I Made My Brother My Lover

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By Lauren McAllister

I was a tad apprehensive about my brother Johnny moving back to our hypnotically dull little town, after living abroad for almost 20 years. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my brother. In fact I loved him a little too much.

            We’d always been close as kids and hardly ever knuckled each other’s noggin or endlessly bickered the way most siblings do. It was almost entirely laughter and good times whenever we were together (and that’s even before we discovered pot!). As the years went by, our goofing around became a little more physical. Friendly wrestling and tickling games were not uncommon. Every once in awhile, during our frequent horseplay, his hand would accidentally brush one of my breasts or I would feel his penis through the thin material of his pajamas. Either one of these accidental occurrences was cause enough to excuse myself and go for a thunderous wank. Johnny was obviously indulging in the same sort of auto-erotic activities in his room. Alas, I was the older sibling, and the girl, so it fell to me to make sure we behaved (well, mostly behaved).

            It was during the summer before I went away to college that things between us progressed into a far more unseemly relationship. Our parents were out for the evening and we decided to snuggle up together and watch a movie. “Henry and June” was on HBO. Probably not the optimum choice of viewing material, all things considered.

            By the halfway point, we had stopped eating our popcorn and were just staring without blinking at the screen. Some of those scenes were scorching hot and I was about as ready for a two-handed wank as I’d ever been in my life. At one point, I managed to pull my eyes away from the slow-dancing lesbians and peered down at Johnny’s crotch. He was sporting major wood. Oh dear! If only our arms and legs weren’t touching. My vaginal aperture seemed to be undulating like an accordion.

            In those days, you couldn’t pause televisions like you can today or I would have run off to pound my pudding pit for the next hour or two. Johnny was feeling the same, I was sure of it. Gosh I needed a wank.

            “Wow, this movie has really made me horny,” I ventured, not quite knowing where it would lead.

            Johnny was a little embarrassed to come right out and say that he was dying to crank one out. “It is sorta hot,” he evasively agreed.

            “Okay, I’m just going come out and say it,” I blushed. “I really want to watch the rest of the film but my twat’s on fire. Would it be alright if I touch myself?”

            I think poor John actually gulped. He involuntarily gazed down and my vagina and then worked his way back up to my eyes. “Sure, I guess.”

            “You know I’m trusting you, because I love you, not to tell anyone about this.”

            “No. No. I wouldn’t. I love you too…you know, sort of.”

            He looked so sweet; I leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. “Thanks,” I purred and then quickly pulled back before I did something really inappropriate. “Well, I’d better get myself ready,” I said, trying to sound oh-so-casual. Unzipping my jeans, I just eased them down onto my upper thighs and left my panties in place. There was no point in coming off like a complete brazen slut in front of your younger brother, was there? I also took off my bra, so I could play with my nipples (a girl has her time-trusted methods of how she likes to get off). By now, Johnny was splitting his viewing time between the movie and my body. He was trying not to be too obvious but he couldn’t help it. I kept my eyes on the television, so as not to embarrass him while he ogled his sister’s naughty bits.

            Henry and June started to go at it again and I slid my hand down, from its resting place on my bare tummy, beneath my underwear and into my soaking slit. I immediately gasped. Holy fuck I was turned on. Having Johnny there watching my every move just made it all the more scalding. I began to slowly stroke my inner lips and tease my little cock-hole. Pre-cum sensations were already shooting up my body. I had to control myself or this was going to be over before I’d even started enjoying myself.

            Johnny’s eyes were now laser-locked on the little rhythmically moving lump underneath the silky cotton of my panties. I was busily whapping away, wanting Anais Nin and Henry Miller to make me the meat in their fuck sandwich (but deep down inside, I actually wanted my brother to just whip off his pants and jam his cock into me). My other hand went up under my shirt so I could start groping my boobs and nipples. One of my tits slipped out but I left it uncovered. John was utterly hypnotized. A neutron bomb could have exploded up his nose and he wouldn’t have noticed.

            I could feel a pretty sizeable one building now. My cunt cave was tightly squeezing around the two fingers I had feverishly inserted. Loud squelchy noises were emanating from my pussy as I pressed on towards the light. Whatever June was having done to her at that moment fell completely out of focus, as the first massive wave of yum began to swell between my legs. That little moving lump in my panties had grown to a flailing, gyrating whirlwind of psychotic intensity. My clit suddenly felt like every kernel of corn exploding at once in a Jiffy Pop bag. It was absolutely skull-cracking. I flopped around like trout on a hotplate as my entire body was being riddled with rapid-fire cum bullets. Stentorian vulgarities of an infinite variety burst forth between primordial grunts and startling gasps. My brother must have thought I was having a brain seizure. Rubbing a climaxing clit right to the very edge of the unbearable, momentarily pulling back and then pushing it forward again can prolong a righteous groan-fest to the point of unconsciousness. Luckily, I’d had a lot of practice and this one lasted me right into the credits. As the overwhelming sensations finally started to ebb, I began to slip into that wonderful post-orgasmic glow. Gosh I like wanking!

            Another minute or so went by before I began to realize what a profound effect my performance had had on Johnny. I took my hand out from between my legs and slowly wiped the cunt honey off my fingers by dragging them across my bare tummy, leaving thin viscid trails in their wake.

            “Why don’t you have a go, baby?” I asked him, looking up from where I’d slid down to on the couch.

            I could see that he was mortified by my suggestion.

            “Ah, no. Thanks. That’s all right,” he responded, looking straight ahead to check out who had provided the transportation and craft services for the movie.

            I should have left it there, but I didn’t. Now, I really wanted to see him pull one. “Come on. You must be almost as horny as I was. I did it in front of you.” I batted my girlie eyelids.

            “You don’t have to take your stuff out to do that sort of thing,” he said shyly.

            “Hey, I’ll pull my pants down, so you can see me. Is that what you’d like? I’ll show you my pussy. I shaved it this morning.”

            That made his ears prick up. He probably didn’t want to masturbate in front of his big sister, but he sure wanted to see that plump pink and denuded quim.

            “Here,” I said, yanking my panties and jeans down to my knees and opening up my legs. “You can see these too, if you’d like.” I pulled my t-shirt up over my head. For all intents and purposes, I was sitting next to him completely naked. Johnny’s brain couldn’t decide where to look, my snatch or my tits. I reached over and put my hand gently on his bulging crotch. “Come on. I took off all my clothes for you…”

            John still hesitated, though he looked like he was just about to cream his Fruit of the Looms. I took a chance and began to slowly unzip his pants. He didn’t try to stop me. I took this as an encouraging sign.

            “Why don’t you play with my boobs, while I finish undoing these,” I suggested, physically placing his hand on my breast. This completely paralyzed him. I popped the button on his jeans and gave his knob an affectionate squeeze through his underwear. A little sigh leaked out of him. He was completely in my power!

            I got down on my knees in front of him and instructed him to lift up his butt. Johnny complied without talking. He was a skinny thing, so de-panting him didn’t take much effort at all. Now, I had the perfect view of his twitching-with-desire cock. I was sooo ready to have a brand new wank or plop myself on top of his boner, but I held back. Big Sis wanted to see her baby brother whap out a juicy one. I climbed back up on the couch and pressed my chest against him. “I’d better take off your shirt,” I suggested. He didn’t resist. I repressed my breasts.

            Reaching down, I picked up his hand and wrapped it around his tool. Johnny gazed down at it like it was a big stick of dynamite about to explode in his face (he was sort of right).

            “I tell you what,” I whispered in his ear, “I’ll play with your balls, if you stroke the shaft.” And then I waited. No strokey, no playee.

            After another thirty seconds or so, he made his first, petrified journey up and down his rod with his palm. I gave his nuts a tingle-rich caress and stopped. Johnny got the message. He started to pump on it with a little more enthusiasm and his gonads began to get the royal treatment from yours truly. Within seconds, his face had turned bright red and he was hammering his Johnson into sawdust. The muscles in his right forearm tensed to the point of snapping. His breathing sounded like he’d just run a marathon up Mount Fuji. I focused all my attention on the blur that was the end of his cock, dying to see his white, sticky seed shooting out the end of it. I didn’t have to wait long (Boys sure don’t like to linger, do they?). He let out a sharp, loud yelp and big, rich dollops of ejeculant rocketed out of the head. I felt an almost painful tug in my vaginal canal as I visually drank in the glorious gooey sights and continued to work his sack, coaxing out every last molecule of his fuck-fluid.

            “That was so hot,” I sighed. “You just lie there baby and let big sis clean you up.” I dipped my finger into one tasty looking gelatinous puddle on his stomach and stirred it around, before taking a Kleenex out and carefully dabbing up all of his splooge. When his stomach and chest were finished, I took his penis in my hand and rubbed it up and down slowly, squeezing one final droplet of jism out of the tip. Then, down I went and took his head and shrinking shaft into my mouth, giving his equipment and thorough saliva bath.

            When I popped my head back up, Johnny was a little shocked…but certainly not in a bad way.

            “There,” I smiled at him, “as good as new.”

            The next thing I knew, our tongues were tasting each other’s esophagi. His hands were all over my tits and I was jacking his meat pole back up to fully erect. Onto my back I dropped, kicking off the last of my clothes in the process. Johnny eagerly pounced on top of me with his reborn phallus. It felt so good to have him between my outstretched legs pushing his porker into my pie. I grabbed his ass and pulled him in even closer. My twat was so wet by this time that his pecker just slid into me like a breadstick into Jello. I was a woman possessed. If it were possible, I wanted his balls inside me. 

            Right about then, as I’m feet-up-in-the-air, getting the shit rammed out of me, my brain decides to announce, “This is so wrong. What the hell are you thinking? You’re fucking your own brother!” I mean, Jesus! It waits until he’s biffing my ovaries with the head of his cock to have quim qualms? Luckily, that just made the sex all the hotter. I wrapped my legs tightly around his, grabbed his nards in one hand and stuck a finger up his asshole with the other. A climax was rising up inside me like a New Zealand geyser. I clutched onto Johnny’s thrusting body as Thor’s fucking hammer slammed down onto my frantic clit, sending licentious lightning bolts shooting up through my solar plexus and setting my entire brain on fire. Motherfucker, it was a huge one! I was bucking and arching my back, trying to get him as deep into me as physics would allow. Just as I was at the very peak of my orgasmatastic heaves, Johnny blew both of this nuts, sending huge globs of warm icky incestuous cum splashing all over my ovaries.

            Little bro looked down at me and gave me a big, wet, wonderful kiss – just as our parents’ car pulled up in the driveway. Yikes! There was a mad scramble to get our clothes back on and switch the television channel to Nick at Nite.

            After that evening, there wasn’t a second when mom and dad were out of the house that Johnny and I weren’t naked and fucking or sucking or both. We did it everywhere and anywhere. My boyfriend’s had to wear condoms but Johnny always got to bareback me. He used to leave the door to his room ajar so I could watch him and his girlfriend go at it (and when she finally went home, it was my turn!). Ours was probably the sexiest and most open relationship I’ve ever had with a guy.

I let him give me my first anal on the day of his wedding. It was so cool sitting in the church, watching Becky and Johnny taking their vows with me having a giant load of his splooge up my ass.

            When the loving couple moved to Europe, I poured a mouthful of his cum into a jar and kept it in my bedside drawer to remind me of our times together. God, I missed him.

            But…a lot of water had flowed under our respective bridges since then. I had a daughter in community college and a son who was a senior in high school now. We both had spouses. Things couldn’t be as they were. We were older, responsible adults, not randy teenagers making bad choices about the movies they watched.

            One day, Johnny came over while I was doing the laundry in the basement. When I was turned towards the dryer, he came up behind me and touched my bare stomach with his hand. My vagina practically jumped out of my mouth. I turned around and he gave me the deepest kiss I’d had in years. After basking in the wet warmth of his soft and sexy mouth for a minute or so, I pulled myself free.

            “We can’t do this Johnny. I’m married.  You’re married…”

            “But, I thought married people were allowed to have sex.”

            There was a good deal of spirited back and forth debate, followed by some tit-fondling and hand-slapping.

            Eventually, I agreed to suck his cock, if he’d just leave me in peace and go home to his wife. I had to admit though; there was something very comforting about tasting his cum again as it poured onto my tongue. It reminded me of some happy times.

            The next day he came over and fucked me. I almost didn’t open the door for him when he showed up unannounced, but then I did… But, I kept my clothes on…well, mostly. He just grabbed my ass, stuck his dick up my skirt and pumped me hard against the couch. That orgasm popped the tits right out of my bra!

My old sex drive came back. I started masturbating again. My husband was getting laid right and left but mostly in my center. I had sex with the guy down the street who’d always had a bit of an eye for me. I even went down on his wife, who loved it at the time but now won’t speak to me.

It was only when I spied my son coming out of the bathroom, wearing only a towel, and I felt a twinge in my hinge that I felt I needed to get help.

I now sleep with my therapist and his secretary twice a week and that seems to have finally brought my libido under control.

So if you’ll excuse me, my brother’s coming over in a few minutes and I have to get undressed.  

The End

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