use the backroom to do his own projects in his own time. This was a 30X30 space stacked with a lot of old junk, mostly left over from experiments that went wrong.

He normally finished work in the lab at 5.30 and then he’d eat some sandwiches, make some coffee and settle down to three or four hours of taking things apart and putting them together again in different configurations. As bizarre as it sounds Jae genuinely believed he could build a time machine similar to the one H G Wells wrote about.

He was a bright, good-looking young guy but regarded by most of his friends back in London as a geek and by the people in the small English town where he had relocated, as completely mad. Jae couldn’t keep a girlfriend because he’d talk endlessly about Quantum Mechanics and that’s not what most girls want to hear, particularly when you’re fingering their vajajay.

He’d only been working on his project for about four months when he made an astounding breakthrough and he couldn’t wait to test his weird looking vehicle that looked a bit like a motorcycle minus the wheels. However, as he strapped himself into the seat he couldn’t help feeling a bit anxious.

Soon he and the machine were bathed in blue light that quickly turned to gold and when it materialized again the surroundings had changed. He stepped off of his contraption and found he was in a fairly large kitchen. On the table was a newspaper dated 23 July 1934 with the headline, “Dillinger Gunned Down in Chicago.” Now he realized that he’d made it, his time machine worked – it really worked.

The house was completely silent but he was still a little apprehensive about looking around. Regardless, he felt he just couldn’t just climb back on the seat and return to 2014 without at least a little exploration.

Jae ventured into the living room, which was expensively furnished, indicating that the house didn’t belong to someone in the working class of that time. The dining room was quite elegant and the hallway that was covered with thick red carpet led him to the staircase. He very quietly tipped toed up the stairs, looking in two bedrooms and bathroom before arriving at a closed door.

He took a deep breath and very slowly turned the knob and pushed it open. On the bed lay an absolutely gorgeous woman, completely naked. She sat up when she heard him come in,

“Mr. Smith I presume?”

He didn’t answer because he didn’t know what the fuck to say.
“Ellen McCormick said if anyone could give me a baby you could,” she began, looking him up and down obviously intrigued by his jeans and Tshirt, “You certainly look fit and she tells me that you have a degree in science or something.”

He nodded at this point because he did.

“I want my baby to be healthy and intelligent, I have these qualities and if she’s right and you do too – I’m going to have a child I can be proud of.”

“Your husband can’t give you children?”

“I don’t have a husband, I’m a Lesbian and proud of it, I don’t need some man to fulfill my dreams I just need a child.”

He cleared his throat wondering what to say next as she got a little impatient,

“Come on get your clothes off and let’s do it.”

She saw his hesitation and assured him that she would not just expect him to simply fertilize her. “I’ll suck your cock for you if that’s what you want, I’ll moan and groan and scream if that makes you fuck me better.”

Jae was getting horny, after all, he was talking to a beautiful naked woman and her sexually orientation didn’t seem to matter. He quickly took off his clothes, ever mindful that the real Mr. Smith might turn up at any moment and beat the shit out of him.

When he had stripped off she just lay back on the bed with her arms stretched out behind her. He moved up onto the covers, straddled her legs with his knees each side and made for her big luscious looking tits.

“Do you really have to suck them,” she asked as he took one nipple eagerly between his lips and then the other. He ignored her comment because, whether she fancied him or not – he certainly fancied her.

Her nipples were surprisingly erect and he kept sucking and licking for some time. She didn’t try to hurry him up, in fact, he thought he heard her whimper a couple of times. Now whether the groaning and moaning were real he didn’t know but when he put his finger in her wet cunt she certainly put on a show. He moved it around a bit and inserted a second finger as he continued to suck on her tits.

After a while she shoved him away from her and stretched her body over his face and took his dick into her mouth, her lips shoved the skin right back and then, with one hand she began to caress his balls. Jae was feeling extremely excited and grabbed hold of the inside of her thighs, forcing his head up so he could run his tongue up and down her crack. He didn’t know what was going through her mind but she certainly enjoyed the sensation and began to increase the speed as she went up and down his dick. When he felt his cum surging upwards he shouted out loud and then shot his entire load into her mouth.
She got up from the bed, went over to the dressing table and taking a handkerchief she spit his residue into it. When she turned around she immediately noticed that his cock was flagging a little.

“Don’t tell me you’re only good for one fuck,” she snapped, shaking her head.

“Just gently massage it,” he replied, “It will be as hard as a rock in no time.”

She sighed impatiently but sat down beside him and used her long sensuous fingers to explore his balls and to move the skin gently up and down. As he had predicted it took no time at all and soon it was stiff, throbbing and ready for action.

She lightened up and giggled when he grabbed hold of her and threw her onto her back. However, the giggling stopped when he parted her legs and rammed his big thick cock deep inside of her. As he began to thrust it in and out her tits swayed backward and forwards and this really turned him on. He increased his pace and she dug her fingernails into his back as he went faster and faster.

When he was about to blow his load he became vocal, and she, trying to avoid giving the impression that she was enjoying it just took short breaths as if she was panting. It felt as though his balls were on fire when he blew his load deep into her cavity and she held onto him tightly and smiled as though her objective had been achieved.

As soon as he withdrew the atmosphere was downgraded from one of excitement and expectation to pure business.

“I should get pregnant,” she said, “This is exactly the right time both from a biological point of view and from what my astrologer tells me. However, if I should need your services again, write down how I get in touch with you. You’ll find a notepad on the dresser in the kitchen along with your fee.

She wrapped herself up in the bed covers and just sighed as if she already felt the joy of motherhood. Jae dressed and went down stairs. He did not pick up the money, he just took the pad and scribbled, I am not Mr. Smith, I am a time traveler from the year 2014. From his wallet, he then took out a picture of him and his last girlfriend Julianna at the London Motorexpo . They were standing beside a rather futuristic looking car with a banner in the background clearly saying 2013. He placed the photo with the note and climbed back onto his machine.

Jae decided that he’d put his time travel plans on hold for a few months while he made some modifications to his contraption. He often thought of the woman, whose name he didn’t even know and wondered if she’d had his baby back there in 1935. Then one day, while waiting at a downtown taxi rank he got a really big shock when a gray-haired old lady came up to him and said, “Are you my daddy?”

He just stood there with his mouth open for a few moments but then the care worker, who accompanied her, apologized, “I’m sorry sir – Emily thinks every man is her daddy.”

Jae smiled politely as the worker bundled her charge into a taxi and they pulled away. As the next vehicle took its place he noticed that one of them had dropped a purse. He picked it up and opened it in search of ID and there in the folds he found a faded photograph of him and Julianna at last year’s London Motorexpo. THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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