Accidentally in Paradise

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By Cristiano Caffieri

Well, away from the casinos and bright lights of Nevada’s urban centers you’ll find the Bald Oasis Hospital. It would be a strange place for a hospital if it really was a hospital, but it’s more of a place where people go for sexual therapy – even just sex. It’s far off the beaten track, partly for legal reasons, and few people ever pass by accidentally, they are normally responding to advertisements on the internet.

For avid biker Brian Fielding nowhere was out of the way. He’d crossed the Andes, the Sahara Desert, and the Russian Tundra on his bike and so a trip through the semi-arid desert of Nevada was child’s play. Or so he thought.

Temperatures were hovering around 120 degrees the day he rode towards the Bald Oasis and he was beginning to feel quite ill. When his vision became blurred even tough guy Brian knew when he should stop and rest.

The building was visible for several miles although he had no idea what it was. He made his way slowly towards it feeling more nauseous every minute but he made it and was quite surprised when he discovered it was a hospital.

Brian went through the first door he came to, just hoping to find a cool place to sit down and relax but he didn’t remember another thing until he came to in bed. It was a private room and so there was no one to ask what had happened but he was feeling OK and decided to climb out of bed. Before his feet hit the floor a gorgeous young woman, dressed in a nurse’s outfit, came into the room. He quickly dived back under the sheets as he was naked.

“So – you’re feeling better,” she greeted him, smiling.

“Yes, I feel fine- what happened to me exactly?”

“Well it’s not often anyone tries to cross that desert on a motorcycle,” she laughed, “You must be really desperate.”

He didn’t quite get what she was talking about but she went to explain that they had to go through his things to check his identity and they’d established that they could swing his treatments on his insurance.

I don’t really think I need any treatments,” he said.

“Denial is something we deal with all of the time. Doctor Sandra will be in momentarily and so we can start right away.”

Brian didn’t quite understand where the conversation was going but Nurse Lulu was incredibly attractive, wore a short-skirted uniform with a plunging neckline and so he wondered what he could lose by taking some little treatment or other.

When Doctor Sandra arrived it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that under her thin white coat she was absolutely naked.

“Good morning Brian I hope you slept well,” she said, walking over to the bed, “What’s your problem exactly – are you having trouble getting it up?”

“What up?” he asked naively.

“Your dick up of course,” she laughed.

Brian, a little shocked by her bedside manner, assured her that he could get it up. In fact, it was up at that very moment due in no small part to the see through white coat and Nurse Lulu’s tits hanging over him as she fluffed his pillow.

“I think we should have a look at it,” she smiled and before he could say anything Nurse Lulu zipped off all the covers and there he was naked with a colossal boner.

“Impressive,” exclaimed the doctor and taking out a tape measure, she put along side his dick and called out seven and a half inches to Nurse Lulu who wrote it down.

“Now I’d like to measure the girth,” she said, taking it gently in her hand, “That’s five inches,” she called out, and then looking at Brian with a grin she said, “I think you’d better add another half inch to the length.”

Brian was completely mystified about what was going on but he thought as long as they were not threatening him with medical instruments of any kind he was going to lay back and enjoy it, although he was feeling incredibly horny and would have given anything to copulate.

“Do have trouble ejaculating?” asked the doctor leaning quite close to the end of his dick while she scrutinized it.

“No I don’t,” he said, swallowing hard as she wrapped her fingers around it and pulled back his foreskin.

“Before I can diagnose whether you have a problem or not,” said the doctor, “I have to see you ejaculate.”

Brian must have appeared a bit dumb as she later clarified it by saying “CUM.”

When he looked away from the doctor for a second he could see Nurse Lulu taking off her skimpy outfit and hanging it on a peg by the door. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing – she had a perfect body – beautiful firm tits, a narrow waistline and a shapely shaved flower that any nude model would have died for.

Nurse Lulu sashayed towards him with a glint in her eye, a smile on her face and a bottle of some kind of oil in her hand. The doctor sat down in the bedside chair and watched as Nurse Lulu began to pour a few drops of oil on his dick.

“Don’t worry,” she said it’s been warmed up.

Brian was not worried but it certainly gave his body a jolt when her long slender fingers caressed him and then started a slow hand job. By this time he was determined just to enjoy the experience and he just lay back and closed his eyes. She turned out to be unbelievably good at what she did.

Nurse Lulu knew every trick in the book. She rubbed those oiled hands around his balls and kept one moving around them while the other brought his skin up and down until he thought he’d explode – and explode he did.

“Well done,” said the doctor giving a little applaud. “Now the question is could you cum again – say within the next five minutes.”

Brian said he thought he could and Nurse Lulu wiggled over to the washbasin and soaked a sponge to clean him up. Even that got him excited, but when she tossed the sponge back into the basin and descended on him with full red lips he just about passed into an ecstatic coma.

Even though it was difficult for him to concentrate on anything, as those lips manipulated his dick every which way, he did manage to hear Doctor Sandra advise him to signal when he was cumming as they had to see the amount.

The way the nurse sucked he could have sworn she wanted to swallow the lot, she groaned and moaned as her tongue danced around his throbbing dick and her hands delicately massaged his balls.

When he could feel his cum surging up through his veins he shouted, “I’m cumming,” and Nurse Lulu withdrew and then pumped him furiously with her hand until it shot up onto her face. While she cleaned herself up the doctor turned to Brian and smiled. “You are doing very well young man – very well indeed – I intend to feature your case in a study I’m doing so I would appreciate your full co-operation.”

Brian said that he’d do anything he could do to further the cause of medical research. The nurse and doctor applauded him for his community spirit.
His dick was a little deflated but the doctor slipped off her white coat revealing her nubile figure it was beginning to rise again. She had quite a different body to the nurse, very slender with small breasts and she didn’t shave her flower, at least not completely.

“If you’ll get up Brian I’d like you to have coitus with me – in other words, fuck me. Now Nurse Lulu will lie beside me and masturbate while we’re at it. That’s not part of the treatment it’s just something she likes to do.”

Brian, who was beginning to think he was simple delirious, and this was some sort of dream, got up obediently and the doctor lay in his place and the Nurse Lulu lay down beside her.

“I would like a little foreplay – but it’s up to you Brian, said Sandra, who seemed to be twitching a little with excitement.

Brian decided he had enough foreplay for both of them and with his body beginning to glisten with perspiration he got down to it. He first ran his tongue up the inside of the doctor’s thigh until he reached the lips of her flower and then he did the same thing to the nurse. The two of them entwined their fingers and closed their eyes as he paid attention to one and then the other.

He sucked both of their erect nipples, licked their flowers, and rubbed his dick on their tits until they went half crazy. When eventually he did rammed all eight inches into the doctor she gasped and her eyes opened wide.

Her cunt was as tight as a mouse’s ear and as it gripped on to the end of his knob he became more and more excited. While he plowed into her he supported himself on one arm using the other the fondled the right breast of Lulu, who was frantically diddling herself as he quickened his pace.
Before he shot his load, Lulu had cum twice and the doctor came just as the sperm was about to make a break for it.

There was lots of swearing, gasping and groping going on for a few minutes but eventually, the doctor regained her composure and said although everything seemed normal it would be best if he stayed for another two days and they would repeat the routine just to be sure.

Brian thought he must be in a crazy house but as he didn’t exactly have a schedule he decided to stay the full three days. During which time he ate like a King both from the trolley they wheeled in every day and between their legs.

On the last day, the doctor agreed to let Lulu be the one who got fucked and so they switched positions. Looking down at Lulu’s beautiful big breasts moving from side to side certainly added something to the experience. Not only that, when he came Lulu did a U-turn and put his dripping dick in her mouth for good measure.

On the fourth morning, even though he had not officially been discharged, he decided he had to leave and he got up early, dressed and sneaked into the corridor. There he ran into an aging security guard who asked him what he was doing.

“You’re not supposed to be on this wing – it’s closed,” he said.

“Well, I’ve been in room 39 for the last three days.”

A little mystified the guard asked who his doctor was. When Brian said Doctor Sandra and Nurse Lulu had been looking after him, the old man began to chuckle.

“There not members of the staff, he said, “They’re patients, they’re a pair of nymphomaniacs here for treatment.”

Brian just shook his head and wondered if this was going to cause a problem for him. But the man just patted him on the shoulder, chuckled and told him to sneak out by the back entrance.

“I won’t say anything if you don’t,” he said, “And I’ll give your best wishes to Doctor Sandra and Nurse Lulu when they give me my next treatment.”
His laughter was still echoing down the corridor when Brian opened the door and went back out into the searing heat. THE END

Copyright 2013 Cristiano Caffieri

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