A Nice Piece of Ass

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by Cristiano Caffieri

It’s not often that a guy’s girl friend takes off and rents her apartment to a friend but that happened to Jake Morrison. Amelia and he had a big fight and although he’d been trying to get her on the phone for three days, in the hope of patching things up, she just wouldn’t pick up his calls.
Even though he was working day and night on a very important project he decided to drive into San Diego to have it out face to face. As his current job was up state it was very late when he reached the apartment building.

Having a key he let himself in and tiptoed to the bedroom. His girl friend appeared to be asleep and so he just took off all of his clothes and quietly crept in beside her. He slipped his arm around and held on to one of her breasts. Even though he fondled it a little she didn’t wake her up and so they lay snuggled together like that all night.

Jake figured that when she woke up in the morning they’d fall into each other’s arms and everything would be back to normal, it had happened before. However, he was awakened by a familiar voice saying, “What the fuck are you doing in my bed.”

It was Marika, Amelia’s best friend, who was also naked and in a minor state of shock.

“Where’s Amelia,” he asked, looking around as if she might jump out of the closet at any moment.

“She’s in Atlanta – staying with her mother.”

“When is she due back,” he asked, trying to not look at Marika’s tits that were showing in spite of her trying to hide behind the bed cover she was holding up.

“She says she’s never coming back – didn’t she tell you.”

“No – she wouldn’t answer my calls.”

“Well she left yesterday,” said Marika, “She phoned me and asked me if I wanted to rent the place because I was living with my mother and she was driving me fucking crazy. I didn’t realize that you were thrown in with the rent.”

“You know I have my own place but I do stay here most week-ends.”

“Is that what the row was about – you’re not wanting to commit.”

“Sort of.”

“She was good enough to fuck but not good enough to commit too?”

“Shit – I know it sounds bad but I’m quite sure if Amelia is the one. Sexually we don’t seem all that comparable but I care for her.

” Ah ah – this gets very interesting – what did you want to do – shove it up her ass or something?”

“I just wanted it more often than she was prepared to do it, and I would have liked her to be a bit more enthusiastic when we were doing it.”

“How did you go about it – show me.”

“What do you mean,” he asked looking a bit puzzled.

“Let’s say you want to lay me – how would you get me in the mood.”

“I suppose I’d kiss you first.”

She pouted out her lips like a three-year-old, “Go ahead them plant one on me.”

Marika was a really great looking girl but she was sort of a friend and he was a bit shy about kissing her there and then, particular as she was naked. In spite of his reservations, he leaned forward and placed one on her lips. It felt so good he actually slipped his arm around her and crushed his lips tighter against hers. Marika responded by sticking her tongue in his mouth.

Things started to get more serious as she put her arms around his neck and the covers fell off of her. Now his chest was pressing against her lovely naked tits and it seemed there no turning back. Next, his hands began to fondle her and then he bent his head and made for her nipples. They were large and erect and felt wonderful between his lips.

Marika, who’d only ever been a casual acquaintance, now seemed to be enjoying every moment of this little adventure and as he sucked her tits her hand went under the covers and grabbed his dick. At this point, Jake lost all of his ability to concentrate. Marika moved his foreskin up and down and his shaft was so hard and throbbing he thought it might explode.

Before he could make any more moves on her, she whipped all the covers off the bed and literally dived onto it with her mouth, sliding it in so far he thought she would choke. He took a big deep breath as she drew it out and then dived all over again.

When she stopped for a moment he impatiently moved his ass up and down as if fucking her mouth and that prompted her to start the process of sucking him dry. Wow – what a blow job it was. As she furiously drove his dick into her mouth she actually stuck one finger up his ass and moved it around.

Jake had never had a prostrate exam during sex before but it didn’t feel half bad. And it didn’t feel half bad when she let him cum in her mouth licking every drop off the rim of his nob-end before sitting up and smiling.

“How was that?” she asked.


“OK now your turn to amaze me,” she said, and with this, she took a bottle of baby oil and began to lubricate his dick that soon started to regain its stiffness.

“Now I want you to stuff it up my ass,” she said, quickly getting up and planting her hands on the dressing table with her rear end raised up for penetration.

“I’ve never done anal before,” he mumbled, a bit uncertain of how it was going to work out.

“Neither have I – so it will be an experience for both of us.”

Jake climbed from the bed and first just embraced her from behind fondling her tits that hung like ripe fruit. Then taking careful aim he slid his dick into her ass. Even with all the lubrication, it was a tight fit and she groaned a bit as it went further and further in.

With his arms still wrapped around her holding onto her gorgeous tits he began to thrust it in and out.

“O my god that feels good,” she whimpered.

Being so tight around the end of his dick it didn’t take long before his cum began to work its way up from his balls and shoot into her pooper. Although Marika seemed to enjoy his thighs beating against the cheeks of her bum – she didn’t have an orgasm. To rectify the situation Jake grabbed hold of her, threw her on the bed and wedged his face between her thighs.

As soon as his tongue started to poke the folds of her pussy she began to moan, and moan loudly. Her groove was wet and warm and it tasted good, so Jake pulled her lips gently apart and first licked up one side and then the other.

“Oh fuck,” she cried as he moved up and down her crack with a steady rhythm, “Holy fuck.”

It wasn’t long before her whole body began to shake and she jerked upwards as she went into a massive orgasm. Afterward, Marika just clung onto him kissing his neck, his shoulders, and his lips. They both seemed in a state of bliss – that was until they heard a noise outside and suddenly the door burst open and there was Amelia.

“Oh Jake you’re here,” she cried rushing over to him, “I’ve been trying to get you all morning but your phone was turned off, I’m sorry about what I said to you – I want things to be as they….” her voice trailed off as she stood back and took a second look.”

“What the fuck are you two doing in the nude????” THE END

Copyright 2015 Cristiano Caffieri

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