Put Some Dice in Your Life

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“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”
George Sand

We do not claim to have magical powers or psychic intuition but every week we toss the dice to decide which days would be the best to make love. According to my Uncle Rocco, who lead a full life, and died in the bed of a woman half his age, this is the best way to schedule your sex life. Spontaneity is just another word for uncertainty but a roster is a real defroster! You should note that when he was in his eighties uncle did scale down to twice a week, it’s up the individual to make appropriate adjustments but don’t go too far.

Here’s what came up for the week ending 10th March 2019

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Hotels and Resorts that Cater to your Erotic Desires

With the right partner and the right atmosphere making love is bound to be a mind-blowing experience. Some of the following hotels and resorts provide you with themed rooms, hot tubs, and even sex toys, – all you have to do is invite that special person to share the adventure. In the case of Night’s Resort, they will even arrange that for you.

I cannot personally recommend any of these resorts, I suggest you browse their websites and then check for reviews. We do not receive commissions from any of these establishments.

Artòtel, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Club Fantasy Island, Dominican Republic
Desire Pearl Resort. Riviera Maya, Mexico
Dr. Nights Resort, Dominican Republic
Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, England
Luv Motel, Tampa,
Pocono Palace Resort, E Stroudsburg PA,
The Don Q Inn, Dodgeville, WI,

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