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Having it off with a Stranger by Cristiano Caffieri
A woman in an unhappy marriage hides her frustrations in the local community theater. When she auditions a very handsome wannabe actor in her home – she vents her frustrations quite differently.

Jiggling in the Gym by Cristiano Caffieri
Eddie was a gym equipment salesman who sold mostly to schools. His job was not only financially rewarding but he figured he’d fucked more nubile gym teachers than anyone in the country. Naturally he enjoyed what he did – that was until he met two Canadian women who sent him back home with a very sore dick.

Fucked-up Planet by Cristiano Caffieri
When the Haak virus was accidentally introduced to the Planet X 14 it rendered all the men impotent – except ME!

Dominatrix in Room 69 by Cristiano Caffieri
Gary was a real gigolo and prayed in unattractive young women to pay for his vacations, many of them at tropical resorts. However, when a number of victims get together to plan a very special revenge vacation for him – he almost gets fucked to death.

The Mojo by Cristiano Caffieri
Jeffrey Lowe was an extreme womanizer and the only member of the family who kept in touch with him was his nephew Martin. Cons, quently on his deathbed he handed Martin his most treasured possession, a Mojo that he believed made women attracted to him.

The Royal Fuck Master by Cristiano Caffieri
Danny was hired to teach English by the king of a South Sea Island. After seeing how his many wives reacted to the young man, His Royal Highness, who was a very busy man, asked him to help to satisfy their sexual needs.

Tits-up in the Vestry by Cristiano Caffieri
A newly ordained minister is sent to help out at another church and is shocked to find that the vicar there is a woman he knew at high school. There she was always in trouble for offenses like charging the boys to feel her tits and making home brew. After several years in the church it seemed as though she hadn’t changed a great deal.

Sorority Girls by Cristiano Caffieri
Being initiated into a sorority can be stressful particularly when it involves sex.

A Blast in the Past by Cristiano Caffieri
Using a time machine similar to the one in HG Well’s book, Jae Robertson finds himself in the year 1934. He’s landed in a house where a woman is expecting a very important visitor she’s hired to impregnate her. Having not seen the impregnator in person she thinks that Jae must be him. She’s very attractive and he doesn’t see any point in arguing.

Hole in the Wall by Cristiano Caffieri
When his girlfriend’s mother wanted him to fuck her he was shocked, but not quite as much as when he found out who was peeping through the hole in the bedroom wall.

Relieving Sexual Tension by Cristiano Caffieri
Mr. Bemrose’s business put him under a lot of pressure, to say nothing of his nagging and suspicious wife.Consequently, when a new, and very attractive, temporary secretary offers to help him to release all that tension – it’s very tempting.

Taming the Cobra by Cristiano Caffieri
When Granville is ordered to spend the week-end working at his bosses cabin he’s not too thrilled but there were compensations, including a very attractive Thai maid.

Steamy Night in the Sauna by Cristiano Caffieri
Lora was the mayor of a small town who was tough on crime and ruled her staff with an iron hand. However, this ex-beauty queen still had her needs and Larry the janitor was prepared to fulfill them!

Tunnel of Love by Cristiano Caffieri
While viewing an abandoned cave-like military installation with the idea of creating a writer’s hide-a-way, Russ Peterson gets accidentally locked in with a horny real estate saleslady.


Lauren McAllister’s XXX stories are a little longer and a little raunchier.

xxx-Baby it’s Cuckold Outside by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Better Your Ass then Mine by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Emtying Grandpa’s Gonads by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Exchanging with a Student by Lauren McAllister

xxx-He Filled up My Curriculum by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Exploring His Mother’s Nature by Lauren McAllister

xxx-Families, Farms and Fuckin’ by Lauren McAllister

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She Wants to be a Porn Star by Cristiano Caffieri
Wyatt and Norah’s parents want them to get married but she longs to be in the porn movie business and be fucked by handsome men every day. Wyatt, who is not really ready to settle down himself, offers to help her rehearse for her audition.

Lady Delphi Likes it Kinky by Cristiano Caffieri
On a trip back to England Colin decided to visit Trowton Hall, where his mother and father had been in domestic service and he had secretly cavorted around with Lady Delphi the daughter of the house. Somethings had changed but not Delphi – she was as passionate and demanding as ever.

What a Cock Sucking Holiday by Cristiano Caffieri
When Rick arrives on a small Greek holiday island he’s shocked to find the entire population naked. In fact it turns out to be compulsory. He’s scared that he will embarrass himself by walking around with a permanent erection but a beautiful young lady helps him out with that problem.

She Wants to 69 by Cristiano Caffieri
Stu is a bit of a lad and has a bevy of married women to gratify his sexual needs. Gina is the shy one and not into anything out of the ordinary but one night she goes from prude to nympho and he’s mystified by the change.

She Missed His Salty Taste in Her Mouth by Cristiano Caffieri
Jae couldn’t persuade his girlfriend to have sex with him and so he turned to his ex for a bit of nookie and she was full of surprises.

With Her Back Against the Wall by Cristiano Caffieri
Uncle Franks girlfriend was hard to resist so there didn’t seem much point in trying.

Why Don’t We Fuck Each Other? by Cristiano Caffieri
Brendan and Adelina were dominated by their respective parents and had led very sheltered lives, but one day they decided to rebel!

Sex on the Orient Express by Cristiano Caffieri
When a mistake is with Nathaniel’s booking on the all night train to Vienna, he finds himself sharing his cabin with a very sexy young woman. Now when two virile stranger share such a small space – something exciting is bound to happen.

Our Stepmother Sucks – Good! by Cristiano Caffieri
When Rhea discovered her recently deceased husband had two illegitimate sons she had to find a way to persuade them to give their share of the fortune, and there’s no better way than sex!

Getting it in the Priest Hole by Cristiano Caffieri
When a very cute chic, dressed in a French Maid’s outfit appeared on the scene, Ned’s first day as curator-come-janitor of a Panty Museum turned out to be a little more exhausting than he anticipated.

Sex Toys – Great Photos

by Cristiano Caffieri
The Zipperdown Pubic Library
is stocked with free eBooks with more being added each week. Most of these books are short at around 5000 – 7000 words but a few are in the 30,000 – 50,000 range. You’ll find Romantic Sex, SciFi Sex, Adventure Sex and even a little Mystery Sex. Download them to your device and enjoy reading them on public transport, in the doctor’s waiting room or cozied up in bed. If you find them titillating please leave a comment and let your friends know that they are available.

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Cosmopolitan explains advanced sex positions.

Sex Toys by the Thousand

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Having Sex with Anyone you Fancy

The one great thing about being a writer is that you can write yourself into any story, make love to the most beautiful women, live any lifestyle you please, you can even be a time traveler if you so desire. That’s what I’ve decided to do, write myself into a continuing story where I delve deeply into my past and make it a lot more interesting than it really was. The women who ignored me, rejected me and embarrassed me had better watch out – I’m cumming for you!

A Bareback Rider – Part 1 – JANET xx by Cristiano Caffieri

A Bareback Rider – Part 2 – DEBORAH xx by Cristiano Caffieri

A Bareback Rider – Part 3 – AYLA  xx by Cristiano Caffieri

A Bareback Rider – Part 4 – AIBHLINN xx by Cristiano Caffieri

A Bareback Rider – Part 5 – INGE xx by Cristiano Caffieri

A Bareback Rider – Part 6 – BEVERLY xx by Cristiano Caffieri

A Bareback Rider – Part 7 – ERIKA xx by Cristiano Caffieri

A Bareback Rider – Part 8 – LILLY SOO xx by Cristiano Caffieri

A Barback Rider – Part 9 – DOROTHY & BARBARA xx by Cristiano Caffieri

Sex Toy Resources – Great Photos

The Snow Squall by Cristiano Caffieri
A young teacher, vacationing in Austria, gets caught in a snow squall and takes shelter with a woman who offers him her hospitality – and that’s not all she offers!

The Unexpected Guest by Cristiano Caffieri
When the beautiful Amanda turns up at her long lost cousin’s house one Christmas his housekeeper, and secret admirer, is not happy. And when the young nubile visitor seduces her employer – she’s out for revenge.

New Man for Christmas by Cristiano Caffieri
Isobel’s husband is a controlling, vindictive son of a bitch. When she gets home late from visiting her sick mother he locks her out of the house. Wandering the streets in the pouring rain she’s eventually rescued by her knight in shining armor.

Lingerie from a Stranger by Cristiano Caffieri
An American student, studying in Germany receives an intimate Christmas gift from a young man who lives down the hall. At first, she thinks he’s some kind of weirdo but he turns out to nice – and very sexy!

Full Figured Girls by Cristiano Caffieri
Playing with his band at a Christmas Dance Johnny Desmond is asked by the club’s owner to do him a favor. He never imagined he’d been fucking the man’s daughters.

Mary Christmas by Cristiano Caffieri
Drew hates spending Christmas at his grandma’s because he knows that his oversexed cousin Mary will be there. However, this Christmas turns out to be even worse when she brings two friends along for a foursome.

Sex in Space by Cristiano Caffieri
Marty Weber is a down to earth guy and he doesn’t believe all the wild stories about UFOs flying around his town one Christmas. However, a bunch of
bronze skinned little people are about to change his mind.

The Love Palace by Cristiano Caffieri
A bored, middle-aged gas station attendant come into a little money at Christmas and decides to treat himself to some great sex, and there’s nowhere better for that than The Love Palace.

The Nutwhacker Suite by Cristiano Caffieri
Burton Bridges produces his town’s Christmas concert every year, and every year the committee insist on it being good old fashioned family entertainment. Burton decides that this will be his last year and he decides to do something spectacular – with naked performers.

The Promiscuous Daughters Returnby Cristiano Caffieri
Owen lives on his old boat and ferries people around the Florida Keys to make a little money. One day he’s hired to secretly ferry a rich man’s wayward daughter home for Christmas. There’s nothing this girl hasn’t done and she’d prepared to do it with Owen.

The characters portrayed in these stories are fictional and any similarities to persons living or dead is purely a product of your own imagination.

Copyright Cristiano Caffieri and Lauren McAllister 2011 – 2017. You may not sell, license, sub-license, rent, transfer or distribute any part of these stories or the photographs herein in any format, or claim ownership.

Sex Toy Resources – Great Photos


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