A Nude Modelling Job

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Nick Jonas, a recently discharged soldier, was having a hell of a time getting a job. Every day he browsed the classified ads, sent out resumes and made phone calls but it seemed nobody needed a man whose skills were driving armored vehicles and firing high-tech weapons.

One morning, however, he did spot an interesting looking ad for a male model. It wasn’t to walk up and down the catwalk showing off the latest fashions but to pose for a lady’s college art department. They were looking for a tall man of good physique and character and were prepared to pay a decent salary.

When Nick turned up at the small quiet Thuresby campus he was given a short interview by the Dean and then turned over to Haley Graham, the head of the fine arts department. When she walked into the office he had great difficulty in suppressing his inclination to go “WOW.”

She was not what he expected a department head to look like. Somewhere in her late twenties, she had a body that any fashion model would have been proud of and a beautiful smile that would melt the hardest of hearts.

“You do understand that this position requires you to pose in the nude Mr. Jonas.”

He said he had the feeling that it was a requirement and she went on to ask if he’d be comfortable with that.

“Well I was in the army showering with a dozen guys at the same time,” he replied, “So I not really shy about wandering around without clothes.”

“But you won’t be posing for guys Mr. Jonas, you’ll be posing for a group of women.”

He swallowed, being a bit unsure of himself, but managed to say that he could handle it.

The job was only for three months but he figured at least he’d be able to put a little money aside and keep searching for something more permanent. On top of quite a reasonable amount of remuneration, all his meals were thrown in. It looked like a very good deal.

Before giving him the final approval Miss Graham took him to a private room used for art classes for what she called the final test.

“I hope you won’t be embarrassed Mr. Jonas,” she said, as she locked the door, “But I have to ask you to take all of your clothes off so that I can decide if your body type is what we’re looking for.”

Haley sat on a chair and just stared at him while he stripped down. He could see right up her legs with the short skirt she was wearing and she made no attempt to put her knees together.

When his boxer shorts fell to the floor, Haley smiled and said,

“Perfect Mr. Jonas – you’re perfect – however I have to tell you,” she said, pointing at his dick that had turned into a flagpole, ”We would have to give you some medication to stop that happening during class. Our young women are broadminded but we don’t want to distract them from the task at hand – and I’m afraid that,” she pointed once more, “Would distract them.”

“If I cum before the session,” he said, with a cheeky grin, “I think I could control it.”

“So you’re saying you’re going to jerk yourself off just before you take your place before the class.”

“I could do that but of course it would be better if I actually had a bit of nooky – if you see what I mean.”

“Let me get this straight, you’re saying that in addition to your salary and meals you want us to provide you with a free fuck.”

“It would be nice,” he smiled, as Haley put her head to one side and looked at him quizzically.

“Even if something could be arranged we have no guarantee that it would work.”

“You can try me out.”

Haley looked thoughtful, but after a few seconds consideration she said that it was essentially a creative college and that they must be open minded and prepared to sacrifice a little for their art. With this, she slipped off her top and as he suspected she was wearing no bra.

He felt sure that she herself must act as a model because she had the most perfect pair of tits he’d ever seen, well at least recently. Nick wanted to just go over and grab them but he waited until she’d slipped off her skirt and panties before making a move. However, before anything got underway Haley came up with some conditions.

“We might as well make this as pleasant as possible,” she smiled, “So I want you to sit on the chair.”

He wasn’t going to argue and he quickly seated himself and sat there with his mast sticking bolt upright. Haley then put her hands on his shoulders and slowly lowered herself down on it.

Even without any real foreplay, it wrapped around his dick like one of those wet and warm towels they use for your face in the barbershop. Being tall he couldn’t suck her nipples but he fondled them as she put her mouth to his and began to explore it with her tongue.

For a time Haley just held still and didn’t move her ass at all, she just kept kissing and he kept on massaging her soft warm tits. Then all hell broke loose she pressed hard on his shoulders and began to ride him like a horse and it was full gallop all of the way.

“This feels good,” she cried as she pounded his dick, “This feels really good.”

Nick couldn’t say anything because his mouth had gone dry, his balls were aching from the pounding they were getting and also because they were getting ready to send his super goo up his dick and into this beautiful woman’s pussy.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” he cried hoarsely, and the next thing he knew he was exploding inside of her and she had gone into a massive orgasm and was holding onto his neck and grinding her ass as if she wanted to get every last drop of his cum out of him

When she had got her breath back she eased herself off of him, casually examined his dick, that was a little flaccid, and then began to pull the foreskin backward and forwards a few times until it started to rise up again.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “we’ll have to do it again.”

Nick got up from his chair and lifted her up into his powerful arms, made for the velvet chez lounge that acted as a prop, and he laid her down gently.

“You can suck my tits this time,” she said, “And suck them hard, I like that, but don’t bite them.”

Nick, always willing to obliged licked and sucked them as she moaned and groaned, and then holding her arms down like as if she was his prisoner, he drove his cock into her groove and gave her the works. Her tits swayed from side to side as he kept up a steady pace, increasing it until she was going wild and trying to break loose so that she could put her arms around him.

The second explosion was no less intense than the first and she almost went hysterical as his cum oozed inside of her.

This time his dick was a little limper than the first and Haley nodded her approval and began to put on her clothes. When they were both dressed she coldly opened the door and then with a wry smile, she said, “Thank you for “cumming” Mr. Jonas, I have a dozen of more applicants to see before I make a final decision – I have your number and I’ll let you know one way or the other.” THE END

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri 2014


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