A Little Bit of the Rough in the Buff

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rough in the buff2

by Cristiano Caffieri

She had the figure of a model and the trappings of a billionaire’s daughter but she liked a bit of rough and Rusty Ryan filled the bill. He happened to be standing at the bus stop when she pulled over in her classy sports car and asked him if he wanted a ride.

The folk standing there looked at the blonde bombshell with her five hundred Euro hairdo and her chic clothes and wondered why on earth would she pick up someone like him. He was not bad looking, and working on construction had rewarded his physique but the long hair, faded jeans, and construction boots seem to nullify anything that could be said in his favor.

Rusty was not the kind of guy to look a gift horse in the mouth and this certainly looked like a gift from heaven. Even though his face had two days of growth and a scar over the left eye he had a winning smile and he flashed it when he opened the door of that rather tiny sports car and climbed in. Siobhan Ó Mocháin knew she’d made the right choice and quickly accelerated the car and headed out of Enniskerry into the countryside.

Her short skirt was rolled back halfway up her thighs and her skimpy top, under which she wore no bra, allowed her tits to move from side to side in the most provocative way. When she changed gear the skirt went up even further and her chest bounced up and down giving Rusty a fairly sizable hard on.

Every so often she’d look down at the bulge in his pants and the fact that she was getting him excited just driving seemed to indicate she could rely on him to give her a command performance when they reached their final destination. It was a beautiful sunny day and as they raced along with the wind in their hair Rusty was beginning to feel a bit like a rich playboy, he kept glancing over at her thinking how lucky he was to be sitting next to such a glamorous creature, who he would, in all likelihood, be fucking a few more miles up the road.

Siobhan knew exactly where she was going, it was obviously somewhere she’d been before and quite suddenly she turned down a little side road and up behind, what appeared to be, an abandoned cottage, but it wasn’t, the rich bitch had turned it into a love nest. It was only two rooms, a living area with a galley kitchen and a cozy bedroom. The bed itself looked as if it belonged more in a castle than a cottage. It was very ornate and dressed completely in white.

His host quickly took off her clothes and bid him do the same, “We are here to fuck, she said, “So let’s get down to it.”

Rusty wished it could have been a little more romantic but it was a case of beggars can’t be choosers and so he stripped down to his socks and stood there awaiting her instructions. She literally threw herself on the bed and lay with her legs wide open. She was shaved but not completely, there was a little strip of hair running vertically which he thought looked rather cute.

“I want you to chew the edges of my cunt with your teeth,” she said, “Not too hard but just as if you were eating a cream cake.”

Rusty didn’t mind a little muff diving so he pushed his face between her thighs and started to nibble. She began to cry out quite loud and as he chewed more she began to thrash her arms around on the bed like someone possessed. Without asking for her further instructions he started to lick her wet slit from top to bottom like a big friendly dog. Now she went completely berserk moving her ass all over the place and pulling hard on his hair. And when she came she pulled even harder and screamed the house down.

She was still trembling when, without further instructions, he moved up to her tits and took them in his large rough hands and started to suck hard on her nipples, getting as much warm flesh into his mouth as he could. Siobhan seemed to be loving it but then became overly anxious for him to fuck her.

“Fuck me and pound my pussy as hard as you can, ” she demanded, and Rusty pulled her unceremoniously towards the bottom of the bed and lifted her legs so that her eager cunt was in reach of his stiff dick – then he drove it in, crashing against her with a vengeance.

“Keep it up.” She cried, “Fuck me harder and harder.”

Holding onto the cheeks of her ass he rammed it in time and time again, each time a little harder than before but then anxious to cum he began to develop a rhythm and he increased the pace until he could feel his goo bubbling up his pipes and then he gave a big grunt as he shot his load deep up inside of her.

Siobhan became hysterical, she flung herself all over the bed so that he had no choice but to take his dripping knob out of her but then she moved back towards him and took it into her mouth trying to suck out any cum that might be still in there. She acted with such enthusiasm that he was afraid she might bite his dick off.

When she calmed down she coldly put on her clothes, ordered him to dress and then drove him back to the bus stop without a word. Rusty still waits at that bus stop every weeknight, and sometimes he goes there on the weekend, even though he doesn’t have to work. In his mind, he believes that one day Siobhan will want a really rough fuck again and she’ll come to find him. THE END

Copyright 2014 Cristiano Caffieri

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