A Little Fresh Hair is Good for You

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by Cristiano Caffieri

Phil Corbin loved nothing better than putting a few things in a backpack and taking long walks in the countryside. His girl friend of two years refused to get involved with, what she termed “trivial pursuits”, and on the days he slipped into his heavy boots she slipped into a beauty salon.

One incredibly gorgeous sunny day he took a bus out of town for the mountains. When he stepped out he took a big breath of fresh air and started on his trek. Two very pretty young backpackers got out behind him but he soon strode ahead and lost sight of them.

He liked to take photographs on the way and managed to get several really good wildlife shots including one of a bear. Around noon he sat down on a cliff overlooking the valley and ate his sandwiches accompanied by a squirrel who insisted he share some of them.

It was getting close to 1.30 when he decided he’d better hoof it back to his starting point as he had catch the bus that went along the highway at 5 o’clock. He began to hurry because the sky was beginning to cloud over and he felt a couple of spots of rain. This eventually turned into a deluge.

It got so bad he was having difficulty in seeing where he was going. He was getting soaked and the path he was on was getting increasingly slippery. It wasn’t long before he lost his footing and went careening down a bank and landed, with a bit of a thud, on another pathway below.

He looked up, wiped some of the rain from his eyes and found that he was in front of a cave. Phil saw an opportunity to shelter from elements but he knew that a place like this could be home to a bear. He entered with a cautiously but when he caught a whiff of smoke he was pretty certain it wasn’t a bear cooking up its lunch. Peering around the corner he was shocked to see the two girls he’d encountered on the bus, one black, one white, sitting by a fire absolutely naked.

They let out piercing screams when they saw his muffled shape appear thinking he was a big Grizzly. When he pulled his hood back and apologized they laughed and didn’t seem concerned that they were showing their tits and hairy muffs.]

After inviting his to strip off and share their fire they explained like him they’d been soaked to the skin and fortuitously a previous tenant had left some firewood so they could dry out. Named Kim and Angie the girls were both college students and talked openly about their sexual exploits which included both male and female colleagues.

“We were going to go down on each other until you arrived – we’ve never done by a camp fire before,” laughed Angie.

“O don’t let me stop you, I can turn my back,” he said, naively.

“I think it would be must more interesting if you joined in,” Kim giggled.

“It would,” Angie agreed, “We could make it into a game.”

Now Phil was a bit of a reserved sort of guy and felt a certain amount of loyalty to his girl friend, even though she was pretty dull when it came to sex. The poor guy was in a dilemma, here he was with two beautiful curvaceous girls and he was being hesitant.

“OK – what kind of game,” he blurted out confidently even though he was trembling with anxiety.

Kim caught the sight of a tripod attached to his backpack, “Do you have a digital camera with you,” she asked excitedly.

“Yes I do,” he replied wondering what she had in mind.

“Wow – why don’t just we fuck around and photograph it all. The fire light should really give us really great effects.”

With the camera set up and Phil at the helm, the two girls began to suck each other’s tits and diddle each other’s twats. They did it in a standing position and started off giggling as they licked and groped each other but that soon turned to some serious moaning and groaning.

The combination of flame and flash gave some amazing effects and here and there he even used video with sound.

“You’d better have a turn before you use up all your battery,” called out Angie.

He explained he had a fully charged spare in his bag. However, he was anxious to get his hands, tongue and possibly his cock on one of those nubile nymphs.

Kim decided to be the photographer and after a few minutes of instruction, she shouted, “Lights, camera, action,” and Angie just walked up to Phil, put her arms around his waist and dropped to her knees.

Those soft lips ran slowly down his dick until it seemed she’d swallowed it right down to his balls.

“Holy shit,” he cried out, “That feels so fucking good.” And it got better as her long finger nails began to gently scratch his nutsack and her lips and tongue worked skillfully up and down his shaft.

The heat from the fire was starting to make her perspire and when he put his hands on her shoulders for support they felt hot and damp. He was beginning to have visions of lying on the top of her sweaty body as she continued to suck his cock, but then his brain seemed to explode. Every nerve he possessed appeared to short circuit as his cum worked its way up. Somewhat reluctantly he called out to warn her.

When she withdrew and worked it out with her hand his load shot right up in the air and the camera flashed like crazy as Kim wanted to capture that magical moment. Phil wanted desperately to lay Angie back by the fire so that he could suck her tits but she got up seemingly anxious to get behind the tripod.

“My turn, my turn,” she said and Kim moved quickly over towards Phil as her friend, now turned director, shouted out instructions.
“Ok, stay standing and suck her tits while she plays with your balls.”

He didn’t need much prompting, and taking one of her hardened nipples in his mouth he sucked it while stroking the underside of her breast. She began to moan immediately and her hand slipped down between his legs to explore.

His dick was getting as hard as a rock again and she could feel it.

“I want him to fuck me now,” she pleaded, “I want him to fuck me.”

“OK yelled Angie, bend over and let him shove it in from the rear.”

Kim complied without any argument and as her lovely bum came up to greet him he rammed it in as far it would go. Reaching around her he grabbed on to her swinging tits and began to pound her pussy as the camera switched to video to capture her cries of passion.

His girlfriend always had her orgasm during foreplay but Kim started to yell hysterically as he went into the short strokes and his hot cum streamed into her quivering cunt.

“Well done, “ said Angie, “I think we should rest now, have a snack and then do some more.”

“Everyone was in complete agreement and they ended up fucking around until the batteries ran out and beyond.

The next morning Phil took their email addresses and promised to send them copies of whatever was on the camera. After stopping off at his house to deposit his backpack and change his clothes, he managed to get to work for his 12-noon shift.

On his return home just after midnight he was shocked to find his girlfriend had taken it upon herself to unload the pictures onto the computer.

“You never do anything like this with me,” she said, “You just do boring stuff.”

He was amazed that she was taking his fucking other women so lightly. However, when she slipped off her robe, bent over and turned on the gas fire he felt she was about to forgive him provided he gave her equal satisfaction.

As he began to strip off there was a flash of a camera.

“Oh yes I forgot to tell you, I asked my sister to stay for the night to be the cameraman – and maybe – just maybe – she’ll agree to play a supporting role.”


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