Big Boys Need Babysitters Too

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Blair Somerby never really liked his forename, he thought it sounded girlie and Harley Bensen didn’t care for her name either as she thought it was too masculine. However, the two didn’t realize that their names would eventually work to their advantage.

Blair was eighteen and with just a few weeks to go before graduating from high school his widowed father was called away to South Africa on business. As this trip was to be for four or five weeks, he didn’t want to leave his son alone, thinking he might be tempted to invite some of his friends round for an alcohol-fueled orgy. He knew what he was like at that age and he didn’t want to take any chances.

Obviously, you can’t ask an agency for a babysitter for an eighteen-year-old and so his father used the term temporary live-in companion. Now when he mentioned the name Blair on the phone the agency naturally thought it was a young woman and 25-year-old Harley Bensen immediately came to mind as the ideal companion.

Mr. Somersby was in such a hurry to get off on his trip he asked few questions but was assured that Harley was highly recommended by the last client and had other excellent references. He had lots on his mind and so the arrangements were made for Harley to stay at the house for a period of five weeks rather hurriedly.

A list of requirements was drawn up for the new companion which included instructions on how to use the kitchen appliances, how Blair had to be on time for school and how they could call on Mrs. Cooke, who cleaned for them twice a week if they should need help. With the list pinned prominently on the kitchen notice board, Mr. Somersby bid his son farewell and raced off to the airport.

When the taxi turned up at the front of the house Blair sighed, he was incensed that at eighteen he was not allowed to look after himself and possibly have the odd mind blowing mini-rave. However, when Harley Bensen stepped out of the cab he took an enormous deep breath. To put it mildly, she was stacked!

Blair fell over himself to open the door and greet his “babysitter.”

“Welcome to our humble home,” he blurted out, smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Harley looked confused and suggested that she might have the wrong house but Blair assured her that she had the right one and gallantly took her suit case and said that he would show her to her room. She didn’t look too happy about the idea of staying alone with a mature looking eighteen year old. But Blair put on his very best front, offered her coffee and assured her they were going to get along famously.

Underneath her coat, Harley was wearing a simple cotton dress that revealed that she had a hell of a figure. Her tits were gorgeous, her legs long and inviting and her full lips offered the promise of an extraordinary blowjob.

Although acting slightly aloof, Harley was not blind to Blair’s good looks and athletic form. His smile, that had won him a number of conquests in the past, was also not lost on his new companion.

They prepared supper together that evening and Blair dug out a nice bottle of Beaujolais from his father’s wine rack and even lit a couple of candles. Harley was a little apprehensive when she walked into the dining room and saw, what appeared to be, preparations for a romantic evening.

After dinner they sat on the sofa together, with a safe distance between them, to watch some TV. Fortunately for Blair, there was a movie on that had some pretty explicit sex scenes. Harley glanced over at him several times during the movie and he returned her looks with one of his prize winning smiles.

He desperately wanted to move closer to her and eventually came up with the idea of fetching a box of chocolates from the kitchen and plonking himself right next to her to share them. When he returned he managed to get so close that he could feel the warmth of her body and she didn’t seem to object.

When the movie moved into suspense mode and the heroine’s bedroom door suddenly burst open to reveal a vampire standing there, Blair feigned a little shock and gripped hold of Harley’s thigh. She looked at him curiously but didn’t move it and so the next time there was a similar scene his hand actually slipped into her crotch. She took a deep breath and turned towards him and to his amazement, those full scarlet lips crashed into his and their tongues played touch tag with each other.

Blair slipped his arms around her slender waist and laying back he drew her on the top of him. As she wriggled her body all over his he thought that she might break his dick that was as hard as the flagpole that stood proudly outside the house and it was dying to break out of his pants and show the colors. Harley was kind enough to let it out, by quickly removing his pants and his underwear and then wrapping those full lips around his dick, taking it deep into her mouth.

It was such a surprise he was tempted to pinch himself just in case this was just another one of his dirty dreams. However, when she continued to suck him off and fondle his balls with her long painted fingers, he convinced himself it was the real thing.

“Oh my God,” Blair cried out as she took it deeper and deeper down her throat.

She stopped for one frustrating moment and inquired if she was hurting him.

“No – no,” he gasped, anxious for her to slide it back in as quickly as possible.

“OK – let’s see if I can make you cum,” she smiled, and with that she licked his cock from his nut sack to the tip and then engorged the whole thing, making yum-yum sounds as she did so.

Blair was convinced she was prepared for him to cum into her mouth and so he didn’t do anything but moan a bit louder and take short sharp breaths as he felt his cream filling surging through his tubes. When he did blow his load every nerve ending seemed to explode at the same time.

Harley didn’t take it out of her mouth right away and as he lay there breathing heavy, thanking the saints and his Dad for sending him such a gift, she cleaned it up thoroughly with her tongue before standing up to take off her clothes. He swallowed hard as all was revealed. She had a body that most women would have given up their vibrator for.

She was slender with a creamy white skin and her sandy hair was matched with that around her pussy. He wouldn’t have known how to describe her tits, they were pointed and firm with nipples that looked like two ripe raspberries. Blair loved raspberries and he quickly sat up, slipped his hands around her buttocks and drew her close.

When his lips made contact with her nipples she went rigid for a moment but then her body relaxed and she worked her fingers through his hair as he licked and sucked them as if it was his last meal. Harley was loving it and she was groaning, moaning and tugging on to his blonde locks.

She was a girl that was full of surprises so he was not shocked when she suddenly broke free and mounted the sofa standing above his face with her inviting groove hovering over him. He slipped over the edge of the cushion as she leaned forward and held onto the back of the sofa, which placed his mouth right between her legs.

He parted the petals of her flower with his fingers and inserted his tongue. She exhaled and then took a very deep breath. Blair licked the sides gently gradually increasing the speed but only touching her lips very lightly. She began to whimper and groan and move her ass a little as if to force his face further into her now very wet groove.

When she began to go into orgasm her body vibrated so much it could be registered at the nearby seismic monitoring station. And when she actually came she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Now she was anxious to feel his dick inside of her and she literally tore off his shirt and then lay on the rug with her long slender legs open for business. Blair jumped on the top of her and drove his dick straight in and then just lay there savoring the wonderful feeling it gave him.

Harley gave a gasp as he penetrated her bush and started to move her ass around impatiently. He was up for the challenge and he started to ram it deep, one stroke at a time at first, almost withdrawing it and then ramming it in as far as it would go. She was loving it and calling out “Fuck me – fuck me,” over and over again.

Blair gradually opened up until his ass was going like a fiddler’s elbow and she continued to call out obscenities and dig her nails into his back. When he shot his load it felt like he was draining every drop of cum out of his balls. As it streamed through his tubes it felt hot like molten lava. He cried out a little but his cries were muffled when she grabbed his head and covered his lips with hers.

When the heavy breathing was over Blair scrambled back onto the sofa and looked down at her lovely body spread out on the rug. She smiled, “I didn’t see this activity on your father’s list.”

“He did say I could eat out twice a week,” he replied with a sly wink.

“I hope it’s going to be more often than that,” she pouted, fingering her groove.

“OK – let’s make it twice a day – but we’re not going to tell Dad.”

She got up from the floor and gently kissed his dick, then looking up she smiled again, “Do you think I could have a little more dessert – it tasted so good?”

Before he could answer she’d taken his sperm dispenser in her mouth so it was too late to object – he wasn’t planning to do so anyway! THE END

Copyright 2014 – 2016 Cristiano Caffieri

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