A Big Dick in the Fashion World

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By Cristiano Caffieri

When 18-year-old Damon Yates applied for a Saturday job at a fashionable women’s store he didn’t quite know what he was in for. Annette DuBois, the owner, born in Chicago but who had a distinct French accent, would have preferred a girl for the job but Damon’s father was her therapist and so she felt kind of obligated.

“This job is for a gopher.” Annette explained, “Saturday is always our Fashion Show Day and my models work very hard, so when they need anything – you go-for-it – whether it’s coffee, hairspray or they need help with getting a dress on. Do you understand?”

Damon nodded, “Yes – I understand perfectly.”

The models were not particularly impressed with Damon on that first day, he was skinny, wore thick glasses and his hair looked like as though he’d insulted his barber. However, he turned out to be very efficient and so towards the end of the day they warmed towards him.

It was not an easy job, every time he walked into the dressing room there would be at least one of the models with her breasts showing or walking around in a thong. He developed such a boner at one point he was having difficulty walking.

At the end of the long day, the six models sat around in various stages of nakedness and drank coffee. It was then when a girl called Jani noticed the enormous bulge in his pants.

“Look at Damon,” she cried, “We’ve given him a boner.”

The girls all laughed and then, a particularly beautiful tall, long legged model called Mahala said someone should help him with that.

“Go on – you help him Mahala,” the rest of them chorused.

“Go on help him with it.” laughed Jani.

Damon, who was leaning on one of the dressing tables drinking his coffee, turned beet red as Mahala advanced on him walking in the most sensuous manner. She was wearing absolutely nothing and soon Damon was confronted with a pair of perky breasts and a shaved flower rubbing up the front of his pants.

She put her hand down and gently rubbed his boner. “Would you like some help with that Damon.”

He just swallowed and nodded his head as the girls in the background laughed and came up with crude remarks. Mahala began to undo his shirt with her long slender fingers and when it was off it revealed a thin bony chest that impressed absolutely no one.

When she began to unfasten his belt he became extremely nervous and started to breathe rather heavily. The girls all cheered when the buckle was undone and their colleague, with a little drama, added, unzipped his flies.

The moment his pants fell to the ground there was a gasp from all the onlookers and “Holy Shit,” from Mahala.

“Look at the size of that dick,” said Yvonne.

“He’s got a bigger dick than my boyfriend,” cried Sandy, “And he’s six foot four.”

They all moved in for a closer look as Mahala gently took it in her right hand while cupping his balls in the left.

“Watch out,” joked Yvonne, “That thing might poke you in the eye.”

“Ashley, who was normally one of the quiet ones suggested that if she got down on her knees it probably would. Mahala didn’t need any more prompting. She lowered herself very slowly as Damon closed his eyes and tensed up the few muscles he had.

The girls all stood around waiting in anticipation for the moment when Mahala’s ruby red lips would make contact with Damon’s huge red tube. She just touched it gently with her tongue at first and his body jerked like as if he’d been shot, knocking some of the paraphernalia off of the dressing table.

“Do you want me to take the whole thing in my mouth Damon,” she teased in a low sensuous voice.

He couldn’t reply because his throat had gone completely dry, he just nodded, his eyes still closed and his face contorted as though he was in agony. Mahala slipped it into her mouth a little at a time. She couldn’t get it all in it was just too big but she did her best.

Getting a little excited herself she dug her long fingernails into his bum as her generous lips began moving up and down his dick. He started to moan and so did she, and the girls had now stopped laughing. Yvonne began to finger herself as the action got more and more intense and Sandy and Jani fingered each other.

When Damon started to gasp that he was cumming Mahala took it out of her mouth and began to run his dick around her erect nipples. As his throbbing cock felt the softness of her tits he got tenser and tenser and then, much to the delight of the little audience, he began to yell as his cum spurted out all over her soft white skin.

She wiped some of it off with her fingers and tasted it and then the others lined up to do the same.

“That’s yummy,” said Yvonne, “Have you got any left.?”

Damon just sunk down to the floor having had the greatest experience of his life and felt too exhausted to say anything. Yvonne, however, who had already given herself an orgasm, was desperate to have his big dick up inside of her.

Sandy didn’t think poor Damon was up for it but when Yvonne offered him her hand and pulled him to his feet they could see that his boner had returned to full strength. She took him over to a chez lounge at the side of the dressing room and asked him to lie down. His former look of apprehension had gone and he now had a faint smile on his face.

Once he was on his back with his flagpole pointing towards the ceiling she straddled his thin body and lowered herself on to him. She gasped as it went further in than she anticipated. With calls of “Ride him Cowboy,” echoing in her ears the incredibly gorgeous model began to gyrate her beautiful round ass to the point where Damon’s eyes looked as though they would pop out of his head.

Yvonne had to coach him a little on the way and took his hands and placed them on her tits. He was so excited he squeezed them a little too hard.

“Take it easy,” she cried as she jumped up and down on his enormous stiff dick to the chant of “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck from the rest of them. The next thing she knew he was pushing hard on her chest as he could feel his cum forcing its way upward. His moans and the heat being created by the rapid action on her cunt sent her screaming into orgasm. The other girls cheered as Damon shot his load and took one enormous deep breath.

Yvonne was so overcome she had to be helped off of his dick. She then sat on a chair and started to laugh – “My God,” that was amazing – absolutely amazing.”

Damon got off the sofa and quietly put on his clothes. Sandy went over to him and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. “My turn first next week OK?”

He nodded, waved goodbye to the girls who were still crowding around Yvonne and he left, thinking that being a gopher was a pretty cool job. THE END

Copyright 2013 Cristiano Caffieri

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