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A woman in her sixties, forced work at a fast food franchise to make ends meet, finds herself attracted to a college freshman and decides to make their ends meet.


“Stick It In My Cranny, Said Granny!”

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Young man sitting on bed looking at his smartphone

I’ll Be Home After I Fuck This Guy, Sweetheart! by Lauren McAllister

At first Lorraine has severe misgivings about getting into the cuckolding game but she wanted to please her husband. Now, she’s all about pleasing herself!


I Let Frank Stick It In My Tank by Lauren McAllister

Mabel’s regular Saturday Night Threesome takes an unexpected twist when her husband is out of town and she has to face the prospect of having sex with good-neighbor Frank all by herself.

brother lover

A Bit of The Other With My Brother (Part Two) by Lauren McAllister

Jimmy and his Sis continue to find bliss, in the shower and in the bedroom!


A Bit of The Other With My Brother (Part One) by Lauren McAllister

When Jimmy gets thrown out by his wife, he has nowhere to go but his sister’s place. Once she catches him masturbating though, Sis becomes obsessed with getting some of his brotherly love!

big young cock

How a Big Young Cock Fixed My Daughter’s Teeth by Lauren McAllister

A housewife, in need of some serious money, takes a job as a secretary at a company that is in the “entertainment” business. When one of the girls suddenly drops out, she volunteers to take the young ladies place to earn some much needed dough.

hot tub

Cum Into the Tub, Bub! by Lauren McAllister

Two 18 year old virgins are determined to finally spread ’em for the the most deserving penis. Picking the right one turns out to be surprisingly challenging, but once the right chubby is chosen, they have the perfect spot to get acquainted with it.


She Just Won’t Stop Butt-Fucking Me! by Lauren McAllister

A shy high school senior is just trying to do her homework in an empty class when she’s discovered by on of the snotty “cool” girls. Things go from bad to worse when Little Miss Cool demands that her mousy schoolmate bend over the desk in front of her!

He Filled Up My Cirriculum

He Filled Up My Curriculum by Lauren McAllister

A married teach goes to a friend’s birthday party and has a closet fling with a young man. A few weeks later though, she finds out that he’s one of the new students in her class!


Good Golly, I Fucked Molly by Lauren McAllister

During a 10th anniversary dinner, a housewife sees a couple of women having a steamy, romantic evening together and decides that she’d like to have a steamy, romantic evening with a woman too!

Am I Fucking Him Right, mommy2

Am I Fucking Her Right, Mommy? by Lauren McAllister

A woman reluctantly agrees to give her best friend/lover’s awkward and geeky son some lessons in sex before he goes off to college.

bathroom sex 1

Beggin’ For More On The Bathroom Floor by Lauren McAllister

A bored housewife at a party decides to hook up with a guy in one of the bathrooms rather than hang with her hubby.

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farm woman

The Farmer’s Daughter… And Her Brother! by Lauren McAllister

A young woman returns home after spending 6 months at college. Her mother is a puritanical terror. Her brother has a big cock. Gee, I wonder who she’ll spend most of her home time with?

threesome in tub

My Husband Put His Goo in Sue! by Lauren McAllister

A young woman’s big turn-on is seeing other women orgasm – especially when it’s her married friends who are orgasming and it’s her husband’s cock causing those orgasms. The biggest – getting her rocks of – prize was Sue. She was going to be tough to land but sooo worth the effort.

my boss stuck his ringer up my ass3

My Boss Stuck His Finger Up My Ass! by Lauren McAllister

Alicia thought she had a normal, boring office job until one day when he boss made a very unusual demand!


My Unc Put His Spunk In My Trunk by Lauren McAllister

Daisy lead a very sheltered life until her mother accepted an invitation to visit her brother at a nudist colony. And then Mom started to drink a little.

island swapping

Island Swapping – by Lauren McAllister

Two couples are forced to share a hotel room on a romantic holiday and end up sharing soooo much more!


I Fucked My Husband’s Boss Up The Ass! by Lauren McAllister

An unexpected downturn in finances forces a housewife to restort to some pretty extreme measures to ensure that her husband receives a much needed promotion and raise.

i'm afriad I'll have to incest2

I’m Afraid I’ll Have To Incest! by Lauren McAllister

The ultimate embarrassment! A son walks in on his mother while she’s masturbating. Then she walks in on him while he’s pumping out a quick one. In the end they decide that masturbating together is probably the best way to solve this vexing problem.


How A Revolting Cock Landed Me Some Sweet, Sweet Pussy by Lauren McAllister

A young woman, forced to perform a certain act upon her landlord to help pay the rent, amazingly finds her horrific ordeal coming in very handy when trying to woo the girl of her dreams.


Sucking the Old Folks at Home! by Lauren McAllister

Sally decides that she wants to do a good deed for old Mr. Ziegler but she doesn’t cook and he has someone to else clean his apartment. Hmmm, what could Sally do that would brighten up the old fella’s day?

the blowjob club

The Blowjob Club by Lauren McAllister

A bored and disenchanted young woman decides to give a very special gift to any man she sees doing a genuine act of altruism.


You’re Fucking Your Brother? by Lauren McAllister

A senior in high school is a little confused when her girlfriend/lover, Jennifer, wants her to start dating her brother, who Jennifer is also spending some naked quality time with.

women kissing

My Lighthouse Lesbian Lover – by Lauren McAllister

There’s nothing lonelier that spending years in a lighthouse with only your husband for company. That all changes one day when the old repairman retires and is replaced by a young woman. Soon the lonely bride finds herself drawn to this strong and confident guest and all the wonderful things in the world happen.


I Like One Of Each For My Peach (Part One) by Lauren McAllister

Sally is into couples and the secret to bedding a couple? Bed the woman first, which is exactly what Sally has planned with a bottle of wine and a steaming hot tub.


Can You Please Just Fuck Me and Leave? by Lauren McAllister

A horny woman picks up the wrong guy at closing time at the bar. He turns out to be such an asshole, she doesn’t want to take him back to her house. So, where can she take this dickweed to fuck him so he’ll go away?


Bad Hair, Great Cock Day by Lauren McAllister

A young college student cuts class to wash the matted mess on top of her head. When he enters a co-ed shower though, she encounters a young geeky student playing with his head. Don’t worry, she more than makes it up to him for his embarrassment.


Stick It In My Cranny, Said Granny by Lauren McAllister

A woman in her sixties, forced work at a fast food franchise to make ends meet, finds herself attracted to a college freshman and decides to make their ends meet.

bangin' the babysitter

Bangin’ The Babysitter by Cristiano Caffieri

18 year-old Blair is pretty pissed off that he has to have someone babysit him while is father is off in South Africa, but all is forgiven when the guy he was expecting turns out to be a smokin’ hot older woman.


Welcome to the Working Wank by Lauren McAllister – A young personal assistant becomes absolutely addicted to masturbating at work. If only her boss hadn’t come back from his lunch meeting quite so unexpectedly!


Your Penis Is In My Eye! by Cristiana Caffieri

A scientist and his standoffish assistant are forced to share a confined safety pod after a chemical-leak alarm goes off in the lab. They also have to remove all their clothes for fear of contamination. After the poor scientist develops an embarrassing boner, his assistant becomes considerably less standoffish!


I Can’t Believe I Fucked Two Guys! by Lauren McAllister

Wanting to take a break masturbating to Pay TV shows, a young woman decides to go find a one-night stand at a local bar. The problem is… she can’t get the guy she wants to dump his pal so they can get busy. Does she give up or does she invite both of them back to her place for a no-holds-barred fuckfest? What do you think?

officd sex 3

My Job Doesn’t Suck, But I Do! by Lauren McAllister

A housewife decides to get back into the workforce. She hates typing, fetching her young employer’s lunch and filing. But, she finds out there’s one thing she does like and it’s sitting right in his pants.


Don’t Tell Our Husbands! (Part One) by Lauren McAllister

Debra discovers that her bestie for over ten years has never enjoyed the incalculable pleasures of the sapphic arts and manages to rectify that situation and then some before he hubby gets home.


Don’t Tell Our Husbands! (Part Two) by Lauren McAllister

Deb and Cindy are back at it and back in it but want to spend way more quality time together. They figure the best way to accomplish that is if they let their husbands in on the act. The girls just have to figure out how to make it all seem like Doug and Frank’s idea.


Stripped to the Boner by Lauren McAllister

Nobody wanted to invite their boss out for a colleague’s engagement bash, but after a few drinks, and a few penis sightings, she becomes more than the life of the party!

Some of Our Readers’ Favorite Stories!


The Penis Whisperer by Lauren McAllister

A young woman watches an older man, in the apartment building across from hers, talk to his penis every night. She becomes so curious, she decides that she’d also like to have a few words to his doowanger.


There’s Money Where My Mouth Is by Lauren McAllister

A bored, middle-aged housewife decides to spice up her life a little taking a job as a fluffer in the porn industry.


He Waltzed Up Her Dress and Left a Mess by Christiano Caffieri

Warren Weybdridge was offered a lucrative offer to dance at a studio owned by 5 women. When he arrived for his first day on the job, however, they had something other than dancing on their minds!


Young Cock Rocks! by Lauren McAllister

A disgruntled housewife is forced to celebrate her birthday without he hubby. She wakes up in the morning with a huge hangover and guy who’s barely 18 in her bed. At first she’s horrified and then she begins to really like it.

made my brother my lover

I Made My Brother My Lover by Lauren McAllister

A brother and sister spend way too much time watching television together alone. Well, they had to think of something to do during all those commercials!


I Just Can’t Stop Fucking His Friends by Lauren McAllister

When a girl in high school discovers a classmate masturbating in a car, she makes him perform some very humiliating acts in front of her to buy her silence. Once they get married, things get much, much worse for the poor lad.

anal sex

Butt-Fucked By My Beau’s Buddy by Lauren McAllister

A young housewife becomes intrigued by the thought of having anal sex. The problem is, her husband’s manhood is a little to large to fit up there. Luckily, she manages to find someone else close at hand to help satisfy her curiosity and more.


Workmates Fuck Great by Lauren McAllister

When a young woman’s hubby withholds his husbandly duties in the boudoir while she’s pregnant, she gets permission to find a gentleman who is willing to literally “fill in” for him. Now, she gets to pick any man in the world for a temporary pump jockey. Hmmm, who does she choose?


Fucking Olivia Like Crazy by Cristiano Caffieri

An unemployed novelist, living on wine and bread in a broken down castle in Italy, receives a visit from a exceedingly eccentric woman. At first he’s anxious to have her leave but then… he’s desperate to have her stay.


I Had A Threesome With My Mother, In Vegas by Lauren McAllister

Carissa takes her mother on a trip to Vegas to help her get over her failed marriage and reconnect with one another. Things are going well until a few Cable Car Martinis and a smooth talking singer at the hotel get them connecting a little too much.


Sucking Up To The Boss by Lauren McAllister

A pissed-off high school graduate is forced to work for an old cranky shop owner in order to pay for college. After her boss takes a beating to protect her, she decides to make amends for all the horrible things she’s done to him.

shopping for sex4

Shopping for Sex by Lauren McAllister

A shop owner on the verge of bankruptcy is visited by a young man who offers her large wads of cash to perform various obscene sex acts. Does she kick him in the nuts or does she save her business?

book number one

Lauren McAllister on Amazon!

Check out Lauren McAllister’s naughty tales here. Books to read with your left hand!

fucking him to death

She Fucked Him To Death by Cristiano Caffieri

Levi Parks was a tough as nails detective. He thought he’d seen it all until Brooke Petersen got a hold of his private dick. Will this Shamus stick it in her anus? You’ll have to read to find out.


Live and Let Diaper by Lauren McAllister

After a stupid drunken evening, a young woman finds herself up to her eyeballs in debt to a gambling syndicate. To pay off the money she owes, she’s forced work for a billionaire with some very, very odd and kinky hobbies.


My Husband Made Me Give Head To Ed by Lauren McAllister

When a horrible tragedy befalls all-world nice guy, Eddie, his best friend convinces his wife to help cheer him up. Life may suck, but luckily, so does Johnny’s bride.

sex machine 3

The Sex Machine – by Lauren McAllister

On a stupid bet, a young woman has to find the most unattractive man in town and go home with him. In his basement however, is a device that makes her wish she never had to leave!!


Don’t Fuck With The Nurse by Lauren McAllister

A nurse gets called in on a really shitty day to to give a physical to two complaining, middle-management douchebags. A good life rule: Don’t piss someone off when you’re not wearing any pants.

woman with tape measure worried about weight

The Trouble With My Son’s Cock (Part 1) by Lauren McAllister

A well meaning mother accidentally places her hand on an unfortunate area of her son’s body as she tries to comfort him. In the end, she really, really comforts him.

The Trouble With My Son’s Cock (Part 2) by Lauren McAllister

After a night of incestuous shame, Pete’s good-hearted but easily-led-stray mom tries to put things right. Unfortunately things don’t go well or… things go very, very well, depending on your point of view.


Maid With Benefits (Part One) by Lauren McAllister

A young, attractive woman can’t resist answering an ad that requires her to clean far more than floors and the mantle piece.

sexy maid 3

Maid With Benefits (Part Two) by Lauren McAllister

The humiliation and debasement of Part One was only an hors d’oeuvre compared to what this poor, poor domestic suffers in Part Two at the hands of the cruel and detestable Master Steven and Miss Elsie. She may have her hands and mouth full now with her new job but little does she suspect what awaits her in Part Three!

maid being spanked

Maid With Benefits (Part Three) by Lauren McAllister

If there’s one thing more embarrassing and demeaning than being a maid for Master Steven and Miss Elsie, it’s being a maid for a party thrown by Master Steven and Miss Elsie for their creepy friends.

rough in the buff2

A Little Bit of the Rough in the Buff by Cristiano Caffieri

Rusty Ryan can’t believe his luck when a beautiful, fabulously rich woman picks him up at a bus stop. It’s only when they get to their destination and take off their clothes that he finds out that wealthy people can be very, very demanding.

sexy doctor

Marty The Vet Gets His Patients Wet by Cristiano Caffieri

Marty Bank was a sex starved veterinarian until Sonia and her dog walked into his examination room. Benji was the patient but it was Marty and Sonia that started acting like animals.

office orifice

Office Orifice by Lauren McAllister

A woman must choose between performing an unspeakable act in front of a stranger and moving back in with her mother. Which will she choose?!!

exchanging with a student 2

xxx-Exchanging with a Student by Lauren McAllister

A bored housewife grumpily agrees to take in her daughter’s exchange student friend for the summer. Things start cold between the two women but eventually turn smokin’ hot.

female doctor

Satisfying My Lady Doctor by Cristiano Caffieri

A 55 year old man is struck down with an illness that results in his body rejuvenating. Now with his body looking like a fit 25 year old, his lady doctor wants to test his sexual performance as part of a study.

The Sign of the Five Vaginas by Cristiano Caffieri
When Jason took a job as an editor with a Woman’s magazine he had no idea he’d be sucked and fucked to the point of exhaustion.

A Virgin in Berlin by Cristiano Caffieri
Hunter Farrow returns to his base in Berlin to discover his girl friend Mia has a job for him. She wants him to break in a Virgin!

Hunter Farrow in Japan by Cristiano Caffieri
Hunter’s job takes him all over the world and rather than staying in hotels he just happens to have a girl in all his regular destinations.On this trip he stayed with the beautiful Natsumi who picked him up at the airport and couldn’t wait to fuck his brains out.

nerdy guy sexy girl

A Nerd in Need by Cristiano Caffieri
Girls never gave Nathan a second look until they saw what was packed in his pants, then they couldn’t get enough of it.

Champagne Sex Shoot by Cristiano Caffieri
Charlotte is a bit reluctant to get involved with a photo shoot for a new sex book but after a few glasses of Champagne her hidden desires cum to the surface.

Slave Girl by Cristiano Caffieri
While carrying out charity work in the Sahara region of Africa Dan Houlte is amazed to see a young woman being auctioned off as a slave. He feels compelled to put in a bid in order to free her and it turns out to be the winning bid. That was the easy part – setting her free proved to be more difficult.

Can you feel it by Cristiano Caffieri
An author dreams about traveling in time to fuck the women he’d like to have fucked in his youth. There was JANET, the bosses secretary, DEBORAH the village rich bitch, AYLA the oversexed cousin, AIBHLINN the sweet Irish girl who he hoped would suck his cock, INGE the German temptress with the cute ass, BEVERLY the older married woman, ERIKA with the suckable tits, LILLY the Chinese mistress of yet another boss and last but not least ex-girlfriend DEIDRE and her sister BARBARA. Read them one at a time or pig out on the fucking lot!

sugar daddy

Bob’s Knob is in Big Demand by Cristiano Caffieri
Four academic women, who have sequestered themselves away in a big country house, offer temporary accommodation to an older man who they thought was past his sexual prime. Were they in for a BIG surprise!

Have you got time for a QUICKIE? Here are 22 super short stories

Doctor Aimee wants Danny’s by Cristiano Caffieri                                                         

Doctor Aimee was most impressed when she gave male nude model Danny his physical. He had the biggest dick she’d ever encountered and she was determined to absorb it in every orifice.

Dutch Treat by Cristiano Caffieri
Wade couldn’t forget the intimate relationship he had with a pretty Dutch girl, nor the fact that she’d treated him like shit! He sometimes yearned for some kind of revenge but could he pull it off?

Cum on the Water by Cristiano Caffieri
(This story original titled Eat me Out has been rewritten)
When Tyler sneaked into a neighbor’s pool for a skinny dip he didn’t expect to see a beautiful young woman pop up in the front of him. He also didn’t expect some kids to steal their clothes. Stranded naked and unable to leave until it was dark they had to decide how to kill a little time.

scottish guy
Cum Mhor Castle
by Cristiano Caffieri
FREE eBOOK approximately 9000 words
How would you like to inherit a Scottish island complete with castle and staffed by seven beautiful women who cater for your every whim? It’s probably the kind of thing that most men dream about and Simon Baugh realized that dream thanks to his cousin Angus, who supposedly died at the age of 43 as the result of “intense pampering.”
Some men wouldn’t want to be bathed, caressed and toyed with by a bevy of beauties with seemingly insatiable sexual appetites, but Simon wasn’t one of them. If women desired him he was not the kind of guy who’d deny their needs, regardless of what those needs might entail.

A Taste for Brandi by Cristiano Caffieri
When and old guy and a young starlet fall overboard from a luxury yacht they end up on an isolated and uninhabited island. Being alone with only the flimsy clothes they were wearing at the time, it’s only the ingenuity of the man that enables them to survive. Of course you’re wondering whether he was able to get into her pants – so read on.

Three to One by Cristiano Caffieri
Michael is taken hostage along with three lovely women. They are locked in a cabin for the night with the possibility they will be bumped off in the morning. Not having been offered a last meal they decide to have a last fuck.

Fucking in the 1950s by Cristiano Caffieri
Things were different in the 1950s sex was hard to get unless you owned a car with a good-sized back seat or an apartment. Even then the girls were reluctant to let you into their panties. Fortunately, I owned a book and once they’d glanced at those pages their quims were aquiver.


Sex for a Discount by Cristiano Caffieri
Don lives with two girlfriends who are up for a good fuck anytime day or night, however when Eric the plumber appears on the scene things begin to cool off. He’s prepared to give the women a discount on all their plumbing needs in exchange for being able to ram his massive dick up their cracks. It’s an offer that’s hard to refuse.

Dogging for England by Cristiano Caffieri
Richard Hunt’s ancestry DNA test revealed that he had a second cousin living in England. After making contact with her she offered him a bed anytime he took a trip to the birthplace of his ancestors. He took her up on the offer only discover that she not only had one bed but was a self-confessed nympho!

Pay to Play by Cristiano Caffieri
When her cousin Nora becomes a well-paid prostitute Penny wonders if she could make a little extra cash by charging her husband to fuck her. He agrees to the arrangement but only on the condition that he can have it any time he wants and as kinky as he wants.

Fancy a Quickie? Here are 22 super short stories

Dead Lucky by Cristiano Caffieri
FREE short eBOOK approximately 5500 words
Danny Maddox is a bit of a geeky guy who works in an electronics store in St. Petersburg, Florida. He’s rather keen on a young woman he works with but he’s too shy to ask her out in person. Unfortunately, while texting her for a date he walks in front of a truck. Suddenly the shy unassuming Danny is in a different world, where women, who he had sexual fantasies about, don’t seem able to resist him.

Swingers by Cristiano Caffieri
Matt Granger accompanies businesswomen who need an escort to conventions or other events. After many such trips he’s prepared for almost anything but when he finds out he’s mistakenly agreed to attend a “Swingers” convention he’s taken totally by surprise.

Private Dick by Cristiano Caffieri
Nick Benson wrongly suspects his wife of being unfaithful to him and hires a private eye. She’s so angry about his unfounded suspicions she fucks and sucks the detective being paid to follow her.

A Doctor in Need by Cristiano Caffieri
Herman Entwistle had a silly name, he wasn’t particularly good looking, and he just worked as a mushroom picker but he had an enormous dong. It was a prizewinning appendage that had never been exposed to a member of the opposite sex until he had a medical with a lady doctor. To say she was impressed would be an understatement.

Fucking a Witch by Cristiano Caffieri
When Gareth inherits a quirky and somewhat isolated house from his Grandpa, he’s surprised to see a beautiful young woman who claims to be his neighbor. She not only tells him things about his dear departed relative he didn’t know she shows him just how neighborly she can be.

As Tight as a Mouse’s Ear by Cristiano Caffieri
Twin virgin sisters sequestered on an island estate have been kept sexually illiterate by their wealthy father. Apart from himself no other man has set foot on the island. That was until Jacques Binoche ventured ashore to repair his boat and is persuaded by the young ladies to show them “His thing.”

Do you fancy a QUICKIE? Here are 22 super short stories

Tits Over the Pacific by Cristiano Caffieri
The authorities on a small Pacific island let tourist Ted Hanson spend his jail time in a cell with three topless women as a safety precaution. His fellow inmates treat him so well he doesn’t ever want to leave.

Tits-up in the Garden Shed  by Cristiano Caffieri
The gardener fancied the lady of the house but he had to fuck her daughter to get the message across.

Two Timing Mother Fucker by Cristiano Caffieri
He said that he was visiting his mother at the weekends but by some strange biological freak of nature his mother turned out to be in her twenties and stacked.

Up The School Nurse by Cristiano Caffieri
A mild-mannered high school teacher gets a first-hand lesson from the school’s new Sex Ed. Teacher.

I Had to Hold My Son’s Cock
A NEW STORY in the outrageously witty style of Lauren McAllister

xxx-A Bit of the Other with My Brother Part 1 by Lauren McAllister

xxx-A Bit of the Other with My Brother Part 2 by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Am I Fucking him Right Mommy ? by Lauren McAllister

xxx-An Unexpected Turn of Yvette by Lauren McAllister

Tonguing the Hairy Snatch of a Dancing Girl by Cristiano Caffieri
Sherlock Holmes was not adverse to a bit of tail and when an Indonesian dancing girl named Mata Hairy asks for his assistance he’s prepared to take payment in kind.

Fucking the Girlfriend’s Sister by Cristiano Caffieri
Because of her religious upbringing, Magnus’s fiance won’t allow sex before marriage but her sister thinks differently and is prepared to help him out.

Fuck Erika – I’ll Watch by Cristiano Caffieri
A budding writer is thrilled when he is taken under the wing of a famous playwright but her has plans for him go way beyond writing dialogue!

The Reluctant Sperm Donor by Cristiano Caffieri
Sherlock Holmes is held captive in a Scottish castle by the Ailish, the daughter of the notorious Moriarty. She intends to fuck the super sleuth in order to produce a child that would combine her capacity for evil with his genius. He tries his best to thwart her attempts but her quivering lips and big tits are hard to resist.

There’s a Goth up My Ass By Cristiano Caffieri
Robbie was attracted to the funeral director who looked after his uncle Tom’s arrangements, she was as beautiful as she was mysterious, however when she invited him to dinner at her apartment, “over the funeral home,” things got a little crazy. Candles, Gregorian chants and a strap on dildo were to play a part in this Gothic fuck fest.

Porn to Bishop by Cristiano Caffieri
Lois always gave her boss, Mr. Bishop, a really good fuck for his birthday. When she couldn’t make it into work on that special day because she had the flu, it was necessary to arrange a substitute.

xxx-And the Prize goes to… by Lauren McAllister

xxx-And You Think Your Job Sucks! by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Baby it’s Cuckold Outside by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Better Your Ass then Mine by Lauren McAllister

Arlene’s Mother Fucker by Cristiano Caffieri
In order to get his girlfriend’s mother out of the way, a guy tricked his buddy into dating her. She turned out to still have what it takes to make a young man very, very happy.

Bound and Blindfolded by Cristiano Caffieri
When a student advertised for a roommate he didn’t expect a sexy young woman to apply, particularly one that was quite so kinky!

Doing it Yoga Style by Cristiano Caffieri
When an older man meets a younger woman who’s a yoga instructor she shows him a new position or two.

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Taming the Cobra by Cristiano Caffieri
When Granville is ordered to spend the weekend working at his bosses cabin he’s not too thrilled but there were compensations, including a very attractive Thai maid.

Four Horny Women and a Vibrator Salesman by Cristiano Caffieri
When Brad Baylis was promoted to the sales department he was a bit apprehensive as it entailed demonstrating sex toys using the home party plan.

xxx-Emptying Grandpa’s Gonads by Lauren McAllister

xxx-He Filled up My Curriculum by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Exploring His Mother’s Nature by Lauren McAllister

Who is Giulia? by Cristiano Caffieri
FREE eBOOK approximately 5000 words
Nathan Dearborn doesn’t want to take a mundane job with his prospective father-in-law because he believes he has the makings of a novelist. However, he never dreamed that that he would create characters that came to life. The sex is great but then – things start to get a little scary!

Fuckalikes by Cristiano Caffieri
Scott Burman looked just like Harry Styles and most of the local girls wet their panties just thinking about him, except for one.

Fucking for Science by Cristiano Caffieri
A young computer maintenance man is lured into an attractive female professor’s private office for an experiment that involves them stripping down naked.

Head ’till You’re Dead by Cristiano Caffieri
In a quest for revenge, two women, who mistakenly believe a traveling salesman got their kid sister pregnant, attempt to suck and fuck him to death.

How About a Blow Joe? by Cristiano Caffieri
Joe Hopkins couldn’t resist making lewd remarks to his three female staff members, they ignored him because they needed their jobs but sometimes it was difficult to take. “Why don’t you come out to my cottage at the weekend,” he sneer, “I’ll show you how a real man does it.” When the girls came into a little money they decided to quit but before they tendered their notices they accepted his invitation with the idea of showing him how “Three real women dealt with men like him.”

Laws of Nature by Cristiano Caffieri
When Curt gets the job assisting a beautiful lawyer, to take inventory of a deceased swinger’s estate, they find a cache of sex toys. Of course, they’re tempted to try a few of them out.

xxx-Families, Farms and Fuckin’ by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Fecund, Fucking and Football by Lauren McAllister

xxx-First a Wank then he Sank his Plank in her Tank by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Fit to be Tied by Lauren McAllister

Relieving Sexual Tension by Cristiano Caffieri
Mr. Bemrose’s business put him under a lot of pressure, to say nothing of his nagging and suspicious wife. Consequently, when a new, and very attractive, temporary secretary offers to help him to release all that tension – it’s very tempting.

Locked in a Cock Shop by Cristiano Caffieri
Accidently locked in a sex aide emporium overnight a young woman spends her time experimenting with the merchandise. 

Lube Your Neighbor by Cristiano Caffieri
When Matthew’s wife made a positive change in her sexual behavior he was naturally delighted but when their 23-year-old divorcee neighbor joined in their bedroom romp he was ecstatic.

Magic Tricks by Cristiano Caffieri
Katrina loved auctions and when she had the opportunity to bid on some items owned by a deceased magician she got a little more than she bargained for. When she got it home she then had to persuade her unimaginative husband to use it!

Pussy Poking Poet by Cristiano Caffieri
Serena was quite prepared to listen to the romantic poems that Robbie concocted but she wanted him to vibrate her vagina while he read them to her, and soon her friends wanted to get in on the act.

Robosexual by Cristiano Caffieri
In 2125 it’s not unusual for men and women to choose humanoid partners that are programmed to respond to all a person’s sexual desires. After a number of disappointing relationships with real women, a young man named Paari takes advantage of this technology with mixed results!

Ring My Cock by Cristiano Caffieri
A young woman buys her older lover a gadget to improve their sex life and he can’t wait to try more of them.

xxx-Get it Out of My Ass by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Good Vibrations – Very Good Vibrations by Lauren McAllister

xxx-His Boss My Pussy by Lauren McAllister

xxx-How a Big Young Cock Fixed My Daughter’s Teeth by Lauren McAllister

Sex Games by Cristiano Caffieri
Fran was not adventurous when it came to sex but when her boyfriend introduced her to a Sex Board Game she went with the roll of the dice – and ended up in some unusual positions.

Fucked-up Planet by Cristiano Caffieri
When the Haak virus was accidentally introduced to the Planet X 14 it rendered all the men impotent – except ME!

Sex on the Riviera by Cristiano Caffieri
She asked me for 100 Euro for a blowjob so that she could pay the rent, I just gave her the money no strings attached and then….?

Sex Toy Torture by Cristiano Caffieri
In order to get back with his Ex Frank was prepared to subject himself to a bit of humiliation and torture.

The Crystal Dildo by Cristiano Caffieri
Michael a student at a Dublin business college gets’s invited to his instructor’s apartment for a drink. She has the most unusual collection of crystal and she’s not afraid to use it in front of him.

The Voyeur by Cristiano Caffieri
There was a lot of action going on in the adjoining hotel room and Charize’s panties were getting damp.

xxx-How I Blew My Rent Literally by Lauren McAllister

xxx-How to Fuck an Alien by Lauren McAllister

xxx-I Let a Tranny in my Cranny by Lauren McAllister

xxx-I Let Him into her Quim by Lauren McAllister

xxx-I Like to Linger with My Finger by Lauren McAllister

xxx-I Sure Did Savor His Party Favor by Lauren McAllister

There’s a Goth up my Ass by Cristiano Caffieri
Robbie was attracted to the funeral director who looked after his uncle Tom’s arrangements, she was as beautiful as she was mysterious, however when she invited him to dinner at her apartment, “over the funeral home,” things got a little crazy. Candles, Gregorian chants and a strap on dildo were to play a part in this Gothic fuck fest.

Steamy Night in the Sauna by Cristiano Caffieri
Lora was the mayor of a small town who was tough on crime and ruled her staff with an iron hand. However, this ex-beauty queen still had her needs and Larry the janitor was prepared to fulfill them!

Three Horny Sisters by Cristiano Caffieri
Although they had lived in the USA for some years Soo and her two sisters still clung to many of the tribal traditions they practiced back home. Jake didn’t mind fucking all three of them but there was a lot more to it than that!

Dead Men Need Loving Too by Cristiano Caffieri
FREE eBOOK approximately 10,500 words
Danny Parsons wasn’t the kind of guy to believe in heaven or any kind of afterlife but when he came round following a fatal heart attack and found himself being processed for a “life” in eternity it reshaped his opinions. It wasn’t exactly what he would have liked, in the sense he was not reunited with loved ones, but it was better than pushing up daisies. Much better!
As a skeptic he would never have imagined that he would be living in an idyllic village, quaffing a pint at his local pub and enjoying an active sex life with a beautiful woman. However, it wasn’t all a bowl of cherries; in fact, there were moments when it was the pits.

Tickling his Testicles by Cristiano Caffieri
When Lillie, a beautiful woman with a reputation, invites her young handsome neighbor to fix an electric outlet in her bedroom sparks begin to fly.

Tonguing the Hairy Snatch of a Dancing Girl by Cristiano Caffieri
To get all the facts Sherlock Holmes finds he has to probe deeper and his latest client seems to like that.

Ty the Sex Toy Tester by Cristiano Caffieri
When Ty, a 20-year-old student, gets a job in a Sex Toy Store he doesn’t realize that he also has to help to test them – on his attractive boss.

Why Pay Rent when you can Fuck the Landlord by Cristiano Caffieri
Three ballet dancers give the new owner of their apartments a performance to remember.

I Was My Brothers First Boyfriend by Lauren McAllister

xxx-In Praise of Married Women by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Is There a Doctor in my Ass by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Island Swapping by Lauren McAllister

xxx-It’s Your Best Friend’s Turn Sweetheart  by Lauren McAllister

Getting in the Priest Hole by Cristiano Caffieri
When a very cute chic, dressed in a French Maid’s outfit appeared on the scene, Ned’s first day as curator-come-janitor of a Panty Museum turned out to be a little more exhausting than he anticipated.

Guess Who’s Cumming for Dinner by Cristiano Caffieri
It was a scorching hot day in Chicago and Adam’s bikini-clad neighbor was anxious to take a dip in his pool. In return, she suggested that she prepared dinner for them and her muff turned out to be the hors d’oeuvre.

Go Fuck Yourself Alana by Cristiano Caffieri
Alana and her brother routinely took advantage of others but when two of their rejects got together sparks began to fly!

Granny Wilkins Sucks Good By Cristiano Caffieri
When young Todd is invited to sail a really gorgeous looking Sloop by the 75-year-old lady, he’s delighted to be of service. However,
he was not prepared for the additional services he had to render.

Having a Fuck in the Ball Pitt by Cristiano Caffieri
We all like to act like kids at times and I think everyone has fancied jumping into one of those pits full with colored balls. But have you ever thought what it would be like to fuck the girl of your dreams in one. Maybe you’ll get lucky one day like Woody did!

Having it Her Way by Cristiano Caffieri
When an erotic writer gets a visit from of characters in his novel he finds she’s got her own ideas of how she wants to be sucked and fucked. Like it or not he’s compelled to cater to her desires

Having it off with a Stranger by Cristiano Caffieri
A woman in an unhappy marriage hides her frustrations in the local community theater. When she auditions a very handsome wannabe actor in her home – she vents her frustrations quite differently.

xxx-I’m Afraid I’m Going to Incest by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Lights, Camera, Suction by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Live and Let Diaper by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Mrs. Cross Bitchy Boss by Lauren McAllister

Honeymoaning in Rio by Cristiano Caffieri
When Justina won a free honeymoon in Rio she had a fiance, however, when he dumped her before the wedding she was in danger of forfeiting her prize.
Fortunately, her handsome, 23-year-old mailman was prepared to step in as a substitute. It was planned to be just a platonic vacation for two but Seth turned out to carry more “male” than she ever imagined.

Horsing Around in the Stable
Her father thought giving her six show horses to look after would keep his daughter busy and away from undesirable men. That seemed to work fine until Jeremy was hired to work in the stables. Charlotte’s pent up desires soon bubbled up to the surface and this ended up with a good fuck in the hay!

In Gonads We Trust by Cristiano Caffieri
A high-powered executive becomes very curious about the new doorman to her building. When they finally do meet, he ends up opening more than just a few doors.

Into the Wild Blue Wanda by Cristiano Caffieri
A gorgeous single mom with few prospects decides to fuck her way to a better life by seducing the richest bachelor in town.

Tunnel of Love by Cristiano Caffieri
While viewing an abandoned cave-like military installation with the idea of creating a writer’s hide-a-way, Russ Peterson gets accidentally locked in with a horny real estate saleslady.

Into Stella’s Space by Cristiano Caffieri
Two very attractive researchers, working in a university, engineer a method by which they can fuck any man on the campus in the name of science.

Irresistible Me! by Cristiano Caffieri
When Rory buys a blazer once worn by a rich playboy beautiful women don’t seem to able resist him. The downside is – neither can the others.

Is it a Sin to Slip it in? by Cristiano Caffieri
Eva the choir mistress is a long legged, big titted beauty and the new Vicar at her church looks like a movie star. The chemistry is there, and when she bends down in her short skirt it isn’t long before the preacher’s thoughts of Solomon quickly turn to Sodomy!

It’s all in the Bush by Cristiano Caffieri
When Nolan applies for someone to assist him in maintaining the town’s flower gardens, they send him a beautiful young black woman named Vikki. The pair seem to hit it off right away and he soon takes her back to his apartment to see his Phalaenopsis!

Jiggling in the Gym by Cristiano Caffieri
Eddie was a gym equipment salesman who sold mostly to schools. His job was not only financially rewarding but he figured he’d fucked more nubile gym teachers than anyone in the country. Naturally, he enjoyed what he did – that was until he met two Canadian women who sent him back home with a very sore dick.

xxx-My Son got into Brown and Me by Lauren McAllister

xxx-My Unc put his Spunk in my Trunk by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Naughty Frank Needs a Spank by Lauren McAllister

xxx-xxx-Oedipus-Wrecks by Lauren McAllister

xxx-OK Who Gets Which Hole by Lauren McAllister


A Big Dick in the Fashion World by Cristiano Caffieri
Damon Yates gets a job as a gofer at a fashion house, he’s surprised by all the naked woman running around backstage and they’re absolutely amazed by the size of the little fuckers dick.

Saving Luther by Cristiano Caffieri
Three young women are worried about their boss’s health, he’s such a great employer they don’t want anything to happen to him. When they’re told by his doctor he’s wasting away because his sexual needs are not being met, the three decide to do something about it.

A Little Fresh Hair is Good for You by Cristiano Caffieri
A backpacker seeking shelter from the rain ventures into a cave. He’s a little bit apprehensive in case there’s a Bear in there but what he did find was two Bare girls also seeking shelter. They actually had to stay there all night to get their clothes dried out. Now the question arose – what could three naked young people do to pass the time ????

A Little Irish Cream Pie by Cristiano Caffieri
A man waiting innocently at a bus stop is picked up by a raving beauty in a sports car and she heads out into the country to her secret fucking spot.

A Case of Mistaken Identity by Cristiano Caffieri
A young American in Paris is approached by a young woman who believes he’s a long lost boyfriend. As she seems bent on becoming intimate he plays along with her.

A Nice Piece of Ass by Cristiano Caffieri
When Jake climbs into bed late one night he believes the other occupant is his girlfriend – but is he in for a big surprise.

Accidentally in Paradise by Cristiano Caffieri
When Ben Fielding passes out in the Nevada desert he wakes up in what he thinks is a normal hospital but when the lady doctor and her voluptuous nurse strip off and treat him to some unusual therapy it’s anything but normal.

Ace in the Hole by Cristiano Caffieri
Ace Baxter spiked his very attractive bosses’ drink with a truth drug that he’d taken from his last place of employment. It seems as though she thought he was really hot and what happened next took the office temperature almost up to boiling point.

A Dog in the Closet by Cristiano Caffieri
They met because Bridie’s Bassett Hound licked his hand in the park but when he wanted to lick her cunt the dog decided he was going to stand between them.

A Need for Therapy by Cristiano Caffieri *
A pretty American girl studying in England is offered a country cottage for a weekend break and discovers that the owner has given two people a key. The second one to a handsome you man. It looks like trouble ahead – or something else maybe!

xxx-She Made Me Fuck My Son by Lauren McAllister

xxx-The Blowjob Club by Lauren McAllister

xxx-The Farmer’s Daughter and Her Brother by Lauren McAllister

xxx-There’s Money Where My Mouth Is by Lauren McAllister

Fucked-up Reservations by Cristiano Caffieri
A man and a woman who are in constant conflict at work are sent to a convention by their prankster boss, who only books them one room.

The Pastor’s Daughter
Owen and Lilith both came from religious families with strict moral values, consequently, they hung onto their virginity with pride – that was until they saw their parents fucking each other.

A Matter of Sex Education by Cristiano Caffieri
Jeff was filling in as a temporary janitor at a progressive women’s college. His good looks and fine physique soon caught the attention of the teacher responsible for sex education, who wanted to use his dick in live demonstrations.

Don’t Mess with Maala by Cristiano Caffieri
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A carefree artist, living in St. Tropez, meets a very attractive black woman who lives in a community of women on an island just off the coast. He’s crazy about her but it seems she can’t break away from this cult because she fears the wrath of the High Priestess named Maala, who she believes has magical powers. He thinks the whole thing is BS until things begin to get a little strange.

A Nude Modelling Job by Cristiano Caffieri
Nick Jonas was desperate for a job and applied for a position as a nude model, where groups of women would be sketching all his manly attributes. If that wasn’t bad enough to woman who interviewed him wanted to try them out.

April Fools’ Day by Cristiano Caffieri
When a young woman with a rich and very snobbish family wanted to play a prank on them she hired a temporary fiancé from a working class background. The two jokers acted their parts so well unexpected things began to happen.

A Royal Dick by Cristiano Caffieri
A Royal Prince never gets to be alone with a member of the opposite sex until a new lady doctor is appointed to give him a physical. Boy – does she ever give him a physical!!

Change Partners
When Jonathon discovers his wife is being fucked by her boss he calls on the fornicator’s own wife to inform her of his infidelity and to plan a little revenge.

A Very Sexy Caregiver by Cristiano Caffieri
Frank is shoved out of his own house by his son and into a small private care home run by a very sexy and playful nurse. It’s not long before he is taking care of her!

Awesome Foursome by Cristiano Caffieri
When an older couple hears their younger neighbors fucking each other’s brains out through the thin dividing wall it reignites their sex life – and then some!

Backseat Bunk-up by Cristiano Caffieri
Johnnie Faero , a covert operative for an EU intelligence agency, is on surveillance detail with a very attractive female agent. When the people they’re monitoring on a listening device start to make passionate love in a hotel room, Johnnie and his partner recline the seats in their vehicle and make a little whoopee themselves.

Banging the Night Nurse by Cristiano Caffieri
When you take a gorgeous pair of tits, a set of long slender legs and put them in a crisp white uniform – what do you get? A fucking great boner!

Beaver Las Vegas by Cristiano Caffieri
When, due to an accident, Leo can’t take his wife on a promised weekend to Vegas, he asks his best buddy to escort her. He thinks that he can trust his wife and his friend but we all make mistakes!

 Watching Game by Cristiano Caffieri
Julia only really enjoys fucking when there’s an audience – even a captive audience.

Bling Bang Bling by Cristiano Caffieri
A young woman who’s climbing the corporate ladder needs to borrow some expensive jewelry to impress her clients and colleagues. Having maxed out her credit cards she turns to an ex-boyfriend who happens to own a jewelry store for help. He’s willing but he wants something in return – and it’s not money!

Body Swop by Cristiano Caffieri
When Mitch, who was a plain sort of guy, joined a meditation group he was surrounded by gorgeous women that he could never hope to fuck in his wildest dreams. However, during an experimental session where the Guru encourages them to try and separate from their bodies, he finds himself transferred into the body of a man with a particularly beautiful wife.

Bouncing his Balls off Britt’s Bum by Cristiano Caffieri
Miles was broken up when he lost Nicola to another man and he was set on revenge. However, when he met the other man’s distraught girlfriend Britt – the two of them decided to seek solace in each other’s arms.

Butt Fucking Dad’s PA by Cristiano Caffieri mar 8/16
Brad catches his Dad shafting his Personal Assistant on the desk. In order to keep him quiet about what he saw Nina the PA extends executive privileges to him as well.

Cabin Fervor by Cristiano Caffieri
Coleen hasn’t seen Jordan since high school but then they found themselves working on the same cruise liner. He doesn’t actually recognize her at first but eventually, her nice ass gives her away.

Call Girl by Cristiano Caffieri
He had no idea that Vanessa was a Call Girl until he took her back to his place and things started to develop.

Caught in the Act, Diddling her Crack by Cristiano Caffieri
When a young electrician was looking for a washroom in a house where he was doing some repairs, he opened the wrong door and found a gorgeous young woman masturbating. It turned out she hadn’t had a fuck in six months and was desperate to unleash her passion.

We Knew You Would Cum by Cristiano Caffieri
Two young women hooked on watching porn decide to invite their neighbor for dinner in order to try out a few moves on him.

Celebrity Nookie by Cristiano Caffieri
When Vincent is contracted to ghostwrite a book for an aging celebrity he’s broke, and it looks like a golden opportunity. However, Felisha Faubert, while describing her sexual experiences from the past gets very horny, and begins to expect him to help her bring those memories back to life.

Cindy the Ball Breaker by Cristiano Caffieri
She seemed so sweet when he spoke to her on Skype but when she came to spend a weekend with him she almost fucked him into an early grave.

Cousin Mary Plays Dirty Pool by Cristiano Caffieri
Drew meets up with his second cousin Mary at a family gathering and they are both end up accommodated in the basement in sleeping bags. The family obviously think it’s safe for a young man and woman to share, particularly as Mary is a theological student. Boy, are they wrong!

Cousin Mary Wants a Threesome by Cristiano Caffieri
Drew reluctantly drives Mary back to her campus apartment where she introduces him to Penny her roommate. When they lock the door and throw the key on the top of the cupboard he figures he’s in trouble. He is!

Cousin Mary Wrestles Naked by Cristiano Caffieri
Somehow Drew becomes engaged to Mary. He doesn’t have much say in it. Now she thinks she has a right to do what she wants with his body.

Cum and Go by Cristiano Caffieri
A young man is affected psychologically when he’s let down by a woman and plans a revenge vacation where he travels to 10 European countries with the intention of fucking one in each. However, things don’t always go according to plan.

Cum into my Lab Miss Pepperdine by Cristiano Caffieri
The fumes from some chemicals in the lab makes Miss Pepperdine’s boss so horny he fucks her there and then – it’s something she’d always dreamed of so she’s not complaining.

Wild Island Women by Cristiano Caffieri 22 mar/16
Marooned on a Pacific Island where nagging wives are temporarily dumped by their tribal husbands for nagging, Tyler is welcomed with open arms and legs.

Cumming Events by Cristiano Caffieri
Young Cody is a geeky guy who has premonitions, he sees all kind of catastrophic events before they happen, but then he sees one of the most popular girls in college inviting him over to her place. He certainly couldn’t classify that as a catastrophe.

Cupboard Love by Cristiano Caffieri
When two students get locked in a cupboard by an escaped criminal and they’re naked – it leads to – well you know!

Deed – I do! by Cristiano Caffieri
By virtue of an ancient covenant, an English aristocratic family risks losing their estate unless their son marries the daughter of another aristocratic family who they despise. He’s opposed to the whole idea until he sees the daughter naked and she lets him suck her tits.

Konrad Max’s Month of Love by Cristiano Caffieri
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Konrad Max is a handsome, likable young Canadian of German heritage. His youth and good looks do not go unappreciated when Angela Hartmann, the daughter of the family friend, comes to stay with them for a few days. She’s a very beautiful and worldly divorcee who lives in Strasbourg, France, where she had an important position with the European Union. As Konrad is in between jobs she invites him to fly back with her, to broaden his horizons, and it’s not just Angela that broadens them for him!

Deflowered in Paris by Cristiano Caffieri
A thirty-four-year-old virgin goes to Paris to be broken in by a professional lover.

Doctors and Nurses by Cristiano Caffieri
Wally never wanted to be a doctor but he was pressured into it by his family. Desperate to take up another career he decided to sexually harass some of the nurses and lady doctors so that he would get struck off. The problem was – they liked it!

Dogging for Dogs by Cristiano Caffieri
A couple who meet at a dog show arrange to mate their pedigree dogs but find that they have demonstrated just how enjoyable sex is to encourage their shy canines.

Wild Wet and Wonderful by Cristiano Caffieri
She thought she could fuck for money but …..?

Do it to me Doctor by Cristiano Caffieri
Dr. Sauter examines every inch of an attractive young woman’s body and then gives her a beef injection

Doing a Little Muff Diving by Cristiano Caffieri
It was a hot night in Manila, the air-conditioning in Ryan Newbie’s hotel was out of order and so in the early hours of the morning he ventured down to the pool. It was empty except for a very beautiful woman from Paris who was also feeling hot. Put two very hot people together in a pool and what do you get – boiling water!

Doing it on Camera by Cristiano Caffieri
A dedicated photographer Lady Snenton likes to capture everyday occurrences through the lens of her camera, and of course sex could be considered to be an everyday occurrence.

Dying for a Good Fuck by Cristiano Caffieri
Would any guy be so low that he’d pretend to be terminally ill just to slip is dick into an attractive workmate?

Dying for a Good Fuck II by Cristiano Caffieri
When Walter tells his friends, who he shares accommodation with that he only has a few weeks to live, and that he’s still a virgin, they do their level best to try and find him a piece of tail. It proves to be a more difficult than they think but in the end, they solve his problem and get a bonus package.

Eating Out in Asia! by Cristiano Caffieri
A photographer trekking through South East Asia stays a few nights in a small mountain village where the young women can’t get enough of his pussy flicking tongue.

Exploring her Inbox by Cristiano Caffieri
A young computer programmer finds himself working “under” the boss’s daughter – literally!

Fingering an Old Flame by Cristiano Caffieri
When two friends who have known each other from childhood meet up again as two frustrated adults – sparks are sure to fly.

Double-Crossing Muff Buffer by Cristiano Caffieri
A lonely and frustrated female writer creates a hunky male character to fulfill her own sexual desires, but he’s not happy about having to respond to her every whim.

Extreme Sex in Room 13 by Cristiano Caffieri
Bob and Maya have never really been sexually compatible and it’s putting a strain on their marriage. When Bob’s buddy suggest him taking her for a weekend at a nearby motel, claiming that room 13 there turns women into aggressive sexual animals, he’s doubtful – but what the hell does he have to lose?!

Fucking for Money by Cristiano Caffieri
When Hal doesn’t want to share an inheritance with his wife she decides to charge him for her sexual favors. Prices vary for different services, ranging from a straight fuck to letting him cum in her mouth.

Face Fucking His Mother-in-law by Cristiano Caffieri
After divorcing her daughter he stopped by Sonya’s to pick up a few things from the marriage. Due to working the other side of the country he’d never had much contact with his mother-in-law but she wanted to make up for that and she was prepared to go naked to do it.

Family Business, Dirty Business by Cristiano Caffieri
Two-second cousins who hate each other are left money in the will of a miserable old uncle who hates them both. Before the lawyer can hand over the money they have to meet certain conditions which included having sex with each other.

File Under Fornication by Cristiano Caffieri
When Woody was sent by his boss to pick up a file folder from his house it was anything but a routine trip. While searching through his papers his pretty petite wife discovered something quite disturbing and turned to Woody for a whole lot of consolation.

Fill My Crack – That’s an Order! by Cristiano Caffieri
Two hot women head up the organization that Byron works for, one black, one white. It’s only natural he’d have an urge to get into their pants but when he’s ordered to do so – he’s a bit reluctant.

Double-Crossing Muff Buffer by Cristiano Caffieri
A lonely and frustrated female writer creates a hunky male character to fulfill her own sexual desires, but he’s not happy about having to respond to her every whim.

First Fuck in Three Years by Cristiano Caffieri
When an escaped female convict forces her way into a lonely man’s house – something is bound to happen.

For Crying out Loud by Cristiano Caffieri
A vindictive money grubbing wife advertises her husband services for hire, thinking that he could odd jobs for a little extra money. She didn’t word the advertisement particularly well and one woman’s demands were far more than he bargained for.

French Kissing by Cristiano Caffieri
A young Frenchman end up in Florida looking for his birth mother. While making his inquiries he meets up with a recently divorced and extremely sexy woman – he’s French – need we say more?

Four Girls and a Naked Waiter by Cristiano Caffieri
Three young women from the West of Ireland travel to Dublin to throw a Hen Party for their friend who got married there. When you mix whiskey, white wine, and a naked waiter, you might get, amongst other things, synchronized masturbation.

French Miss by Cristiano Caffieri
A young French au pair is hired by an American family to look after their baby but she seems to be more apt to look after the husband.

From Dud to Stud by Cristiano Caffieri
When Martin’s dying Uncle gives him a Mojo he doesn’t even know what it’s supposed to do for him – but when he wears it at work the women there know exactly what they want to do for him!

Fucked by his Best Friend’s Girl by Cristiano Caffieri
Charlie and Patti are a loving couple until Jeff’s attractive sister Mercedes takes off with Charlie. Patti is so devastated she opens up her heart and her legs to Jeff.

Fucked in a Bean Bag Chair by Cristiano Caffieri
Andreas is on surveillance duty with a pretty young colleague. The folk in the apartment they’re keeping watch on are enjoying a little nooky, which makes both of them feel horny.

With Her Back Against the Wall by Cristiano Caffieri
Uncle Franks girlfriend was hard to resist so there didn’t seem much point in trying.

Fucked in a Dark Room by Cristiano Caffieri
A plain single girl who was having no luck with the opposite sex hires the services of a professional gigolo who only makes love in the dark.

Fucking Accountants by Cristiano Caffieri
When a young accountant finds a dog wandering in his back yard he traces the owner who turns out to be a very attractive woman who claims to be a porn star. Because she finds him attractive she suggests that he might consider changing career and is prepared to help him to practice some of the moves.

Fucking Daddy’s Mistress by Cristiano Caffieri
Wally felt as guilty as hell but she proved to be irresistible and full of surprises!

Cum with Me in the Caribbean  by Cristiano Caffieri
Tyrone was a bit shy with women until he took a vacation at a tropical resort where the girls insist you get your rocks off.

Fucking Around in France by Cristiano Caffieri
This is about a young man who finds a job in the beautiful city of Nice, France, and meets a young woman who helps him to settle into his apartment and test out the bed springs.

Why Don’t We Fuck Each Other? by Cristiano Caffieri
Brendan and Adelina were dominated by their respective parents and had led very sheltered lives, but one day they decided to rebel!

Fucking for Money by Cristiano Caffieri
When Hal doesn’t want to share an inheritance with his wife she decides to charge him for her sexual favors. Prices vary for different services, ranging from a straight fuck to letting him cum in her mouth.

Fucking Her Kinky Brother-in-Law by Cristiano Caffieri
When her sister tells her she’s left her husband because he demands kinky sex, Candice doesn’t believe it’s the real reason, and she decides to get to the bottom of the break-up by trying him out.

Fucking my Ex-wife’s Husband’s Fiance by Cristiano Caffieri
Ben Fairley still loves his ex-wife and would do anything to win her back, unfortunately, she remarries and there seems to be no hope. However, turning himself into a detective he tracks down another woman who claims to be his wife’s new husband’s fiance.

Fucking Under the Influence by Cristiano Caffieri
Madame Li Tan, a weapons dealer, has a propensity for western toy boys and so Johnnie Faero, a good looking covert operative, is used in an attempt to infiltrate her organization.

Fuck Me – said her Mother by Cristiano Caffieri
When Brent was invited to spend a weekend at his girl friend’s house he didn’t expect to have to satisfy her mother as well.

What a Cock Sucking Holiday by Cristiano Caffieri
When Rick arrives on a small Greek holiday island he’s shocked to find the entire population naked. In fact, it turns out to be compulsory. He’s scared that he will embarrass himself by walking around with a permanent erection but a beautiful young lady helps him out with that problem.

Full Service Call by Cristiano Caffieri
A young well-built plumber comes to unblock Sarah’s wash basin but ends up blocking her love tunnel.

L’Appartement by Cristiano Caffieri
FREE eBOOK approximately 11,350 words
After breaking up with his steady girlfriend Brad decides to reinvent himself, and so he pulls up stakes and moves to Montreal. He wasn’t looking for love anymore he just wanted to get laid as often as possible. He was now breaking in new territory, his new apartment became his “Carnal HQ,” and his job, working on the healthy snack bar in a women’s gym, his pick up point.
The gym’s clientele was in every shape, size and color, some spoke English, some French and some just spoke the language of love. Brad, who was a good looking guy had no trouble in getting eager beavers to take at look at his new digs, and then it was just a matter of saying, “Allons-nous faire l’amour sur le sofa ou le lit?” (On the sofa or the bed)

Lady Delphi Likes it Kinky by Cristiano Caffieri
On a trip back to England, Colin decided to visit Trowton Hall, where his mother and father had been in service and he had secretly cavorted around with Lady Delphi the daughter of the house. Some things had changed but not Delphi – she was as passionate and demanding as ever.

Large-scale Penetration by Cristiano Caffieri
He was thinking of ending it all until he met a woman old enough to be his mother. The only thing that worried her was the width of his dick – she felt it might result in her needing stitches.

The Power to Pound Pussy by Cristiano Caffieri
Mitchell was a geeky looking guy who suddenly discovered he had a super power that allowed him to fuck any woman he desired. The question was – would it be ethical to use it? The answer was yes – yes – yes!

Love in a Tub by Cristiano Caffieri
Andrew asks a famous erotic writer for a few tips to further his career and she takes him up to her suite for a little role play. Not only does she turn out to gorgeous with her clothes off but so does her maid.

Making the Maids by Cristiano Caffieri
Joel couldn’t afford to go to college but when he got a job at the Vanderkirk Mansion the maids were determined to further his education.

Wet Fingers by Cristiano Caffieri
Ralph, a nerdy guy with millions in the bank, becomes enamored with a young movie starlet and dreams of getting her between the sheets. With the help of his reprobate uncle, they set up a ruse by hiring her to do a commercial.

Mandy Wants it up the Ass by Cristiano Caffieri
She was forty-five years of age, in good shape and had a pretty good sex life but her husband refused to stick it up her pooper. Desperate to know what it was like she resorted to paying a young guy working his way through college for the experience.

Massaging Her Vajayjay by Cristiano Caffieri
When a stupid rental company mistakenly rent the same apartment to a male masseuse and a pretty young woman it doesn`t work out that bad!

Mature Man Fucks Her Good by Cristiano Caffieri
Having a common name like John Smith can cause confusion and when a gorgeous young woman comes to his hotel room and wants him to fuck her – it’s John that’s a little confused.

May I Borrow Your Wife by Cristiano Caffieri
When Truman agreed to let his wife Vanessa pretend to be his best friend’s wife, in order to clinch a business deal, neither of them expected sex to be involved!

Naked Dancing and Jiggling Tits by Cristiano Caffieri
When Marcus was offered a job with a touring dance troupe he didn’t realize that he had to dance naked. He also didn’t expect to fuck the gorgeous choreographer on his first day. But he did!

Orgy at the Brolin’s by Cristiano Caffieri
When a young couple, who have never met before, are invited for a sleepover at the Brolin Mansion,they didn’t realize that bets would be taken on whether they would end up fucking each other.

Our Stepmother Sucks – Good! by Cristiano Caffieri
When Rhea discovered her recently deceased husband had two illegitimate sons she had to find a way to persuade them to give up their share of the fortune, and there’s no better way than sex!

Welcome to PubicAir by Cristiano Caffieri
Wanting to be a member of the mile high club poor Tony was bitterly disappointed when his girlfriend didn’t show at the airport. Fortunately, the cabin crew was not prepared to let him sit there and just jerk himself off.

Peeping Toms by Cristiano Caffieri
A young man believes he has the power to get into a woman’s pants using hypnosis. When he experiments on one of his co-workers, he doesn’t know the whole thing is being observed by a group of her friends.

Pleasing Younger Women by Cristiano Caffieri
A university student rents a room in the house of an older man who appears to be in demand by younger women. After a while she can’t resist the temptation to find out what he’s got that’s so very special.

Poking Her Down Under by Cristiano Caffieri
Cora’s psychic told her that her neighbor, who was a pretty ordinary sort of guy, was the man for her, but to be absolutely sure she’d have to fuck him.

Poontang Protocol by Cristiano Caffieri
When young Michael sets out to fuck a sophisticated woman – he not only has to dance to her tune but pay the piper.

Prick Teasers by Cristiano Caffieri
If a nymphomaniac came knocking at your door insisting that she was a distant relative and wanting to move in with you – you’d be expecting to get some serious tail – immediately! But what if she made you wait?

Pussy in the Water, Pussy up a Tree by Cristiano Caffieri
Michael gets invited to stay at a friend’s house for Spring break, and there he’s confronted by a glamorous mother and two very hot twin sisters. He’s only been there for a day when his friend takes off with his girlfriend. Now, when you leave a handsome, well-built guy, alone with three sexy ladies virtually anything can happen – and it does!

Revenge is Sweet by Cristiano Caffieri
Penelope Simpson-Rowe was rich, beautiful and socially connected. Everyone thought she had everything a girl could desire and she did, that was until the day she found her boyfriend Danny Cooper fucking her best friend. She wanted to fuck his best friend to get back at him, but he was out of the country, so she settled for a homeless man who asked her if she could spare a couple of bucks.

Risking Death for a Piece of Ass by Cristiano Caffieri
She sat at the bar all alone and Curt couldn’t resist asking if she wanted a drink. That led to her inviting him round to her place for coffee, and that led to him having a great piece of ass. The only problem was that ass came with certain risks.

Screaming Woman Next Door by Cristiano Caffieri
Dave rented out the apartment next door to a couple that not only enjoyed sex, they wanted him to know they enjoyed it. The groaning and moaning didn’t worry him except for when he had an attractive young woman there applying to rent another unit.

Sex and the Single Contortionist by Cristiano Caffieri
When a flexible contortionist has to share a motel room with her male colleague it puts him in an awkward position – several awkward positions in fact.

Schoolgirl Obsessions 1 by Cristiano Caffieri
Larry had become a successful businessman in America but he was dogged by the memory of a girl at his school back in England. As teenagers, she’d pretended to be interested in him and then treated him like shit. It was not revenge he wanted exactly but he did want some sort of closure, so he went to confront her. Well, he actually did it from the back and the front!

Schoolgirl Obsessions II by Cristiano Caffieri
Because he idolized her, Angela treated Chuck like a slave when they were at school together and she made a complete fool of him. When they meet up again as adults she’s married well and invites him to her mansion for a charity orgy. I wonder how that works out?

Schoolgirl Obsessions III by Cristiano Caffieri
When Hugo was sent to attend a convention in Cleveland he saw it as an opportunity to drop in on a girl he went to school with. It was quite a shock when he found she’d been living in a Lesbian relationship and had moved out on her partner a few days prior to his arrival. However, the partner, seemingly wanting revenge, invited him in and gave him the fuck of his life. And that was not the only surprise he was in for.

Virgin Territory by Cristiano Caffeiri
She was beautiful, innocent and full of surprises – that’s enough to make any guy horny!

School of Hard Cocks by Cristiano Caffieri
When Laura got a job in a school full of jocks she thought she was in for some heavy sex but they turned out to be flops. The guy who eventually made her panties wet was quite different.

Sex in the Mausoleum by Cristiano Caffieri
Young Lady Broxmor has a good reason for wanting to humiliate men and when her aging husband dies she turns her sites on his pretentious friend Captain Tatum. She claims there’s a ritual in some countries where the window lies prostrate on the grave while the closest friend of her departed spouse fucks her brains out. Hence the mausoleum!

Sex Marathon by Cristiano Caffieri
When Danny and Paige were at school together she often beat him at track and field events. This bruised his masculinity somewhat. When at age 24 they entered the same marathon she taunted him a little before the race. “If you beat me I’ll let you fuck me,” she said. The question was – could he do it?

Sex on the Orient Express by Cristiano Caffieri
When a mistake is with Nathaniel’s booking on the all night train to Vienna, he finds himself sharing his cabin with a very sexy young woman. Now when two virile stranger share such a small space – something exciting is bound to happen.

Over the Moon by Cristiano Caffieri
When Princess Anja, Duchess of Vasterplatzburg, paid an official visit to Canada she was given the pomp and ceremony usually reserved for Kings, Queens, and Presidents. She was fawned over by politicians, other celebrities and even the paparazzi. The only person that didn’t seem impressed with the glamorous and sexy aristocrat was the bush pilot who was commissioned to fly her to the far North, where she was scheduled to open a new hydroelectric project.
Forced down in the bush by a sudden storm and having to survive until they were rescued proved to be difficult for the Princess to take. The fact that the rugged Adam Tate insisted on treating her like any other woman didn’t help matters either. At first, she absolutely hated him but as they struggled through the undergrowth to reach a nearby lake she began to see another side of him – and she liked what she saw – she liked it a lot!

Sex on a Trampoline by Cristiano Caffieri
When Ted’s friend suggested he should join his gymnastics class he thought it was just a way to meet girls, he didn’t realize there was an orgy component attached to it.

She Missed His Salty Taste in Her Mouth by Cristiano Caffieri
Jae couldn’t persuade his girlfriend to have sex with him and so he turned to his ex for a bit of nookie and she was full of surprises.

Up Your Neighbor by Cristiano Caffieri mar 28/16
When the woman next door tells him that her ex-boyfriend was better looking and had a bigger dick that him, Shane makes an extra effort to outdo the son-of-a-bitch.

She Wants to 69 by Cristiano Caffieri
Stu is a bit of a lad and has a bevy of married women to gratify his sexual needs. Gina is the shy one and not into anything out of the ordinary but one night she goes from prude to nympho and he’s mystified by the change.

She Wants to be a Porn Star by Cristiano Caffieri
Wyatt and Norah’s parents want them to get married but she longs to be in the porn movie business and be fucked by handsome men every day. Wyatt, who is not really ready to settle down himself, offers to help her rehearse for her audition.

Shooting His Load in a Storm by Cristiano Caffieri
When the mattress warehouse where they work get’s blacked out in a storm Colin does his best to comfort his pretty red-headed colleague.

Snatch Point and a Grand Slam by Cristiano Caffieri*
She was still damp and warm from the shower and it was impossible for Dave the tennis pro to hide his feelings.

Strip Searched in China by Cristiano Caffieri
While backpacking in China I was taken into custody by a petite and extremely pretty female police officer. The strip search she gave me lead to some very hot sex and then we were joined by another officer for a rather unusual threesome involving a typing chair.

Sherlock Holmes and the Naked Lady by Cristiano Caffieri
The world’s most famous sleuth is besotted with a lady of the theater. Using his cunning and powers of seduction he lures her to his rooms – naked!

The Royal Fuck Master by Cristiano Caffieri
Danny was hired to teach English by the king of a South Sea Island. After seeing how his many wives reacted to the young man, His Royal Highness, who was a very busy man, asked him to help to satisfy their sexual needs.

Snuggling for Survival by Cristiano Caffieri
Tommy Aston had never been very successful with members of the opposite sex. However, when he’s shipwrecked off the coast of California with four beautiful young women, his success rate goes through the roof.

The Sexy Extraterrestrial by Cristiano Caffieri
Did a gorgeous looking alien visit young Noel Graham just to experience human sexuality?

Sucking for a Raise by Cristiano Caffieri
Sebastian was sure that his lovemaking prowess could overcome the sexual orientation of one of his most beautiful employees – was he in for a big surprise!

Suck my Tits by Cristiano Caffieri
When Steve appeared at the door of the beautiful, long-legged Adriana, she was reluctant to let him in. However, she later realized that opening the door to this handsome middle-aged man was the best decision she’d ever made.

Supersized Nymphos by Cristiano Caffieri
A young electrician hired to fix electrical faults by two sexy full figured women is persuaded to plug into their hairy outlets.

Sex in another Dimension
As we get older there are moments in our lives that we would like to relive, perhaps even make love to that very special person who was beyond our reach at that time.

Teaching the Teacher by Cristiano Caffieri
Professor Knight was a bit naive when it came to sex until a beautiful, curvaceous student gave him some off-campus coaching.

Thai Cream Pie by Cristiano Caffieri
When Marty is attacked by a Bangkok gang and loses his memory a beautiful and petite lady cop takes care of his every need.

The Deadly Vajajay by Cristiano Caffieri
With three rich husbands in the ground and about to marry a fourth, the incredibly beautiful Brook, age 28, was bound to raise some suspicions. She was a very clever and talented young woman but could she “suck in” Levi Parks, the infamous Private Dick.

Sweet Little Ball Breaker by Cristiano Caffieri
When sales motivator Eddie McCarthy invited one of his seminar attendees to his room he thought had it licked, but it was she that wanted to be licked – all over!

The Mojo by Cristiano Caffieri
Jeffrey Lowe was an extreme womanizer and the only member of the family who kept in touch with him was his nephew Martin. Consequently, on his deathbed, he handed Martin his most treasured possession, a Mojo that he believed made women attracted to him.

The Erotic Hotel by Cristiano Caffieri
This is the place where people go for new and unusual sexual experiences. Not only do you get a room but someone as open minded as yourself to share it with!

The Farmer’s Daughters by Cristiano Caffieri
When a poor but fortunate salesman runs out of gas near a farm run by two attractive and very lonely sisters, he’s tempted to plow their furrows.

The Girl with the Almond Eyes by Cristiano Caffieri
A feisty exotic beauty wants to fuck up Special Agent Johnnie Faero’s mission, but she ends up fucking him instead.

The Horny Housekeeper by Cristiano Caffieri
When Hunter inherited a house from a miserable old uncle he’s chuffed to fuck, and that’s before he sees the gorgeous housekeeper that comes with it.

Johnnie Faero in Miami by Cristiano Caffieri
FREE eBOOK approximately 12,500 words
Original called Cock up in Miami this story follows Johnnie as he sets out to destroy a sophisticated bomb making organization posing as a charity. On this mission he fucks four different women and tells us about another sexual escapade from the past.

Sorority Girls
Being initiated into a sorority can be stressful particularly when it involves sex.

Virgin for Sale by Cristiano Caffieri
Emily Weskitt advertised her virginity for sale on her blog. Of course, it was soon picked up by the tabloids and caught the intention of a hardnosed, and somewhat unscrupulous businessman.

The Long, Long Tongue by Cristiano Caffieri
Shaun was born with an unusually long tongue. It didn’t seem to have any advantage until he got a job as an extra on a movie set and met the gorgeous leading lady, who just happened to have a predilection for being licked out.

The Man with the Electric Tongue by Cristiano Caffieri
A failed producer meets a stripper he once helped to get on a TV show. Because he’s feeling sorry for himself she decides to give him the best therapy a guy can get for the blues – sex!

The Nympho Likes it Rough by Cristiano Caffieri
Nathan had never had sex in the back seat of a car, he’d never had a woman begging him to fuck her, and fuck her hard, he’d never had a woman almost suck his cock off – but it all happened, and all on the same day!

The Office Picnic by Cristiano Caffieri
When Wesley took a job painting a small suite of offices he didn’t expect being alone with a beautiful secretary and he didn’t expect to be eating out!

The Opposite Six by Cristiano Caffieri
Sharing a house in Paris with six beautiful sexy girls from the chorus line may lead you to believe that Ray, an American backpacker, is one fucking lucky son-of-a-gun! And you’d be right!

The Seven Year Bitch by Cristiano Caffieri
Simone was Mark’s first love but she dumped him seven years ago. When he thinks he has the opportunity to see her again, and to possibly fuck her, his balls begin to ache in anticipation.

The Sexual Assault Course by Cristiano Caffieri
An army unit on a small pacific island is commanded by a shapely female captain who has her own ideas of how to give her men a physical.

The Woman in the Feathered Mask by Cristiano Caffieri
The women in the Masquerade Massage Parlor, who treated their clients to little extras, wore masks to protect their identity. But Venus, the woman who was jerking off Ben, seemed to know him – that made him nervous.

There’s a Cock in my Doc by Cristiano Caffieri
A young man born with three balls is thoroughly examined by two beautiful Swiss lady doctors.

A Blast in the Past by Cristiano Caffieri
Using a time machine similar to the one in HG Well’s book, Jae Robertson finds himself in the year 1934. He’s landed in a house where a woman is expecting a very important visitor she’s hired to impregnate her. Having not seen the impregnator in person she thinks that Jae must be him. She’s very attractive and he doesn’t see any point in arguing.

Sherlock’s Horny Fan Club by Cristiano Caffieri
The super sleuth has quite a reputation with the aristocratic ladies who gather at Tartington Hall to discuss his exploits and diddle each other’s cracks. When he accepts their invitation to spend the weekend with the little group they can’t remove their bloomers fast enough.

Pussy Poking Poet by Cristiano Caffieri
Serena was quite prepared to listen to the romantic poems that Robbie concocted but she wanted him to vibrate her vagina while he read them to her, and soon her friends wanted to get in on the act.

A Really Big Fucker by Cristiano Caffieri
Alysha is stranded in a cheap South American hotel when she can’t pay the bill. The sleazy manager offers her the choice of working it off in the laundry or giving him a blowjob. She chooses the laundry where she works alongside Bruno, a man with the biggest dick she’s ever seen – or sucked.

Giant Cock-up by Cristiano Caffieri
Marcie and Marya are identical twins and they occasional use this fact to purposely confuse people. However, when cock-happy Marcie wants her sister to be a substitute on a date she’s reluctant to agree. Marya knows the kind of men she goes out with and what they expect!

Aaron King is Present and Erect by Cristiano Caffieri
Aaron volunteered for a medical study that aimed to find out their sexual preferences and ability to “keep it up” under pressure. It was a bit exhausting at times but on the “hole” he enjoyed the experience.

Up Your Kiltt by Cristiano Caffieri
When Ray took a job on a small Scottish Island he didn’t realize he’d been sharing accommodations with an attractive kilted female professor.

Up Your Neighbor by Cristiano Caffieri
When the woman next door tells him that her ex-boyfriend was better looking and had a bigger dick than him, Shane makes an extra effort to outdo the son-of-a-bitch.

Johnnie Faero in the Seychelles by Cristiano Caffieri
FREE eBOOK approcimately 12,000 words
Johnnie Faero, a covert operative for a European agency, is on a mission to destroy the HQ of a high tech organization assisting Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. He’s ferried from Africa to the Seychelles on a boat captained by the beautiful Isabelle Fortier. There’s just the two of them and in those cramped quarters their bodies are bound to rub against each other – frequently!

Tits-up in the Vestry by Cristiano Caffieri
A newly ordained minister is sent to help out at another church and is shocked to find that the vicar there is a woman he knew at high school. There she was always in trouble for offenses like charging the boys to feel her tits and making home brew. After several years in the church, it seemed as though she hadn’t changed a great deal.

Dominatrix in Room 69 by Cristiano Caffieri
Gary was a real gigolo and prayed in unattractive young women to pay for his vacations, many of them at tropical resorts. However, when a number of victims get together to plan a very special revenge vacation for him – he almost gets fucked to death.

The Snow Squall by Cristiano Caffieri
A young teacher, vacationing in Austria, gets caught in a snow squall and takes shelter with a woman who offers him her hospitality – and that’s not all she offers!

The Unexpected Guest by Cristiano Caffieri
When the beautiful Amanda turns up at her long lost cousin’s house one Christmas his housekeeper, and secret admirer, is not happy. And when the young nubile visitor seduces her employer – she’s out for revenge.

New Man for Christmas by Cristiano Caffieri
Isobel’s husband is a controlling, vindictive son of a bitch. When she gets home late from visiting her sick mother he locks her out of the house. Wandering the streets in the pouring rain she’s eventually rescued by her knight in shining armor.

Lingerie from a Stranger by Cristiano Caffieri
An American student, studying in Germany receives an intimate Christmas gift from a young man who lives down the hall. At first, she thinks he’s some kind of weirdo but he turns out to nice – and very sexy!

Full Figured Girls by Cristiano Caffieri
Playing with his band at a Christmas Dance Johnny Desmond is asked by the club’s owner to do him a favor. He never imagined he’d been fucking the man’s daughters.

Mary Christmas by Cristiano Caffieri
Drew hates spending Christmas at his grandma’s because he knows that his oversexed cousin Mary will be there. However, this Christmas turns out to be even worse when she brings two friends along for a foursome.

Sex in Space by Cristiano Caffieri
Marty Weber is a down to earth guy and he doesn’t believe all the wild stories about UFOs flying around his town one Christmas. However, a bunch of
bronze skinned little people are about to change his mind.

The Love Palace by Cristiano Caffieri
A bored, middle-aged gas station attendant come into a little money at Christmas and decides to treat himself to some great sex, and there’s nowhere better for that than The Love Palace.

The Nutwhacker Suite by Cristiano Caffieri
Burton Bridges produces his town’s Christmas concert every year, and every year the committee insist on it being good old fashioned family entertainment. Burton decides that this will be his last year and he decides to do something spectacular – with naked performers.

The Promiscuous Daughters Return by Cristiano Caffieri
Owen lives on his old boat and ferries people around the Florida Keys to make a little money. One day he’s hired to secretly ferry a rich man’s wayward daughter home for Christmas. There’s nothing this girl hasn’t done and she’d prepared to do it with Owen.

The characters portrayed in these stories are fictional and any similarities to persons living or dead is purely a product of your own imagination.

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri, Lauren McAllister and Paddy Killeen 2011 – 2017. You may not sell, license, sub-license, rent, transfer or distribute any part of these stories or the photographs herein in any format, or claim ownership.


  1. alexsnowdog said,

    June 16, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    Cristiano & Lauren, really enjoying your stories! Thank you for sharing.


    • dicivi said,

      June 17, 2017 at 5:33 am

      Hi Alex, your kind comment is very much appreciated. Caffieri


  2. Ray said,

    July 10, 2017 at 8:57 pm

    I like your stories. I did like the pics with all the cool comments I miss those. and where do i find the new stories…


    • dicivi said,

      July 11, 2017 at 6:45 pm

      Hi Ray, We have been writing this blog for over three years
      and have not been able to even cover our expenses, so we have
      uploaded our 300 short stories and eBooks on this WordPress Blog
      to give everyone access. The only new content in the near future
      will be under the name of Paddy Killeen, his journal is updated
      every week. Many thanks for reading the stories and taking the
      time to comment.


  3. Jim said,

    July 24, 2017 at 2:40 am

    I’m addicted, honestly, I can’t get enough!! Lauren you’re writing style is beyond impressive. I laugh, I stroke, I edge and then I give up and give in and then clean up but I keep coming back because I just can’t get enough. Your word choices, innuendo and euphemisms crack me up and I’m totally hooked. So when I get to the bottom where can I find more of your riveting stories?


    • dicivi said,

      July 25, 2017 at 8:22 pm

      Hey Jim – I’m glad you and my writing can spend some quality time together. I’m trying to find the time to write a few more scandalous tales. Hopefully, I’ll have something new for you soon.


  4. John Capleton said,

    November 11, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Cristiano & Lauren, you have many great stories on the site, but it is very hard to tell which stories are the new ones… Please try to identify the new stories, so it’ll be easier to tell… Thank’s in advance… John


    • dicivi said,

      November 16, 2017 at 5:16 pm

      Hi John, I’m afraid since I had an illness some months ago I have
      not been adding new stories, I’ve simply put all the stories written
      over the last three years on the site. Lauren has also retired from
      erotic story writing due to other interests. I’ve enjoyed doing this
      over the years but I should point out that we have never made any
      money out of the venture. However, having millions of appreciating
      readers like yourself has been a reward. Thank you for following us.


  5. Anonymous said,

    February 19, 2018 at 5:34 am

    Loved the stories, only wished I was not too old.


  6. olivejuiceW said,

    February 28, 2020 at 4:06 am

    I hope there’s other females that comment on your stories.
    I’m just go ahead and say that although I don’t watch Porn on Tv, (doesn’t appeal to me). I absolutely do love reading your short stories. Hope it’s okay women read them.
    I’ve mentioned it to guys I’ve had the opportunity to date, (some maybe don’t believe me that theirs actually somewhere online they can go & read this kinda stuff & funny thing some guys have actually ask me for the website. Others I’ll ask if I can read them a story.
    Curiosity I guess, entertaining to say the least. Awesome job.


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